Some may discredit today's youth for their seemingly simplistic and unimaginative approach to dance, but those people may not be looking deeply enough into the foundation, movements, and culture that make up these new school dance crazes. Today we're highlighting several lesser-known regional dance cultures that have gained popularity over the last few years. Appreciate all forms of creative evolution!

"Turfin" is the physical companion to the well-publicized Hyphy movement in Northern California's Bay Area.

"Jerkin" is a Southern Californian dance style that has garnered media attention both nationally and globally.

"Jukin'" is a high-powered midwestern dance style, originated in Chicago's 1980's ghetto house music scene; meanwhile, it's fast-paced counterpart, "The Jit," is carved from Detroit's techno house culture.

"Shufflin'" or "The Melbourne Shuffle" is a dance style originating from Australia's 1980's club scene, but as of late, has become increasingly popular in the southwestern regions of the United States, as well as across Europe.

"Waacking" (or "Punkin", or "Garbo") was developed on the West Coast in the 1970's, but has recently found home with new millennium house dancers around the world. Dominant in the Black and Latino gay communities over the past couple of decades, Waacking has now crossed sexual and racial borders to encompass people of all flavors.


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