You ever wonder where the idea for the original Tron film came from? Yeah, me either. Here it is anyway -- it's actually somewhat interesting.

Originally conceived by MAGI, a government-funded company established in 1966 to plan nuclear fallout transport, or something like that. Within a few years, it had become one of the sole computer graphics companies in the United States, thanks to the development of an in-house program called Synthavision.

Eventually, this newly-formed CGI technology fell into the hands of the evil empire known as Disney (Ha!), and the action sequences for the original Tron film were born shortly thereafter. From there, Synthavision and MAGI laid the groundwork for much of the impressive CGI work that we see in timeless new cinematic masterpieces such as Avatar, Transformers, and Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer.

Okay, scratch that last one, that shit sucked.


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