Free download available courtesy of PNTGLLRYNTWRK on Bandcamp & Google Play.

After an almost 13-year hiatus, Aocoa returns to the independent music world with WAMU 63.5, an offering of some of his most evolved material to date. Referencing the Atomic Mass Unit of an element on the periodic table, the EP’s title is a double-edged description of both the radio frequency that resonates inside his mind, and an open-ended reveal of his true alias. Once again, Aocoa is joined by long time friend and fellow PNTGLLRYNTWRK member Anacron, who adds final touches to the EP’s tracks with an array of live instrumentation. The end result is nothing more than an eclectic mix of warm electronics, downtempo beats, and hazy jazz atmospheres -- simultaneously, nothing less than an assemblage of sounds, perfectly crafted to accompany the oncoming chill of the autumn season.

Aocoa is a Chicago-bred music aficionado that leaves no sound unheard when pillaging for audio pleasures, a quality that translates beautifully into his production technique. Born and raised in the city’s Old Town neighborhood, he developed an instant attachment to music when introduced to the piano at age 5, and since then has never felt a stronger connection. Aocoa’s first official release was 1999’s The AA Meeting, a PNTGLLRYNTWRK-helmed compilation project that he co-produced and composed with Anacron. After it’s release, he stepped away from the idea of producing records commit his time and efforts to studying, and gaining a better understanding of the technical and aesthetic intricacies of music. In 2007, he linked up with Arbit and Eskimo for a project called Black Sandwich; a one-time live electronic sound experiment before again retreating into his study of sound. Presently resurfacing with the WAMU 63.5 EP, Aocoa has returned with much to offer the music scene; and 2012 merely marks a new beginning.


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