Sure, as the spokes-vehicle for environmental concern across America, we all WANT to love the Toyota Prius. Sadly, anyone that's ever been trapped behind one of these on the freeway probably has a secretly-rooted hatred for the car, due to its potential to commonly attract drivers that believe not only in recycling, but also cycling speeds. It's a car, Prius-owner; even with an electric engine, it can actually go faster than 35 miles per hour, you gay vegan dick (get the fuck out of the fast lane).
Anyway, it appears that Toyota has decided to showcase their flagship Hybrid's potential for actually LOOKING COOL with the Prius C&A Custom Concepts vehicle, developed by their Customs & Accessories group in Japan. In addition to totally boss features like aero side skirts with vertical spoilers, fender flares with radically large air intake, an outside mirror CCD camera system, and a translucent rear side spoiler, this Prius may be able to actually attract a pedal-to-the medal demographic just by no-longer looking like a jellybean.

With this Prius concept, the awesome new Honda CRZ, and other whips in development, it appears that the environmentally friendly auto technology of the future may actually have -- well, a future.


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