Download this track and more via Bandcamp and Google Play at http://pntg.net/wamu63_5

Aocoa's galactic audio trip finds a suitable visual companion in this psychedelic vignette directed and animated by nHEARTm. With images sending subliminal messages as mysterious as it's director, this music video features moves casually with characters unknown through worlds unseen. Experimental in it's own right, the music video embodies the purely incognito feel of Aocoa's "WAMU 63.5", giving new life in undiscovered mental dimensions through the soothing sounds of electronic and organic instrumentation. Simply put: Recreational medication suggested.

Music video conceived, directed, and animated by nHEARTm

Produced by Aocoa for PNTGLLRYNTWRK
Additional instrumentation and programming by Anacron
Executive produced by Anacron and jusChris for PNTGLLRYNTWRK


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