In his first official cover, L.A.’s underground Hip-Hop-meets-everything dynamo Anacron takes The Virgins breakout hit "Rich Girls" to new heights; re-working the producing, playing, and performing of the hit tune in a typically atypical fashion. Wrangling every live instrument and programming tool within reach, Anacron has splashed a funky glaze onto the already rocking composition, making it an eclectic yet danceable extension of the original that rolls completely into it's own genre-unspecific lane.


The official music video, filmed, directed, and edited by Anacron and styled by Eric Duran, stars actress Minni Jo Mazzola of NBC series "Parks and Recreation" and internet webisode "The Homes". The highly energetic clip is a playful romp between Anacron and an all-too-familiar "rich girl" stereotype, in which he questions her over-the-top princess persona. View, share, or embed the playful music video via Youtube or Vimeo.

Anacron's "Rich Girls" will see it's official release this Thursday via iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, and all the usual digital download outlets. The bouncy jam will be accompanied by a fashionably experimental hip hop track entitled "Schwing", and instrumental tracks for both tunes.

Lots more PNTGLLRYNTWRK goodness is on the way this season -- song and video releases from Lvxes, Aocoa, Wizdome, & Thusfar; as well as new EP's from Lvxes and Aocoa. Stay up with us for more...


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