For a veteran that's earned so many stripes in the game, it's fitting that the most recent Ras Kass project is entitled "A.D.I.D.A.S." Your listening assignment this weekend will take you on an audible journey to rediscover one of the greatest lyricists to ever grace the face of the West Coast. Cultured by the pain and anguish of 15 years of both real life and music industry experience, Ras comes anew and re-establishes himself as the SoCal's premiere rap artist.

<a href="">I Am Legend by Ras Kass</a>

Just in case you happen to be a new jack that barely knows the impact that Ras has made as a lyricist both regionally and globally, study the underground classic , "Nature of the Threat" below, where Ras basically Mel Gibson's everything you believe in:


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