Interesting. Back in the day, the fellas would get together as children, and play pretend games of being assassins. Now it doesn't seem so cool anymore.

This kid Edgar Jimenez, an American citizen, has been arrested as El Ponchis: 14 year old assassin for the Mexican Drug Cartel. Said to have murdered and/or tortured (at least) 4 people, Jimenez and his sister were captured at an airport near Cuernavaca, 50 miles south of Mexico City in Morelos state.

Jimenez and his sister are said to have had damning evidence of their participation in the murders and tortures, and in a statement, El Ponchis claimed to have been "forced" to do it. Whether or not that's true is questionable, being that both he and his sister admitted to being paid not only for the murders, but also for disposing of the bodies of their victims.


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