Run, Tila, run!

Who's big idea was is to let everyone's least-favorite butterfaced Asian sex-doll onstage at an Insane Clown Posse concert? Apparently, T-double climbed onstage to "kick flows" for her ICP homies, and the crowd responded by throwing bottles, firecrackers, rocks, feces, and urine at the stage. One guy went as far as to try to climb onstage to assault the 4-foot-nothing celebrity tramp. Reports indicate that Tila was eventually ran out of the event, and chased to her trailer by a horde of agitated, clown-faced white kids.

No one really likes Tila Tequila, but apparently the juggalos are the only ones bold enough to be real about it. By the way, is she still having The Game's baby?


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