This weekend's column and free download moonlights as one of our patented "Wake Up" features - introducing you to virtually unknown, but immensely talented artists is without a doubt our forte.

Coming from the midwestern territories of Chicago, the duo of Dirty Digital has already built a history of critically acclaimed projects that have mostly hit-and-missed the current music market. Breaking away from previous group and label affiliations to rebuild independently, Qwazaar and Silent are at it again; forging into the depths of the underground the only way they know how. The most recent "Digitape" release displays exactly what the group's name would suggest; an angry pairing of futuristic, synth- and 808- laden beats with gritty and directive rap stylings. An obvious knocker for any club kid seeking something far off the mainstream path, but still dance and sing-along ready, this is a beater for sure.

Download Dirty Digital's "Digitape" release for free HERE, and check out this footage of a recent performance in Hollywood, CA:


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