If that Justin Bieber post from last week wasn't enough proof that hip hop culture and rap music (there is a difference) are over-accessible, check out this fiasco.

If you haven't already heard about these chum-wads, they're the highly inconsiderate dweebs that literally shut down the 101 freeway in Los Angeles to cram their horrible single down the throats of Angelinos everywhere -- At least, those in the first few rows of cars stuck in the forced congestion. If you didn't hear about it yet, check the brief footage below:

On one hand, this well-funded stunt could possibly be considered marketing genius by some. A virtually unknown band catching air-time on major network channels, garnering features on major blog sites (including this one), and racking up massive YouTube hits is unheard of. While the majority of the reviews offered seem to be merely steps away from death threats, you can't argue the fact that these guys are getting PLENTY of attention.

On the other hand, one could ask if it's worth it? A few seconds of their music video is enough to let you know that these jerks have some serious financial backing. From the special effects to the horrendously styled wardrobe, you've got to wonder who's deciding how to use their money? Between the huge band logo-wrapped truck, the arrest bail fees, and the unavoidable city fines, how much did they spend on this publicity stunt? Did they not consider that it might be a better marketing decision to use the same loot to line the same freeway with billboards, leaving a less frustrating and longer-lasting impression of their wackness? Even better still, to purchase commercial radio air-time and appear on EVERY freeway, from inside the vehicle of every potential consumer?

In any case -- as terrible as their music is, as contrived as their style comes across, and as annoying as their entire existence may be; there's no doubt that after a stunt like this, these winners are quickly heading for their own reality series on MTV.


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