These guys may be the next best thing to come out of Poland after their most familiar exports of transport machinery and tasty kielbasa (no homo). Prys and Bleiz's "Mamy Przepis," produced by Etena and featuring Jazzy on the hook, is by all means an awesome rap song. Good patterning and cadence can lend greatly to a rhyme scheme, as demonstrated by these two; you don't always have to understand what a rapper is saying to appreciate his flow.

...just look at the success of Soulja Boy and Wakka Flocka, the kings of unintelligible mush-mouthed rap. No one understands what the hell they're saying, and they're two of the top selling artists in the US right now!

Download this and other tracks free on Prys and Bleiz "Wroakland Mixtape" HERE.


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