Really, what happened?

What's not to like about Google's experimental, forever-in-beta-form, networking tool, Google Wave? Part chat room, part instant messenger, part facebook-meets-myspace, part twitter, part powerpoint, part everything you like about communicating via the internet. Although a little difficult for the typical tween-ager's short attention span to grasp, Google Wave seemingly had it all, wrapped up into one big party that only ran smoothly on Google Chrome.

Even though Wave may not have been the best internet-based program to take over the social networking craze, it's applications in the business communication and planning seemed virtually endless. There is not one drawback to the ability to create an endless conference room, to which anyone from anywhere in the world can be invited to virtually participate in planning, posting, or perusing information shared solely with a selected elite. Genius!

Sadly, it seems that Wave has suffered the same fate as the Nexus One, and many other ingenious ideas that hit the landscape at Google Inc; an early grave, plotted and burrowed by Google's horrendous marketing strategies. Wave was released way too early, even to be in beta format. That whole "invite only" thing was apparently supposed to generate a crushing demand for the service, but it's exclusivity seemed to only create an elitist denial to the average social networker. All in all, another amazing idea that could have assisted man while confirming Google's global takeover comes and goes quietly, with the majority of the public responding to this blog with a simple, "what the f@#k is a Google Wave?"

Google, why do you do this to yourself; and more importantly, to us?
More in the matter-of-fact and hilarious video below:

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