Visit our friends at Culture King to download this expertly conceived and beautifully composed collection of new tracks, assembled in honor of the great J. Dilla. Envisioned by Culture King's Moon Satellite, who invited several of the underground's most talented and creative producers to forge their own stellar interpretations of some of Jay Dee's finest tracks. Culture King has released this compilation EP as a completely free download today, so get it ASAP!

If you are reading this and have no idea who J. Dilla is, then it is recommended that you view the series below and expand your knowledge of one of the finest music producers that has ever graced the face of hip hop music...

Finally, one of our favorites from the late Mr. Yancey...

...and this concludes DILLA MONTH 2011.


It's been a good month for Dilla fans. Our contribution (in true Gallery Network fashion) is to share this cover of a track from Dilla's Donuts, hopefully exposing you to a very fresh Korean rock band called Bulssazo.

We'll have another Dilla-related entry for the dedicated Jay Dee fans in a few hours. This one will come to you courtesy of Culture King, and is sure to rock your world, so definitely check back!


"I used to sell / mix tapes..." - The Nonce

Plato said that necessity was the mother of invention. This could never be more apparent than in this video, where Latvian artist Mr. Tape turns to two reel-to-reel tape decks to perform a DJ set like you've never seen before. It goes to show that if you love the art, nothing can stand in your way.

Found by ZU.


Jon and Al... You've made this weekend worth living.

This has to be one of the most hilarious spoofs ever posted on this site. Jon and Al Kaplan have gone to great lengths to compose, perform, and edit a comical adaptation of the original Predator film, set to a broadway-style showtune. This kind of work often goes unappreciated, so please visit their site and leave them some love HERE.


This Unfamous Friday set is coming to you LIVE and DIRECT...

...all the way from somebody's kitchen, or something! Amazingly, even while seated in a docile domicile, Chillin' Villian Empire's Riddlore? and NgaFsh can still deliver a performance that's more hype than the typical rap superstar! Crisp delivery, slick lyrics, original styles, and an unmatchable level of character that just can't be imitated. This is what performance is all about!


Stolen Shot Films ventured into the foray of unofficial videos with a somber clip for Radiohead's 2011 buzzer, "Codex". Great camera work, good look, and a deep feel. As far as this site is concerned, this is as official as it gets.

Check out another Stolen Shot musical short with this clip for Anacron's reworking of "Infinity Guitars" by Sleigh Bells. You can't ever go wrong with skateboards and strippers!


James Earl Jones, legendary Black actor most known commercially for his role as the voice of Darth Vader, delivers a classical thespian interpretation of... "Baby, Baby, Baby" by Justin Bieber???



This girl is fresh; she's got flair and talent in droves. It'd be nice to see this Baltimore native make some major moves in an industry filled with synthetically manufactured "style out of a box"-type artists; almost like a reward for actually BEING what you portray for the camera.

We're pushing for you over here - may all your wishes come true!



Cumbia, a traditional Colombian music and dance style, has recently made a strong insurgence into the global club scene. If you weren't aware of this fact, it may be time to re-evaluate the nightspots that you frequent. In accordance with the growing popularity of any music style with DJ's and nightlife, a bevy of Cumbia remixes and mashups have already hit the scene like wildfire.

California's bay-area DJ/producer J-Boogie has jumped onto the wave of Cumbia reworkings, serving up this compilation of astounding hip-hop-to-Cumbia remixes via his Soundcloud page. All tracks are currently available for free download, so get to saving before they go away.


A new battle brews in the war between Google and Apple, and this one's lookng like an instant Google win. Google's magazine subscription service is set to offer more reading and access options for both publishers and readers, as well as cheaper fees all across the board. Apple released it's subscription service this past week, leading to Google's subscription service announcement just days later.


This obviously is not the type of artist we typically post here...

When the hell did this guy start rapping? We already know he can rock a BEAT, let's just hope that he doesn't BITE anyone else's style. Ha! On the real though, this really isn't necessarily BAD - wrap your mind around that!

Happy Monday, everybody.


Happy Unfamous Friday!

Today's unknown dopeness comes from Jahn The Baptist, an original member of the Peanut Gallery's Chicago branch. The crew is apparently keeping it super icy out there, literally. BUR! BUR!


New music from Erykah Badu, with a Flying Lotus directed video?

Granted, this couldn't sound any more weird; however, with both of these artists -- the weirder a project sounds, the better it is. Oh, and the song is amazing.


Ladies and gentlemen... Franz Ferdinand.


European dirt-rockers Krakovia dropped this little gem a few years back. With a walking bassline, a driven percussion section, a Mad-Max flavored video clip, and sultry vocals by a guy with a mohawk and a tattooed stripper; this group came equipped with all the tools to make an international hit group.

Learn more about this crew HERE.


Usually during Black History month we're focused on the struggles, accomplishments and triumphs of an extraordinary people. However, ( as it's been proven time and time over) when there's a struggle for social justice, there is a sound-scape continuing to inspire the hearts of people involved.

Since I really wanted to keep this short (if you want a more in-depth article, ask and you shall recieve), I focused on the musical tastes of the Black Panther Party (BPP). So if you're at your local record store diggin' for something, check out some of these Panther favorites :

Bob Dylan: The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
Bob Dylan: Blown In The Wind
James Brown: Say It Loud!
The Last Poets: Wake Up Niggers
Elaine Brown: Sieze The Time
The Lumpen: Free Bobby Now
Melvin VanPeebles: Sweetback's Theme
Nina Simone: Revolution
Nina Simone: Mississippi Goddam
Sam Cooke: The Gang's All Here
Aretha Frankin: Respect
Curtis Mayfield: People Get Ready
Grateful Dead: Workingmen's Dead


Damn, this White boy is hella funny, so we'll let the full Blackface slide... for now.


This is for the lover in you.

Sure, it's a false holiday, fabricated to market romantic doo-hickeys and sassy whatchama-call-its; however, there's no reason that you and your cherished counterpart can't spend some feeling lucky to have one another.

Enjoy the love-in!


A special throwback for those that have found someone worth keeping around. If what you have is for real, let it grow, be one with it, and live in it. Everything and everyone in the past have given way to provide what you have now, so accept the gift of love and cherish it!

For those of you flying solo, just hit up On Demand for the day.


New from the Gallery DeeJay's own Long Beach representative, DJ Mikecheck...


You may have already seen this; but The Gallery is more interested in posting an experience rather than an exclusive. Watch and live.

Isn't it funny how talented geniuses that were mostly ignored by popular culture become trendy icons when they die? The ever-growing "appreciation" of Jay Dee (yeah, folks that were rocking him way before the "Donuts" era still call him that) is a perfect example of how the mainstream underground can latch on to something pure and precious to reinforce how "down" they are.

Here's a tip: Latch on to under appreciated talents BEFORE they are gone. Love them while they are alive, not when you hear the friend of a friend of a local celebrity mention their name and what a tragedy it is that they've passed away.


Hmmmmm... Look familiar?

Welcome to hip hop music, where sampling these days comes not only in audio, but video format as well.


We recently shared a recent Ice Cube appearance on the late night legend Conan O' Brien's new show; now let's see what happens when he has a sit-down with Conan's less funny, more annoying replacement at NBC.


I just still want to know what kind of name is Kidz In The Hall, besides an ebonics spiced tribute to a television show about a bunch of unfunny White kids?


An ingenious 60-second recreation of The Wrath of Khan, utilizing paper-cut-out puppets and green-screen technology...

If you have no idea what this is about or where it's from, just let the following clip entice your taste for dramatic effect before you run out to go get the DvD:

Now THAT is acting... Kirk was so believably infuriated!


This brand new computer-effects-heavy clip revisits Nas and Damian Marley's quietly released "Distant Relatives" album. There's a lot going on in this video, sometimes seemingly too much; but, we've got to give it up to Nabil Elderkin, most known for doing videos for that one kid from Chicago.


Here's the latest solo trailer from Evol of the mighty midwestern Brickheadz crew out of Chicago, Illinois. This kid is extremely underrated and highly skilled -- The global bboy "scene" is very afraid to let this guy in, and from what this short clip portrays, with good reason!


FINALLY!!! A brand new burner from the East L.A. homies, Stedapol CC Watt.


A list of songs currently getting love from the always eclectic dj.AnaRoxSicc:

Nonce - Bus Stops (Token & A Transfer Remix)
Musiq ft Swizz Beatz - Anything
The Ravonettes - I Wanna Be Adored
Sach - Complicate
Transplants - Tall Cans
Battlecat - Journey
Aretha Franklin - Young, Gifted, and Black
Volume 10 - Home Alone
Freestyle Fellowship - Hot
Soopafly - Wrong Move
Kruse ft Pigeon John - Never Heard About It
Nicole Atkins - Vitamin C (Cover)
Wizdome - I Got This
Art Of Noise - Moments In Love
Young Maylay - Mic It
Zzyzzx ft Masta Ace - Battle Anybody
Slim Thug - Problem Wit Dat
Chicago - Saturday
Travis Barker f. Game, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & Swizz Beatz - Can A Drummer Get Some
Red Foo & Dre Kroon - The Freshest
Curtis Mayfield - The Makings of You

Note: This is a list of artists and titles, not links to download songs for free. If you're a digger, collector, music lover, or DJ, you will take it upon yourself to make the effort to find these songs, preview the material, and acquire what you like. We're not doing the work for you.


CyHi the Prynce celebrates Black History Month with the sounds of Blackness.


Unfamous Fridays gets a little bit of electro-rock-soul in the mix, courtesy of our buddy Alexander Antebi's brainchild crew, Conquistador.

See and hear more from these fun boys HERE.


Tonight, the historic Miles Memorial Playhouse treats West Los Angeles area hip hop connoisseurs to several of the region's most creative artists and monumental performers.

Gina Loring


DJ Jedi

The Original LA Breakers

As part of the annual "Fireside Series", each artist will offer a brief Q&A session with known spoker word artist / actor "Pocho" Joe Hernandez-Kolski following their performance. The all ages event will also feature refreshments and comfortable seating in a relaxed and cozy fire-side setting.

"Inside Hip Hop" at The Fireside Series kicks off at 7pm tonight, at the Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica, CA. RSVP or find more information on Facebook HERE.


New from Cam'Ron's Dipset protégée...


When it comes to slippery water fun, that Wet Banana in your grandma's back yard pales in comparison to this.

This beautiful short was created "somewhere in the world" (the film-maker won't disclose the location -- probably because it's somewhere like Arkansas) by Devin Graham. Edited from completely raw footage with no post effects, the feel of this film evokes a certain child-like joy within anyone that watches. Check out another below -

More from Devin HERE.


Legendary vocalist Mavis Staples of The Staple Singers and renown rocker Jeff Tweedy of Wilco got together last year to record some music...

This, friends, is an official musical collaboration.
Totally awesome.


Talking about living LUX .. Hop on plane to Italy and leave it all behind here at the Casta Diva Resort. It turns out this place used to be getaway for some Italy's most famous composers and helped to inspire some of their best work.


If you missed Black Sheep's latest and quite possibly greatest offering, check out Dres smoothly rocking this piano-laden gem 'from the black pool of genius'.


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