Guess who's back?

After it's initial, embarrassing failure (due to marketing and a horrendous "no customer service"-service plan), the Google Nexus has returned in the form of the Nexus S, a Samsung-manufactured upgrade of Google's impressive, but short-lived mobile device.

Returning with an interestingly curved glass display that supposedly reduces glare and reflection, the Nexus S will also feature a sleek design, more lightweight body, and most importantly -- real life customer service to accompany the plan offered by the folks at T-Mobile. Nexus lovers far and near will finally be able to speak to an actual HUMAN to address any issues they may have, as opposed to fumbling around on the Google Help forums.

We are avid supporters of Google over here, but come on -- EVERYTHING can't be done on the internet, guys. As soon as Google (and, in an unrelated topic, the underground music consumer) realize this, the union between real and virtual life will be harmonic.


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