In one round, French new schooler Lilou utterly destroys glorified Nuyorican old schooler Alien Ness at IBE:

Let's allow the new school of breaking to continue to flourish without constant criticisms from the old "bboy" purists imposing supposedly traditional rules (that mysteriously materialized within the past 5 years). All this "old school bboy" bullshit is getting tired, and does nothing but halt the progress and evolution of the art form.

Speaking of IBE: Here is one of the slickest highlight reels ever created; hands-down. Supreme editing, complimentary effects, and of course; outstanding dancing. This one's a bit lengthy, so make yourself comfortable; once you hit play, you won't want to stop!

In other news -- Another impressively innovative breaking event produced by Red Bull goes down tomorrow in Vienna (or right now, in the USA?). Check the trailer below...


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