Like a virgin...

Prepare to get touched for the very first time by The Arbiters, a mash-up/smash-hop collective out of Los Angeles comprised of DJ/music supervisor Thomas Golubic´, music supervisor/producer Josh Marcy, and film score composer Dave Porter. It seems that the film/video music world has momentarily lost it's appeal for this triumvirate of sound jockeys, causing them to form like Voltron and dabble a bit in the forbidden art of mash-ups. Just like everything else that's forbidden, this merger has proven to be so satisfying, as plainly demonstrated in the track posted above. While avoiding the typical cacophonous melee that most mash-ups become, The Arbiters manage to create a pleasantly flowing work from pieces of various tracks... how about that, hey? Just like traditional hip hop music.

The bottom line is this: The Arbiters is something you want to check out. Besides all of that, any video clip featuring so much 80's goodness is a definite postable.

Download this production crew's all new EP totally free HERE.


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