We just had to use the group name as the title on this one, which we rarely ever do -- but damn, ain't it a fresh name? Here's some secret footage from the Zzyzzxx blog of a recent Kurtis Blow / Mellow Man Ace show.

If you don't know after watching that, Zzyzzx is a group consisting hip hop legend Mellow Man Ace and his son Cazal. Melding new school flavor and style with old school sensibility and foundation, Zzyzzx exhibit the kind of chemistry that only family could share. Look for some amazing projects in the future - for instance, this banger from Mellow Man Ace featuring one of the best female MC's ever, Medusa:

Check the rest of the Zzyzzx diary HERE -- and just for the late bloomers that may still be scratching their heads, peep Mellow Man Ace's classic hit, "Mentirosa" below...


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