Welcome back the Gallery's harsh opinon column, "Dis/Like" by Irie Swire!

Do you like Jules Verne? How about role play video games? Have you ever watched a post-apocalyptic anime and thought, ‘that’s a dope jacket’? Well, I have found the perfect look for you, Steampunk.

Work was super slow. I swear there’s a snail out there somewhere having way more fun than I am. My exhausting boredom hade me reading the latest issue of Playboy, and before you know it, I find something more interesting than titties and ass (and titties and ass are very, very important things. Trust me, I know.) Steampunk smack me in the face as soon as the page finished turning like, beeyotch look at me. So I obliged. What I saw was this girl who looked like she lived in that post-apocalyptic hood right around the corner. Intrigue ensued, an investigation was needed. Besides, it had punk in it’s name. Just like hip-hop, it’s fun (and sometimes hilarious) to see what that word, and it’s … aura, so to speak, gets attached to.

The site that I was directed to, steampunkcouture.com, is run by one of the biggest players in this game, Kato. Her designs are definitely for the adventurous though not as extreme as the other outfits I’ve come across while investigating this whole Steampunk thing. I've seen top hats with goggles, body armor, jackets and coats with cogs and more straps than a straight jacket, and futuristic accessories with a Victorian flair that may or may not be a weapon.

While I couldn’t see myself wearing 95 percent of the stuff on display (some of it is just plain escapism, which is cool, just not me), with the fascinating way the digital age is changing culture and helping create new ones, it would not surprise me to see more people adopting, if not the style of dress itself, at least the freedom of dress these guys and gals are into, 10-20 years down the road. So here’s to hoping that breast plate is just a breast plate and not a weapon of tittie destruction.


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