Anacron "Unfamous Mindframe" Official Music Video

Editing and erratic hand motions by Anacron http://anacronmusic.com
Art and Direction by Christophe Roberts http://christopheroberts.com
Filming and Cinematography by Zubaer Khan http://zubaerkhan.com
Filmed on location in Brooklyn, NY

We shouldn't have to divulge what impressive projects and features the artist and contributors of this music video have done to get you to watch. We shouldn't have to tell you what celebrities have already cosigned this meaningful song and creative video to listen. We shouldn't have to tell you what well-known musicians and artists have admitted to identifying with it's lyrical content and subject matter as something that they've experienced first hand in their journey as creators to share.

Watch, listen, and share because it is honest, meaningful, and GOOD music


This shall forever be the anthem dedicated to your dumb exes...

Brand new music from the PNTGLLRYNTWRK's Wize Lion, Wizdome. Available now via Bandcamp, and coming soon to all online digital retailers worldwide!

Produced by Wizdome for Wize Lion Music
Written and Performed by Wizdome for Wize Lion Music & Anacron for Manoemusicc Productions


A 100% improvised freestyle rap by Reality aka Face, the gruff street-wise member of the PNTGLLRYNTWRK's Wicker Park based MC crew Greater Than Most (with Anacron, Grastronaut aka Slymm, Mondo Calrissian, and producer Curlee Brazen).

Well known around the West Side of Chicago, this gifted MC was an icon in the windy city -- from the rap battles in Wicker Park, to photographer Jairo Gutierrez's "FREE REALITY" apparel series.

Heartfelt farewell to Emmanuel Bass; a beloved father, family man, and crew member; Reality is finally FREE.


"The Sun Gave Birth To Shadows" is a brand new vinyl release from VoltageCTRLR aka DJ Shiro, an original PNTGLLRYNTWRK Los Angeles member (circa 1994). The album is an uber-exclusive limited series for serious music lovers and collectors only; pressed to clear vinyl and packaged individually in 20 hand-painted covers.

In typical fashion, VoltageCTRLR comes with that eerily creative, far-left field audio, originating straight from the soul to sound. Click PLAY and take a listen:

To pick up a copy of this sure-to-be classic release, message VoltageCTRLR via Facebook HERE.
In the meantime, follow VoltageCTRLR's creations on Soundcloud HERE.


Listen to PNTGLLRYNTWRK family member Wizdome's heartfelt dedication to his son - the first of a year-long series of songs from a father to his newborn.


This is Mellodious, aka Butch Coles. He makes heat.
Set your headphones to "on" position, press play, and observe.

This is how the PNTGLLRYNTWRK serves it up.


Today we present the first official visual from +Viktor Stone's largely celebrated debut +PNTGLLRYNTWRK release, "IBv2.5" +Wizdome's laid-back smoker's anthem, "Blunt Rides".

Crafted on +Viktor Stone's instrumental of the same name that originally appeared on "Interplanetary Beats Volume 2", +Wizdome weaves through casually introspective thoughts with easy to interpret and honest lyrics. This video perfectly links the "IBv2.5" release to the recently completed "Wizdome Winzdays" series, placing the PG stamp of approval on both projects as impressive standouts of the crew's immense second semester of 2012.

It's been an amazing year of new releases and new beginnings for one of hip hop's longest-lasting, most-productive, and most talented crews; 2013 will add yet another chapter to the never-ending saga of greatness that is the +PNTGLLRYNTWRK.


ATTENTION ALL DJ'S! Something special just for YOU.

An overdue resurgence of Anacron's classic DJ booth anthem, "Club Etiquette"; remixed & refixed by the world-famous Anthem Kingz!

This comes just in time for the weekend; download free, throw it in your crates, & let them know requests are for jukeboxes - the DJ's job is to BREAK records!


Some footage of original PNTGLLRYNTWRK member Shiro (aka VoltageCTRLR) as he sessioned freely with nature in the mountains over the last week. Audio meditation commences immediately!


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