It's been a while, but we've finally got some new content from the Peanut Gallery!

The Peanut Gallery has assembled an awesomely low-budget screener to parallel the "broke-ballin"-theme of the stellar "Luxurious" single, starring Chicago-based MC's Irie Swire and Grastronaut (aka Southsyde Slymm), and featuring Anacron.

Irie and Slymm, (accompanied by Peanut Gallery torch-bearer Anacron) navigate to a secret location buried deep on the south side of Chicago, where many wouldn't dare to venture. A nondescript door opens into a less-than bourgeois world, where a man can be experience true luxury -- at least, as far as his budget will allow. This fun film short throws a realistic spin on the financial fantasy world portrayed by much of today's hip hop imagery, offering a fitting companion to an awesome song.

Download the single, "Luxurious", totally free HERE.


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