Everyone wants to make a better Civic than Honda. Looks like Cadillac might be the ones to achieve this almost impossible task with this super-flossy luxury hatchback concept.

Unimaginatively dubbed the "Urban Luxury Concept," this four-seater is the ultimate rice rocket, customized off the line with factory butterfly doors... FACTORY BUTTERFLY DOORS! It looks like the American car market has taken a step in the right direction, realizing that the rest of the world is not enamored with the idea of cars that take up almost two spaces in an urban parallel parking sector. Sporting a hybrid propulsion system (read: hippie electric car), this whip could potentially offer 56/65mpg, which has to be like double the next-highest MPG for any Cadillac ever in history -- unless there's like, a Cadillac bicycle that we don't know about.


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