Rappers make mixtapes; Anacron, the artist's artist, creates remix albums.

Anacron delivers "The Facelift 2"; the second awesomely artistic experiment in his eclectic remix series. Miles beyond the typical hip-hop "mixtape," Anacron employs his talents as a producer, instrumentalist, rapper, and singer to morph 12 previously crafted tunes into completely evolved (and revolved) interpretations.

Expanding even further beyond the envelope set with his original "The Facelift" remix album, this 13-track follow up features not only original vocals and arrangements by Anacron, but also additional production and instrumentation from the hip hop renaissance artist. Bringing along a few friends to add to the fray, Anacron also welcomes both new and known underground/indie rap artists to this project, lending vocals to multiple tracks on the album, forming an even more well-rounded project than the first.

In an industry that has already twisted and misshapen the true meaning of what a mixtape is, Anacron has reformed and owned this mutation like none other. Completely rebuilding each song into a completely new interpretation, he has redefined the mixtape, and given birth to the remix album.

Listen to and/or download Anacron's "The Facelift 2: Artofficial Attributes" below.


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