Princess Diana? Is that you?
While the rest of the country spent the weekend raising the American flag, it seems that DC Comics spent it erasing the flag -- from Wonder Woman's dated costume. Finally, Diana Prince has ditched the "Star-Spangled Stripper" look for an updated and far more action-ready outfit. Comic fanboys seem disgusted with this change (nerds don't get to see much skin) and the new back-story that comes with it; but, in all honesty, Tyra couldn't have forged a better makeover. You have to admit, it's pretty strange that an Amazonian princess chose to fight crime in an AMERICAN flag. You try that in Arizona and they'll deport your ass, Diana!

Just for laughs, peep the old Wonder Woman live-action show opening:

Ah, yes... those weren't the days! Any character and creative evolution beyond THIS horrific display should be welcomed openly!


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