Hollywood had it's chance, and not once, but TWICE damn near ruined a timeless classic. Now, the world of gaming takes a turn at recreating one of the 1980's best and most popular cartoon series, and it's no surprise that the nerd-filled world of cyber amusement gets it right a million times over on the first try.

"Transformers: War For Cybertron" spins into play as a prologue to the original Transformers television series, dropping players in the midst of a Cybertron-set war for Energon cubes. Playing from both Autobot and Decepticon angles, you have the opportunity to smash on good and bad guys alike, punching, blasting, and transforming your way across a mechanical alien landscape with the classic cast of original Transformers -- Yes, Bumblebee is still a VW Bug!

By the way; don't be TOO mad about spending your hard-earned money on Michael Bay's Transformers remakes. Trust, it could've been WAY worse...


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