Apparently, there's a video game out now that's basically a concept mashup of "Dancing With The Stars" and "Dance Dance Revolution". Sounds terrible, right? The worst part is that it features Americas newest Hero-Now-That-He's-Dead, Michael Jackson! Will the entertainment industry ever just let a muthafucka sleep?

I don't think this is what Ice Cube was referring to when he said, "freakin' niggas every way like MJ..." Aside from being boring and repetitive, the game in no way compares to Michael's original video game adventure, the action-packed Moonwalker on Sega Genesis. Although dancing with a CGI MJ provides an hour of mediocre fun, there's nothing like watching the gloved one beat the shit out of zoot-suited gangsters and saving the kids! Check it out below if you're too young to remember...

The best part is when he threw fairy dust and killed the guy (after kicking another in the balls), then Bubbles made a cameo and jumped on his face (freak-a-leek), and he took out an entire room of thuggers with a spontaneous but simultaneous dance routine (...5-6-7-8), then... Well, just watch it!


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