I know what you're thinking.
"What the hell!? Benzino!? Everyone hates him!"
The question is, why?

Sure, Benzino may not be the best rapper around, but hey -- who's REALLY spitting lyrics these days, like 3% of all known MC's? In fact, looking at the big picture, most of rap music isn't about the actual content, patterning, or flow these days anyway; it's about the package. The image, the affiliation, and specifically the beats are the elements that sell records, and Zino's got it all in spades. He picks better beats than any of the current top 10 placers on BET, MTV, and VH1, and every song he's had in the Digiwaxx record pool over the past year has been a heater.

Does everyone hate Benzino simply because he ran The Source magazine the exact same way that every executive runs each major record label? Maybe because he outed the racist rap rants of everyone's favorite White rap superhero (if you don't know, do your research)? Maybe because he's an avid supporter of the Celtics?

Whatever the reason is, get over it -- Dude's making music that's just as good as anything else out there.


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