Although the "Wake Up" column usually covers newer releases from lesser-known artists with the goal of exposing you to something new you may not know about, we've decided to travel back in time a little to expose you to a pioneer that you should know. Saafir is historically regarded as one of the west coast's most style-experimental lyricists; but over the years, he has been through many phases of style, content, and delivery as a rap artist. His most recent release, "Good Game: The Transition" is the perfect amalgamation of every stage of his artistic growth, and subsequently, was a completely slept-on album. Trading his trademarked offbeat flow for a more standard delivery, and his metaphorically coded lyrics for a conversational story-telling perspective, Saafir leaps into a the perfect balance of underground and mainstream on "Good Game." Take a listen:

As an independent release, every dollar earned on the LP goes to the artist at some point, and the lack of support for this masterpiece of an album was astounding when it was released. Instead of posting free links, we're posting a link to purchase the album, in hopes that you'll support this amazing artist's last effort that sadly went virtually unheard.

Check out "Good Game" HERE, and as you're waiting for your credit card number to clear, compare and contrast the newer track "Krispy", to Saafir's classic "Light Sleeper", posted below...


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