If you're not feeling this, you're really just a hater.

Plenty of people dismiss Naughty By Nature as just another "old" rap group that made a bunch of corny hits back in the day. As displayed in their newest single, "I Gotta Lotta", that assumption is so far from the truth.

Picking up right where they left off, the Naughty Niggaz from New Jersey come correct with beats and rhymes so far ahead of today's average rap record that Drake should be embarrassed with himself. While the video may be just another low-budget, ready-for-the-web hip hop standard, that's really not so important in the larger scheme of things (namely, the artistic merit of the song as a whole). Naughty By Nature is back, and if "I Gotta Lotta" is any indication, they're coming with some certified heat for the new millenium.

...and just for kicks, here's something you may have missed:


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