Another viable release from the Peanut Gallery Network's west coast division has leaked onto the internet; a free six-track EP previewing and featuring music from both highly anticipated Anacron albums for 2009, "Unscene Unherd", and "The Gallery Quartet".

The EP's first three club-ready dance tracks showcase not only Anacron's adept lyrical and conceptual prowess, but also his talent as a rapper, singer, and producer. "Get Stoked!", an adventurous collaboration with Denmark's hip hop producer elite, KV (Kon-Vee), is a brightly shining journey through Anacron's idea of what brings energy to a party. "Robot Jam", no matter how elusive the title may be, is a self-produced, electro-pop influenced love song by Anacron, that any sound-seeking hipster would readily cling to for a momentary validation of cool. The third track is "The Out Crowd", a seemingly derogatory jab at that same hipster club culture, in which Anacron denounces the following of trends and hype in place of musical and entertainment quality. All in all, the three songs from the Unscene Unherd album represent an almost futuristic interpretation of what used to be "underground" culture.

The songs that follow are nothing less than pure genius, and an undeniable example of what makes Anacron an artist's artist; three musical morsels written, composed, arranged, and helmed by Anacron, featuring musicianship from his Chicago-based jazz ensemble, The Gallery Quartet. "Friends" is an upbeat, latin-infused jazz tune of sorts that features Anacron's impressive vocals (and alto saxaphone chops) shifting octaves on the topic of miscommunicated affections. "Jaccin Broadz" is a devilishly smooth hip hop groove with Anacron serving up a hilarious tale about stealing some poor sap's girl, all the while crooning like a jazz singer on the choruses. Finally, "It Takes Two" is a thoughtful ballad that touches on a subject similar to the first of the trio, with a far more somber and retrospective analysis of the situation.

All in all this is a stellar EP, that could honestly serve as an official album release in and of itself. The fact that Anacron can demonstrate and display so much skill and talent in an industry where artists are simplifying and dumbing down their output daily, is not nearly as impressive as the fact that he's willing to just give this stuff away for free. Any hip hop fan, nightclub attendee, disc jockey, or overall music lover would feel more than thankful upon hearing this assemblage of fine audible art!

If you missed the download link posted above, click HERE to get it.



We always focus on what to stay dipped in…what we wear on the outside. But I need to talk to some of you about what lies beneath.

Yes. Let’s talk about your undies. I’m all for thickness, shapeliness, and tigobitties but that doesn’t mean you let just anything hang out just anywhere. That’s for the beach. (And some need to think twice about that too.)

Solutions exist for keeping butts and guts under control. And to avoid those cheesy pantylines, ugh. Here’s a couple:


Hallelujah! This line of bras, panties, body shapers, leggings, you name-its was designed for ALL. You can find whatever you need to keep you from looking like you don’t know any better when you step into that job interview, your new boyfriend’s mama’s party, church or whateva! Find Spanx at major retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and more or just for more info.


This line is better than Spanx, but you definitely pay for it. Want a Coke bottle figure? Purchase one of these bad boys. Out of the many items this line offers, the absolute best are the Body Magic and the Panty Reshaper. I drank the Ardyss kool-aid. A dear friend made me a believer. ..I even paid the fee so I can purchase the undergarments at wholesale. These you won’t find at retailers, you’ll have to locate a distributor like me.

Now I want to see higher butts and tighter guts!! Think Beyonce—she cinches that waist with the finest whalebone corsets, and I don’t care if that’s painful, she looks HOT! You can too, so squeeze on in and stay DIPPED!




Nationally recognized club and internet DJ, growing visionary beat producer, and famed Brickheadz breakdancer (peep the footage on YouTube) SHON ROKA, has released an all-new mix via the Coast 2 Coast Mixtape DJ's network. Featuring Shon's stellar blends, congruent track arrangement, and hot exclusives, this mix is definitely the perfect accompaniment for the open-minded but hood-wrought music lover.

Check out Back To The Grill Again and other mixes by Shon Roka HERE, and be sure to visit Shon Roka on Myspace and Facebook for more mixes, beats, and exclusives.


Kudos to Jay-Z for being the first mainstream artist to finally say "F**K auto-tune," but we at The Gallery Network know that Anacron's been saying it ever since T-Pain first debuted on the scene.

Following suit with his own take on the Death Of Autotune hit record, Here's Anacron with his own version of the cut, going tough on everything from auto-tune to hipsterism to ignorance with one common theme: STOP BITING!

Anacron - "D.O.A. (Danglin' Offa Anacron's...)"
YouTube lyrics animation.

Download Anacron's "DOA" for free HERE.
Original version by Jay-Z, produced by No ID.


Big Boy

James Brown, December 25th. Aaliyah, August 25th. Left Eye, April 25th. Michael Jackson, June 25th…how random is that? The past week has brought Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays to rest. In the case of Michael Jackson, his passing somewhat revived the existence of his life for myself. I have to admit, I haven’t felt as obsessed with Michael’s music success after Thriller and still love the days of Jackson Five. I can still ride for the Free Willy songs and You Are Not Alone on the karaoke machine, but it has been hard to stomach his unfamiliar altered face and his private amusement park, the Neverland Valley Ranch. As Janet speaks at the recent BET Awards just three days after the death of her brother, Michael: My entire family wanted to be here tonight, but it was just too painful. So they elected me to speak with all of you…To you, Michael is an icon, to us, Michael is family. And he will forever live in all of our hearts.

June 25th, 2009. 42 years ago, Michael Jackson was recording his first recording on the Steeltown Label with the Jackson Five singing Big Boy. The first pressing is on an Orange label and the latter on Red. I was at work, when Michael Jackson brought the internet down. Since then his music comes back to life all over the world at every bar, radio, and even elevator music sings familiar tunes from my childhood like Say Say Say with Paul McCartney and MJ. In Chicago, I walk through Wicker Park, Choppers, Happy Village, Picante, Chickpea, Irazu, Rodan, and even the Crocodile Lounge, expecting to hear Michael Jackson at every sound outlet. I went tooling for records Saturday morning and every record store, yard saler, and street trotter had something to say about Michael. No, I was not looking for another Thriller LP but you can play it on the radio. 1982. Motown witnessed Michael bring the Moonwalk and changed the history of dance. He brought some smooth moves to the breakdance, too. There’s so much he’s done in 50 years and despite the sadness of his downfalls, how can you resist the charm of this 8 year old boy singing on the radio back in the days of WVON Pervis Spann. My good friend Scott Harlow, created a website called It’s a great source for 45 clips and I highly recommend you checking it out. Here is one of many favorite MJ songs on 7” and can be found under the Indiana Pages. Recorded in Gary, Indiana on the Record Label, Steeltown.

Michael’s 1st Record


Original Peanut Gallery member and artist, Himself.

Many have slept on this stunning West Coast artist's career since his underground inception in Los Angeles' independent explosion during the early 1990's. Raised and cultered in underground hip hop affiliated with the west coast's best (Living Legends, Project Blowed, Good Life, etc.), Himself is an integral piece of the chemistry that laid the groundwork for what The Peanut Gallery Network has flourished into today. Himself has always been the thoughtful and introspective MC that he is today, whether performing solo or with side groups like Antiques (Himself and bLvMe), Netherworlds (Himself, Anacron, Murs), and his current project Everyday Bubble (Himself and Sunspot Jonz). From the past to the present and into the future, Himself maintains his stance as an often overlooked, but rarely underestimated voice in hip hop.


Classic material! Lord Jamar, Grand Puba, and... Anacron!? The Gallery Network founder, member , and artist joined two-thirds of the original Brand Nubian crew on stage late June, 2009, to shred through a 45-minute long set of Brand Nubian and Grand Puba hip-hop classics. One of many stellar performances at Chicago's newest live music venue and nightclub, The Shrine, this pairing of old- and middle-school (plus east coast and west coast familiarity) hip hop artistry went off as a warmly welcomed surprise for Chi-Town fans.


I’m in love with Lana Jewelry’s new collection, “Disco”. Sexy and strong, yet delicate and demure. Though Miss Lana is a Chicago native, her gold jewelry (and the girl’s got diamonds too) is inspired by her global travels and Russian roots. Check my faves, but to peep all the collections, the celebs, and the brunette bombshell that make Lana Jewelry a Chi-town treasure. I see me in Miami rocking the 3-strand Miami Bracelet with a maxi dress…


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