A scheduling snafu on our end has you, the lucky listener being blessed with not one, but TWO uber-fresh, extra exclusive, brand-new WIZDOME songs! That's like a double-dosage of dopeness for your political posse's post-election party!

Hit the player below and dig into tracks 5 and 6 to stream and/or download the latest from The Wiz... Brief track descriptions to follow.

Tracks five and six on the Wizdome Winzdays playlist are nothing but nice to your speakers. An original track from the father-to-be lays down the perfect bedding for an introspective look at the world, the economy, and the struggle for perfection on "Mad Bills". Right on the heels of that banger comes "Balanced", a level-headed look at the natural desire for the scales of the universe to push toward the right direction.


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