Most of our readers would probably vomit with rage at the mere mention of Black Eyed Peas frontman will.I.am being anything near a musical genius. Most of you may not know, however, that will has a long and storied career not only as an emcee, producer, and musician, but also as a real life graduate of L.A.'s underground scene that budded globally influential sounds and styles throughout the early 1990's,

Here's a taste of what will.I.am is capable of when he's not talking about "Humps" over bad interlopations of J.J. Fadd beats. Download his first solo excursion, "Lost Change" HERE, and vibe out over the weekend, wondering why you ever doubted that this purveyor of horrible White-girl club pop records could actually be a visionary producer and songwriter.

If that doesn't convince you, check out this gem from will.I.am's days as a member of ATBAN Klann -- a certifiably weird group of bumperhead underground rap artists that signed with Eazy E's Reckless records in the early 1990's, spawning the single, "Puddles of H20". From the beats to the flows, from the dancing to the clothes; will.I.am has "underground pioneer" written all over him. You can't be mad at a brotha for chasing that money!


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