Occasionally on Saturdays, we'll abandon the regular weekend MIX feature to share full-length albums that any lover of music should own. This is one of those Saturdays.

It's fitting that this CD was passed along by Intuition himself at an Anacron performance in Leimert Park, the center of L.A.'s truest hip hop movement. After receiving an enthralled review and an enthusiastic recommendation from 'Cron, it's only natural that this project would make it's way onto our boards.

Here's an almost unbelievable and extremely uncommon statement of fact: This album can be played from beginning to end. It's rare to find a record these days that can stand the "Tracklist Test"; but Alaskan-bred rapper Intuition's brilliant assemblage of songs bangs from start to finish, with even the couple of less-appealing (but definitely not wack) cuts leaving little urge to press the track advance button.

From songs about chicks to the first-person expose, to that good old funrap, Intuition is obviously a skilled writer and seasoned deliveryman. With impressive rhyme schemes that make sense as opposed to rapping for the sake of making words rhyme, this is an MC that is capable of compiling cohesive thoughts in the most creative way, often resulting in entertaining and sometimes hilarious strains of storytelling. Guest appearances on the album include solidified names like Slug of Atmosphere and Nocando, but in another rare occurrence, the lesser-known lyricist truly outshines all other voices on this record. With production handled almost entirely by Equalibrium, every track on the project fits together like an album should, following a common feel and theme as opposed to coming off like a compilation of songs.

Check the album out in the player above, then SUPPORT ($8.99 isn't shit, you cheap muthafuckas) and purchase this independent artist's album to bump all weekend long!


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