Grab a bucket of popcorn, dim the lights, maximize the movie window, and kick your feet up for this one. Almost two hours of rappers in the trenches, cutting eachother's heads off at the second annual Rhyme Spitters competition in Chicago, Illinois. Forget about everything you've seen in mainstream television and film; this is the closest you'll ever get to the true MC experience, folks!

Watch for the cameos by Gallery family Anacron, Grastronaut, Miss Felony, and more!

More Rhyme Spitters event documentaries and information HERE.


The return of Black Rob.

One of Puffy's many Bad Boy exiles returns with some serious straight-up raps. A simple loop is enough to carry this hook-free carnival of sub-conscious thought, as Black Rob weaves thoughtful lines and impressive patterns across his classically familiar Harlemite flow.


Rest in peace to one of the funniest of our generation.



Hard to believe that Bboys were doing this before some of you could even walk?

What may be even harder to believe is that YES, there were other breakdancing crews doing big things in the 80's aside from New York's over-publicized Rock Steady. Dynamic Rockers is just one of many crews that also helped to popularize breakdancing as an art form, and hip hop as a culture, on a global scale. By the mid 1980's there were countless B-boy crews and dancers not only in NYC, but worldwide; each adding their own unique elements to make breaking what it has become today.


Even if you don't like love raps, you simply can't deny the hotness of this new burner from Skillz and Raheem Devaughn.

Funny how the artists that you wouldn't necessarily expect to make a "girl" song, tend to be the ones that do it the BEST. Apparently, artistry as a whole lends to the overall quality of ANY topic matter. Come on, 50 Cent! You got dudes that don't even do what you do, beating you at what you do.

Now, that's crazy!


Is that a lightsaber in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

So this is what it would've been like if the Emperor hadn't spent all that time cloning Boba Fett. I mean, what kind of army is a million males with no female companionship, anyway? Feng Zhu, an original illustrator for Star Wars Episode III, drafted these designs as sexy propaganda posters featuring futuristic pin-up honeys. These girls aren't even animated, but in all their tawdry toon glory, have given nerds and dorks everywhere a reason to feel proud.

Now go get the Jergens, dweeb!


Musically, this ain't really the cup that we're typically sipping at tea time around here. However, in the tradition of an overall appreciation for art as a whole, we've got to spotlight this one on the merit of sheer visual aesthetic. Great direction, high energy editing cuts, and an amazing look and feel have pushed this one onto the pages of The Gallery Network -- not much else.

Respects to Dre Films for doing it major with this video piece.


Here's some spectacular footage and amazing highlights from the Red Bull cliff diving competition in Hawaii. Even if you're not amazed by the purely artistic vision and composition of this aesthetically cinematic event coverage, you'll be at least a little bit impressed with the awesome feats of aerobatics performed by these cliff divers!

Props to Gary Hunt for the win; check him out HERE.


Kurupt splashes another hit to cause ripples on the surface of your perception of west coast hip hop. With amazing beat production and a video that pays homage to the now legendary FatBeats Records on Melrose in Los Angeles, this simply titled stunner is everything but simplistic.

Had to add this juicy little number as well - That new Kurupt is a HEATER!


The GRRRLZ have a new look.
A little more artistic, and a lot more hotteristic.
Catch it every Sunday at noon, right here.

Submitted by our new GRRRLZ columnist, KatieFromThe80s.


One of the greatest mixes ever by one of the greatest DJ's ever.

Welcome to another weekend of good music. If you like soul, rare grooves, and breaks -- particularly, being introduced to those you haven't previously heard, then you will absolutely cherish this classic assemblage of audible magic by a true Master At Work. Download and enjoy.

1 Village Idiot, The – Ghetto In The Mind 0:34
2 24 Karat Black* – Ghetto 1:373 Bohannon* – Save Our Souls 2:12
4 Foster Sylvers – Misdemenor 1:09
5 Ramsey Lewis – Sun Goddess 0:43
6 David Porter – Masquerade Is Over 0:50
7 Steve Miller – Fly Like An Eagle 0:21
8 Bob James – Nautilus 4:08
9 John Klemmer – Free Soul 2:29
10 Rotary Connection – Blackgold Of The Sun 4:57
11 Linda Tillery – Freedom Time 3:58
12 Leroy Hutson – Cool Out 1:47
13 Esther Phillips – Thats All Right With Me 0:38
14 Ray Barretto – Pastime Paradise 2:27
15 Sergio Mendez* – The Real Thing 4:57
16 George Benson – Nature Boy 5:49
17 Vicki Anderson – Message From The Soul Sisters 3:50
18 Doug Carn – Time Is Running Out 3:35
19 Ahmad Jamal – Stolen Moments 0:36
20 Minnie Riperton – Inside My Love 1:48
21 Sonny Lester – Green Dolphin St. 0:20
22 Stan Getz – Suadade Vem Correndo 2:08
23 Cyrkle, The – The Visit 2:14
24 Don Blackman – Holding You Lovin You 3:48
25 Gwen Mcrae* – 90% Of Me 2:19
26 Ramp (3) – Come Into Knowledge 1:58
27 Leroy Hutson – Can’t Say Enough About Mom 6:29
28 Milton Wright – Keep It Up 3:06
29 Roy Ayers – Love Under The Sun 0:43


Ubisoft's new gameplay trailer for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is awesome.

In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, you become Ezio, a legendary Master Assassin enduring a lifelong struggle against the powerful Templar Order. He must journey into Italy’s greatest city, Rome, center of corruption, power, and greed, to eliminate the core of it's structure and defeat his nemesis.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is due November 19 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


Wu do you love?

Here's something that die-hard Wu-fanatics will appreciate.


So this is how cats get down in Mississippi? Apparently, they're not all predatory and murderous like felines in other states.


You may have missed it when this dropped late last year.

What can you even say? Truly "visionary" in each eclectic aspect.


We love this, because cornball hipsters are always good for a laugh!

Plus, Spike Jonz is a God of cinematic innovation, even if you think he's "too mainstream"... you filthy dirty stinking hipster.



This is the true definition of world music.

Musicians from literally every corner of the world came together with nothing but a metronome and a familiar tune to create this stunning version of Ben E. King's classic, "Stand By Me." Recorded live and later combined in a multi-track mixing session, each artist's contribution to this globally executed cover is an essential part of this masterpiece; musically, culturally, and symbolically.

Playing for Change is a critically-acclaimed documentary and accompanying soundtrack of songs pieced together by a multitude of performers spanning the planet. Watch how this recording took place in multiple countries to compose what may be the most poignant demonstration of unification through music ever.

See more HERE.


No one ever changed the rules by following them.

Sure, purist skaters will probably burn William Spencer every chance they get, but this is the type of innovation that changes art. Combining street skating with a mixture of what seems to be circus-style trickery and all-terrain parkour, this signature style of skating offers new dimensions to the art, and will definitely inspire new levels of thought in other skaters. Even if William's style doesn't catch on to become a completely new element in skateboarding, it will definitely push the limits of what already exists, initiating another step in the evolution of street skating.

Catch William Spencer and more on The Denver Shop's "In Color", HERE.


Fun song.

Funner video.

Funnest post EV-ARRRRR.

Flash back (or forward) to Anacron's "Get Stoked!"; a composition that combines an earthy feel of the classic soul era with the upbeat pace of today's urban music market. Anacron displays both his rap and singing chops on this stellar track, produced by Denmark's hip hop super-producer, KV Beats.


How can you not love stop-motion recreations of stuff... especially classic video games?

Pac Man:


Both clips were produced as part of the GAME OVER Project from the French-Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond. These stop-motion videos were shot and played for the new ProHelvetia's programme GameCulture, at the Trafo cinema (Baden, Switzerland). Stop-motion animations of Pole Position, Space Invaders, and Pong are available HERE.


Amazing video, directed by William Sales.

New from Alchemist featuring OhNo.


In this weekend's listening session, Funky Fresh Records out of Nice, France provides a pair of mixes featuring classic breaks and samples used in some of your favorite and classic hip hop records. To grasp a true appreciation of any art form, you must study it's history and learn it's origins; begin that journey today.


An extremely innovative tactic for film-making has hit the ground, and is now generating a buzz amongst filmakers and enthusiasts for it's exceptionally realistic results. Using dual cameras set to opposing exposure levels, HDR (High-Dynamic Range) video creates interesting visual effects, while allowing even exposures when lighting is less than optimal.

Although the process of merging multiple exposures is not new to still photography, it's just making it's way into the film world, so it'll be very interesting to see what projects and products arise from this creative wave.


You may or may not know the name Pugs Atomz, but he's definitely an artist who's work you ought to know. As the forefather of Chicago's historic Nacrobats crew, Pugs was an instrumental figure in cultivating and shaping Chicago's hip hop scene as it exists today.

Teaming up recently with Chi-Town producer Grant Parks, Pugs has released the "Kinda Like A Rapper" album on the almost legendary Fat Beats imprint. The visual for the album's third single, "Stereo", was directed and edited by Pugs himself; portraying a clear representation of his background as a visual artist and graffiti writer, as well as an MC.

Catch more heat from Pugs Atomz HERE.


Respect the art of the "throw-up."

Good old classic street bombing, ie. tags and throw-ups, are regarded by some graffiti purists as not "real" because they lack of time and effort that goes into an epic 8-hour mural. If you ask me, the ability to create a three-dimensional work in 5-minutes with only 3 colors is an impressive feat, and as Austria's Dask One demonstrates in the video above, is definitely an artistic process to be heralded.

Side note:
SoCal area writers can rejoice at the opening of Montana's Los Angeles site in Echo Park. With an immense stockpile of cans, pens, and markers in both Blackline and Goldline colors, the store is open to the public Thursday through Monday weekly. Check it out HERE.


I know what you're thinking.
"What the hell!? Benzino!? Everyone hates him!"
The question is, why?

Sure, Benzino may not be the best rapper around, but hey -- who's REALLY spitting lyrics these days, like 3% of all known MC's? In fact, looking at the big picture, most of rap music isn't about the actual content, patterning, or flow these days anyway; it's about the package. The image, the affiliation, and specifically the beats are the elements that sell records, and Zino's got it all in spades. He picks better beats than any of the current top 10 placers on BET, MTV, and VH1, and every song he's had in the Digiwaxx record pool over the past year has been a heater.

Does everyone hate Benzino simply because he ran The Source magazine the exact same way that every executive runs each major record label? Maybe because he outed the racist rap rants of everyone's favorite White rap superhero (if you don't know, do your research)? Maybe because he's an avid supporter of the Celtics?

Whatever the reason is, get over it -- Dude's making music that's just as good as anything else out there.


Illustrator Alejo Malia presents "Google's World"; a visual series that takes us on a journey through a hypothetical realm where Google Maps indicators are as real as the people that view them. It would be extremely cool to see a film piece inspired by this neat idea.

Check out more work by Alejo HERE.


New from our buddies Z-Man and Matt Gamin, alongside J The Sarge and Persevere:

Some of the west coast's most underground verbal assassins have gotten together to release an assault on the world of wack hip hop with their new VINYL (yes, vinyl, take notes) single, "What It's All About".

DJ's should be running to get this red-pressed wax, and you should too; vinyl is always a worthwhile investment, especially when the music is great.


Aalborg, Denmark.

"City of Cyclists" by Kristian Hertoft, created to promote environmental biking. While it is an extremely cool video with great imagery, tone, and texture; this totally proves that breakdancing can be used to promote pretty much ANYTHING, even when it doesn't make an ounce of sense...

Breakdancing Teddy Bear ≠ Environmental Biking
What the hell?!


New from E-40's production/lyrical child prodigy, Droop-E. Featuring his game-spitting Dad, and set against the bay's aesthetically pleasing backdrop, Droop-E's newest is another frame-by-frame work of art by director Damon Jamal.


Happy Films presents 'Happy Thoughts.' You'll need to set aside an ample chunk of time to check out this full-length highlight reel, which essentially consists of White Boys doing some really cool shit in the snow (not to mention an amazing soundtrack, if you're into musics of the rock variation).

Riders include: Sammy Spiteri, Ian Bigley, Cole Atencio, Zander Blackmon, Colton Morgan, Dylan Thompson, Benjamin Strause, Brent Oftedal, Durell Williams, Joshua Parker, Casey Detweile, Sean Anderson, and more.


This is reminiscent of the free jazz fusion and experimentation era...

Now that's music. The Brainfeeder crew out of Los Angeles does it ridiculously dope! You should get up on the whole crew if you haven't already checked them out.


Talk about a concept album.

Manila-based DMC Champion DJ and producer Red-I took a trip to Saigon; and as DJ's do, went crate-digging. Using only the gems discovered during this trip, he's created a compilation of beats that mirror his trip not only in essence, but in sheer cultural authenticity. Check out the live production of two of these tracks, HERE and HERE.

...but, I digress. Being that it IS Saturday, the following is a live mix from Red-i, in The Gallery Network's weekly weekend tradition. This dude knows how to rip that dub mix!

Isn't it amazing what hip hop skill, music, and culture can do?
Listen to more HERE.



Best Male Vocalist of All Time

So i was listening to Donny hathaway's "Everything Is Everything" and i was thinking" Is there any singer out there who can hold a candle to this dude?? " I honestly think he was the last great male vocalist (including over stevie which is very hard for me to say lol). Soooooooooo.........
HERE WE GOOOOOOOO.....(again lol)
01. Donny Hathaway
02. Stevie Wonder
03. Sam Cook.
04. Al Jarreau
05. Paul Mccartney
06. Otis Redding
07. Wilson Pickett
08. Robert Plant
09. Nat King Cole
10. Luther Vandross
11. Michael Jackson
12. Sly Stone
13. Al Green
14. Bobby Caldwell
15. Jay Kay from Jamiroquai
16. Phillip Bailey
17. Smokey Robinson
18. Sting
19. Chris Cornell
20. Ceelo Green
21. Donnie
22. Maxwell
23. Brandon Boyd of Incubus
24. Stokley Williams of Mint Condition
25. Jamie Cullum

Written by DJ Mikecheck of The Gallery DeeJays
Check out DJ mixes and more from Mikecheck HERE.



Something new from The Peanut Gallery's resident hood-conscious rasta, Jahn the Baptist (bka JahnIgga on Chicago's south side). With an almost imbalanced but perfect mixture of righteous elevation, ghetto intelligence, and backpacker sentiment, Jahn laces lyrics as only an MC raised on real rap could. Accompanied by his worldly IlluminatiCongo outfit, this jam makes for a solid "sit back on a sunny day"-song; so have a silly-stogie ready before you press play.


Its here. Well... Almost.

T-Mobile's G2 model and specs have finally leaked onto the web, and it's looking astonishingly impressive. Although the Qualcomm Scorpion CPU runs an MSM7x30 chip that'll max out at 800MHz, the G2 is said to be the fastest "smartphone experience in America". This can probably be attributed to the Droid 2 operating system (and just for kicks, we'll mention Flash 10 here -- bye-bye iPhone web).

Supposedly going for a measly $200, the actual release date has yet to be determined; however, this is one that the tech geeks are going to want to line up for.


Posthumous Dilla at work.


Applicable from both gender perspectives; enjoy your new life! :)


Not sure if Uffie calls herself a rapper or a singer, but one thing is certain; for someone that sucks at both, she sure did put together a relatively amazing album. After the video for "ADD SUV" gets your perception of pop music all out of sync and loopy, check out the intro to "Our Song" posted below.

Uffie may not be the most talented White girl out there, but she's honest, and she somehow manages to still make great music.


Beautiful footage documenting KID DAVID, ROXRITE, NASTY RAY, KEEBZ, and SPEE-D at United Styles 6 in Boston, 2010.


Straight outta Compton...

Dedicated to anyone in any region that ever assumed Southern California's gangster climate was incapable of producing emcees that could smash on any track or rapper laid in front of them. Take notes, this is how to spit!


It's funny because it's true.

The saddest part is that if this played on the radio 15 times a day, ran on 106 & Park, and got regular spins at your favorite booty-shakin' weekend spot; half of you laughing at this parody would actually love it, were it an actual song. Time to allow your musical tastes to mature, people.

Props to J. Rucker and Mike Rob for hitting us with the link a few weeks back!
Check out more funnies HERE.


Because she earned it.


Admit it. The mixes we post sometimes become the highlight of your weekend. Whether cruising in the car, jogging through the park, or tidying up the house, every set of our MIX series is an audible treat full of singles that you'll hold on to forever. Today's mix is no different.

Sao Paulo-based DJ Alain Patrick's "Aesthetic Soul Vol.IV - Magnetic Phonk" brings a tasty invitation to Goove funky past, present and future, covering a period of three decades (1980-2010). This is the fourth episode of a series that began just over a year ago. Alain Patrick is a partner at 4MZK Agency and author of the series 'Aesthetic Soul' and 'Electronic Standards', and you can find more of his stella work as a mixologist HERE.


Tired of waiting?
Here's something for those of you that may be getting impatient, waiting for the release of the iPad alternative that we discussed HERE.

The Hannspree tablet PC, operating on Android's user-friendly and open-source FroYo platform, will be the answer for those seeking something free of Apple's newest restrictive device. With an impressive set of features, the Hannspree will include 1GHz Tegra 2 SOC surrounded by 16GB of internal storage (expandable via MicroSD), an accelerometer, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, a 1,024 x 600-pixel capacitive touchscreen, and mini versions of HDMI and USB ports. Flash 10.1 is also proudly supported (Apple hates Flash, remember?), while the 3,500mAh battery is said to last up to 8 hours when playing 1080p movies.

If that's not incentive to wait it out a little longer, then what is?


For those of you that are capable of expanding your minds beyond the same few genres of music that are typically publicized on this blog:

20 years later, this remains one of the best stories, films, and soundtracks ever made. Spike Lee, one of the most visionary directors of all time, dug deep into the feel of jazz not only as a music, but as a thriving American pseudo-culture in the film Mo' Betta Blues. To parallel Spike's cinematic genius, legendary jazz musicians and composers Branford Marsalis and Terence Blanchard pushed the straight-ahead jazz format to new heights with the score and soundtrack to the film. Take a look, take a listen, and make it a point to check it out if you've never seen it.


The Gallery homie and producer extraordinaire Ian Forester (Collaboraction, Art Bash) has teamed up with Natalie Kay and BooThorn to create a series of iPhone spoofs that cut deep to the core of the Big Apple. The newest (constantly malfunctioning) iPhone app, Facetime, seems like it would be a super-cool and futuristic feature; however, things aren't always what they seem...

Learn more HERE.


Graffiti. Bboying. Deejaying. Rapping. This video has EVERY element of traditional hip hop culture present; THIS IS REAL. If you didn't already know, pay attention and take notes.


Knuckleheadz Cali vs Ground FX!

This is an INTENSE battle at Boston's Beantown Breakdown between some of the most creative dancers on either coast. Congrats to Knuckleheadz Cali for bringing the win back to the West Coast, but the best round of the battle goes to Bebo's (GFX) beginning set at 2:35 -- So clean, so controlled, so crazy!


West coast hip hop's budding love affair with Nipsey Hussle continues to grow as the video for his newest (and possibly most crossover-friendly) single becomes a visual. Featuring cornrowed songbird Lloyd, the beat knocks, and Nipsey goes in something reminiscent of the legendary Mac Dre:

Let's just hope all that stuff he was talking last week about Justin Bieber being his "nigga" was simply no more than good old American marketing...


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