This project has reportedly been in production for years, and we're finally getting a glimpse of Nas and Damian Marley's upcoming Rap/Reggae-themed full length album, "Distant Relatives". The original "mash-up" returns!


Summer's almost here. It's almost time to get your tank top and two-wheel action on, and let's face it; mopeds and scooters are for Chicago hipsters and foreign homosexuals*. Get your asphalt heat up, and ride the beach fronts and city streets like a true "G" this year. Pictured below are all of the essential items that you'll need to get your Lowrider Bike crackin' and convincing!

*NOTE: This website in no way encourages discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or figuratively homosensual faggotry as expressed by hipster lames.


It's been a while since the "Wake Up" column introduced you to an artist that you should already know, but we're bringing it back today with some heat that you'll be bumping for weeks to come. Hailing from the Windy City, Precise embodies everything that hip hop once was, without falling into the same pattern of dated repition that most "underground" emcees suffer. Precise hits us with his newest single, "It's On Me"; a lush soundscape complimented perfectly by the Chi-Town rapper's crisply delivered analysis of the importance of taking responsibility for your actions and their consequences.

Listen and/or download the track below, and stay tuned HERE for future audio and projects from Precise.


Just when you thought Microsoft Mobile was becoming the fat kid on the playground in the cellular operating system market - They hit the gym and came back with this in the second semester. Anroid/Google better get those Doc, Wave, and other Google-integrated apps correct!


This definitely isn't "Paper Planes".

After issuing scathing remarks directed at several pop stars (namely Lady Gaga), M.I.A. continues to follow through on her seemingly sudden 180-degree approach to making music with her newest Romain Gavras-directed visual, "Born Free". I'm not sure how her fanbase of typically spineless fashion-freak hipsters will respond to such a political front, but I'm sure the American media and government have already got their own responses in motion.

Kudos to M.I.A. for taking an obvious stance!

...and just because we like to be different, here's an extra added bonus; an all-new reel from R.A. The Rugged Man (remember him?) for the song, "Uncommon Valor". Although not quite as "shocking" as M.I.A's new politically-charged clip, R.A.'s new video tackles a completely different aspect of politically-inspired warfare effects.


Respects, props, and love to DJ Hideo. Dedicated to the growth and expansion of hip hop as a creative and multi-dimensional art form, this L.A.-based DJ worked for KKBT 100.3 The Beat as Mixshow Director and Program and Production Assistant for nine years, as well as collaborating with Steve Harvey, Cypress Hill, and others to sandwich good music between the required radio fluff for west coast listeners.


New from N.E.R.D. and Nelly Furtado.


This ain't no Hybrid, ya'll.

The Nissan Leaf, a zero-emission electric car, is slated for release in the United States this December. Nissan has already opened the floor for bids, already accepting "reservations" from potential buyers on the Leaf's website. The vehicle will cost $25,280 after the $7,500 federal EV tax credit. Within a mere 3 days, Nissan had secured a solid 7,000 pre-release sales of the environmentally efficient whip.

A couple of things come to mind here. One, when will the tree-hugger car industry start releasing environmentally beneficial vehicles that don't LOOK like electric cars; and two, how long will it be before Heroes on NBC is annoyingly pushing this ride by having characters refer to it by name in every instance of dialog possible?

"Oh, no way, Dad... You got me the LEAF?!" - Claire Bennett

Learn more about the Nissan Leaf HERE.


Amidst all the mixtape rap songs, DJ mixes, and Twitter posts (huh), this is the one and only TRUE tribute to Guru that matters.


We've got all types of lyrical service from the left side of the nation this week. Check out Kurupt's new visual for "In Gotti We Trust" (featuring the return of Xzibit1), from his upcoming album, Street Lights.


Some of you seem to be unaware; but the internet, much like cellular phones and cable television, hasn't been around that long. Check out this news report of Internet's past, and let the guffawing ensue.


Here's something new from Denmark's super-producer, KVBeats (featuring Little Brother affiliate and Justus League member, Chaundon).

KV's production style has resurrected what can be best described as the "Real Hip Hop" sound of NYC's hey-day, and he effortlessly channels that raw street-hop feel from the 90's into his audio stylings.

KVBeats featuring Chaundon - "Ambitions Of A Writer"

Followers of The Peanut Gallery may recognize KVBeats name and gritty production style from Anacron's soulful "Get Stoked!" promotional single and video, released via the internet late last year. If you don't recall, check it out below:

Check out more from KVBeats HERE.


Chicago's Jaylin Fleming: Not only a prime athelete and basketball prodigy, but also a stellar scholar and positive kid. Hopefully, this is the direction that todays youth is heading in, and just maybe the media will accordingly shine light on more positive and inspiring Black images such as this.


Not much can be said about this track, aside from the fact that it was insisted that we share it with you, our readers.

West Coast veteran WC proves without an inkling of a doubt that Los Angeles' gangster-rap culture plays host to at least one of the best MC's to ever touch the microphone. If you didn't already know how talented and versatile The Killer of the legendary Westside Connection Dub-C is, then let this 5-minute rap extravaganza (no hooks) serve as proof.


Respects to GURU of GANGSTARR.

Please take a moment to enjoy the first-ever released single and video from one of hip hop's most legendary and influential pairs, Guru and DJ Premier. These two created countless hip hop classics that will remain timeless for ages to come.


Hilariousness coming soon.


The title of this blog is our own acronym for A&E - the unit title for backpacker hip hop supergroup Masta Ace and Ed O.G. These two have quietly contributed one of the greatest hip hop collaborations in history to the game, and you don't even know it yet. Until a decade from now, when people finally recognize this LP as a classic, check out this audibly, artistically, and visually stimulating masterpiece for the song "A's and E's" featuring Marsha Ambrosious of Floetry.


Thesis vs Wing at Unbreakable 2010 in Belgium.


5 years later...

Rest in power to Peanut Gallery brother, homie, and supporter, Jairo. A bright and creative mind, caring and selfless soul, and all around cool guy. A tribute from Anacron, Irie, and Astrobwoy, on behalf of all that had the privilege and pleasure to get to know him.


We're building your breaks library this weekend, with a full length mix of some of the sickest side-circle beats, as selected by DJ Lean Rock. Download, bump, and move the couch to see if you can still hit those swipes you used to do back in 1992!

Download free HERE.


Hip hop can do ANYTHING.


It's been a while since we last touched on the topic of visual art, so we'll take a trip back into the mind of Chicago Peanut Gallery member Christophe Roberts (aka Perv One), and expose an impressive project that he's been engulfed in as of late.

Nike corporate should be proud... and at least mildly curious. It's a no-brainer that they should commission this guy to handle an advertising campaign, this kind of creative genius doesn't come around often.

Check out more projects from Christophe Roberts HERE.


Just go on and skip ahead to 1:10 and prepare for some audible shock and awe. On the real though, this brotha's falsetto makes Robin Thicke sound like Tay Zonday.

On a completely unrelated note: If you missed Tay's 15 minutes of fame, and didn't understand that ridiculous point of metaphorical reference, look HERE.


"I'm in a vest, yes; I will not be taken out..." - Saafir, circa 1995

Videogamers everywhere will poo with excitement if and when this prototype "Tactical Gaming Vest" becomes a household consumer reality. Designed to increase first-person reality of games by allowing the wearer to feel inflicted wounds and injuries (this is fun?), the vest will simulate impact in real time synchronization with what's happening on the screen. Shot? Stabbed? Clawed by an alien? You'll feel it all in a piercing response from solenoid actuators located in the chest and back, causing a little less pain than a paintball impact.

Masochistic gamers, start saving up now - Mom's probably not going to spring for this one!


For those that can appreciate hip hop when infused with rock and a slight punk twinge, this one is a banger. It may take a moment, but you'll come around once you get past the lead vocalist's wandering eye, trying to figure out how to pronounce the band's name, and the slightly uncomfortable feeling that this may be something a little more "emo" than you'd normally prefer. Above and beyond anything else - from the subject matter to the images portrayed in this video, this is pure hip hop.


Nasty Ray of Boogie Brats addresses some serious yet hilarious issues:


"You need to get your mind right before you get left."

This video marks the return of Mannie Fresh; the witty and comedic lyricist, legendary producer and musician, and pioneer of the southern sound that artists everywhere continue to "adapt" (we called it BITING back in the day). Once the musical backbone of Cash Money Record's massive independent movement, this artist's artist has continued to come anew with each and every project within his endless catalog of works. After a slight hiatus and association defection, Mannie is back in the game with the all new "Like A Boss". While it may not be the most imaginative song of the day, it knocks in a way that only M. Fresh can manage.



This weekend's listening assignment comes directly from the vaults of L.A.'s infamous RootDown sound collective. As the hub for one of the West Coast's greatest club nights, RootDown ran strong for 12 years of pure, unadulterated funk, soul, hip hop, and rare grooves.

Download this mix of unheard hits and jams HERE.


You may scoff at the idea of Rev Run's child releasing material as a rapper, but in all honesty - this kid is way tighter than most rappers out. After watching this video from his recently released mixtape, "First Flight", it's pretty hard to deny that the boy has skills. This may mark the first time ever that a reality show has given the world something/someone/anything useful.


Finally, Darth-V comes back with a scathing diss record, aimed at the Rebel Alliance Crew and their set. Completely removed from his typically non-confrontational and usually "conscious" rap style, Darth-V goes hard on this one. I can't wait to see what Luke, Yoda, and the rest of the crew have to say in response on their upcoming "Straight Outta Tatooine" LP.

Side note: Props to the world-renown Ewok Steady Crew and the Jabbawookies Crew for showcasing their b-boying skills in the video!


Face the facts - we all know that New York's hip hop and rap scene hasn't really been on much for the past few years. Here are a couple of singles by a couple of East Coast representatives that you might want to check out.


Could this quite possibly be the BEST elementary school play EVER IN HISTORY? The audience is almost deafeningly silent enough to hear the shocked expressions on the parents' faces. From the 1990's FCC-like dialogue edits to the grown-up halloween-esque costuming, this is our official nominee for the next stage production to hit Broadway. Take that, school board!


Cubic Zirconia is brings the boogie back to New York (with the help of the West Coast's original new school funk-lord himself, Dam-Funk).


Sony's double-fisted answer to the Wii highly resembles Tom Cruise's control console in the film Minority Report; at least, as displayed in this demonstration.


Today's post is a dedication to the writer, tagger, bomber, piecer, and street artists past and present. A dip into the Peanut Gallery's immense catalogue of underground music has uncovered three graffiti-themed tracks that are sure to inspire memories of adrenaline driven nights in anyone that has ever laced a concrete canvas with their ideas and signatures.

Track details:
1. Hoo Writin' - Pairograffs (Irie Swire and Anacron)
Produced by Anacron and AstroBwoy for Double A Battery
Taken from the 2003 LP release, "Calinois to Illifornia"
2. Graf:Art - Anacron featuring Prosper Jones
Taken from the 2000 LP release, "Who's Who?"
Produced by Eligh for Caravan
3. Graf - Prosper Jones featuring Anacron
Taken from the 1996 pre-release, "Peanut Gallery Chicago"
Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc

As an added bonus - we've chosen to revisit this stunning footage of daredevil bombing legend BUKET of Los Angeles' TKO crew:


Honda proves once again that the hatchback coupe can be a fast, flashy, economic, and environmental option for the street. After a largely successful run in Japan's commercial auto market, Honda has premiered the stylish CRZ hybrid for US soil. Powered by a 1.5L i-VTEC engine and Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) electric system, the CR-Z hybrid coupe is expected to hit a mileage of 36 mpg city/38 mpg highway.

Isn't she beautiful?


This weekend's column and free download moonlights as one of our patented "Wake Up" features - introducing you to virtually unknown, but immensely talented artists is without a doubt our forte.

Coming from the midwestern territories of Chicago, the duo of Dirty Digital has already built a history of critically acclaimed projects that have mostly hit-and-missed the current music market. Breaking away from previous group and label affiliations to rebuild independently, Qwazaar and Silent are at it again; forging into the depths of the underground the only way they know how. The most recent "Digitape" release displays exactly what the group's name would suggest; an angry pairing of futuristic, synth- and 808- laden beats with gritty and directive rap stylings. An obvious knocker for any club kid seeking something far off the mainstream path, but still dance and sing-along ready, this is a beater for sure.

Download Dirty Digital's "Digitape" release for free HERE, and check out this footage of a recent performance in Hollywood, CA:


In the 1990's, every rap crew, label, and subsidiary had a "kid rapper" on their roster; a pop or thugged-out pre-tween that came in as an A&R's dream, but rarely ever expanded beyond a few menial hit songs before disappearing into obscurity. Of these tiny rhyme-toting phenomenons, the only one to really continue on to true success was Cash Money's Lil Wayne (NOTE: every Lil' Wayne "fan" better be able to cite all of his albums and appearances prior to "Tha Carter").

Now, in 2010, we see the re-entry of Shyheim; a grizzled and inked version of the once-youthful kid-emcee of Wu Tang Clan. Returning with "Pain", a song that can be categorized as yet another dirty-south-twinged East Coast rap, Shyheim does his best to prove that he can be immense without Method Man and RZA penning his lyrics. As excited as we are to see Shy hit the scene and blow up by delivering some astoundingly good "real hip hop" (for lack of a better term), this song ain't the one that'll put him over. His writing abilities and inner passion are apparent, but the overall feel is far from convincing or entertaining. Growth is inevitable, but hopefully, Shyheim's next release will provide something that encompasses that old Wu chemistry if he hopes to achieve the come-up that we'd all like to see.

Bonus: classic Shyheim throwback... Note the difference.


Good battle from Floorwars 2010 (the fake Floorwars, not the original one in L.A.) featuring Big Toe crew and EXG.


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