This definitely isn't "Paper Planes".

After issuing scathing remarks directed at several pop stars (namely Lady Gaga), M.I.A. continues to follow through on her seemingly sudden 180-degree approach to making music with her newest Romain Gavras-directed visual, "Born Free". I'm not sure how her fanbase of typically spineless fashion-freak hipsters will respond to such a political front, but I'm sure the American media and government have already got their own responses in motion.

Kudos to M.I.A. for taking an obvious stance!

...and just because we like to be different, here's an extra added bonus; an all-new reel from R.A. The Rugged Man (remember him?) for the song, "Uncommon Valor". Although not quite as "shocking" as M.I.A's new politically-charged clip, R.A.'s new video tackles a completely different aspect of politically-inspired warfare effects.


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