Where to start? This video is outright insane -- but not in a scary, hide-under-bed way. Kudos to Wes Klain and Eric Heights for directing such an awesome piece.

West Coast based hip-hop band Ten G Bob bring back some serious old school flavor in what could possibly be the wildest video we've seen all year. Their most recent full-length album, "Handshakes and Slang" comes off as a charicature-styled tribute to old school party and fun rap, and is definitely the kind of thing you could see blowing up among nostalgic White guys over 30. While it may not appeal to the younger hip-pop fans of today, Ten G Bob's flavor is definitely something fresh that could draw some serious attention over time, and their authentically old-school flavor could be just the thing to fill the void left by Jurassic 5's departure from the industry.

Learn more about Ten G Bob, and preview their album "Handshakes and Slang" HERE.


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