Slum Village and Illa J (J. Dilla's younger brother) hit us with a re-do of the Detroit Deli track, "Reunion". Check out the original version below (produced by Black Milk).


Raw Mind Movement documented getting loose throughout Vancouver, BC; in beautiful film quality. Enjoy!


Off the top, really?

Funny, there's verses on your album that have the exact same words in the same sequence, except without the "trying to remember this verse"-pauses. Rappers have no freestyles now; Peanut Gallery MC's would smash this guy... Better yet, let's let Affion Crockett do that for us:

Zing! AC comes back with another hilarious spoof....


One of the most instrumental figures in the popularization of Hip Hop culture speaks about his personal history from graff and rap to media and movies. LEARN.


Mos Def rips a somber new track from Ski Beatz, with an ominous feeling video to match.


Who says that Hip-Hop can't be funny?

This hilarious webisode from Los Angeles-based rap group, The Fly Guys, is sure to have you rolling in your cubicle. These new-school MC's were raised on old-school values, and effortlessly combine the elements of both eras into a signature brand of good-time music that is all their own.

Download the new Fly Guys mixtape, "Facegang", totally free HERE.


Looks like Glasses Malone is coming a bit more market-friendly this season. This new(-ish) release features a radio-ready sing-along hook and a made-for-MTV video, and it's looking like Malone is really out to get "doe" this year.


There is some seriously real s#!t going down Monday nights in L.A.'s Venice neighborhood. Breakers, poppers, housers, and dancers of all kinds descend on the most unsuspecting venue, and get down old-school cipher style until the wee hours of the morning. If you're in the L.A. area, this is definitely something you've got to witness in person!



We've been knocking this new single from East Coast indie rapstress Rah Digga for about a month now. Great to receive a visual to accompany such a monumental, meaningful, and most entertaining song. Listen to the lyrics, this woman is a genius!


Classic and rare disco diggers, we're about to make your day. This mix from Australian vinyl selector Gian Arpino will keep you ready for some boogie this entire weekend, TRUST.

Download and/or listen HERE. (right click, "save as" to download)


There are other good rappers besides Eminem.
You know, just FYI.


Less than a year on the market, and the Nexus One market display has officially gone dark. Google has made the official announcement that the Nexus One will no longer be manufactured or commercially available via the Google Nexus One website; however, the device will remain available to specific locales on foreign soil, as well as to developers of Android apps.

This is an interestingly sudden demise for the device that was slated to be the iPhone's top competitor.


We've been hearing reports of the forthcoming return project from Ahmad, and it seems that moment is finally a reality. Check out the newest from who you probably know best as one-third of the "Come Widdit" triumvirate -- This one features Slaughterhouse's west coast spitter, Crooked I.


In case you missed the Netherlands/Spain final... here's a swift recap:



An okay song with a really cool video concept...

...although Kenna did it WAY better like 7 years ago.


Admit it. This is taking the cinematic recreation of 80's videogames a little far; but, if it were real, you'd be first row, first show, first day.

Just for the heck of it, here's a song that would definitely have to make the soundtrack:

Don't be mad.
It was either that or "The Ditty" by Paperboy.


Wait -- I though Jin retired ages ago? After hearing the way he writes on this track, you'll be glad that he didn't.

Sidenote: He sure is dressed differently than back in the days... They got Jin out here looking like an Asian Boy Band pop star!


"Here's what they think about ya" - Ice Cube

We've seen some miraculous "N-word Bomb" bounce-backs from the likes of Paris Hilton, Michael Richards, John Mayer, and even Jesse Jackson. However, it's not likely that Mel will be able to make a comeback after this one, as it is coupled with derogatory sexist remarks, threats of physical assault, and the looming history of his attack on the Jews.

Rest In Peace Mel Gibson's career, 1977-2010
Hope you saved up, buddy!


These guys are almost as good as Phoenix.

Then again, knowing that these guys released music before Phoenix, there may be some major influence here... If you don't already know about Tahiti 80, you've slept massively since the 90's. Try to catch up on who these French pop-rockers are with this video for their classic track, "Heartbeat". You'd do yourself a huge favor to research more of their music, as well.


Tonight in Rotterdam...


This is both visually and sonically impressive... When do you ever hear SAXOPHONE solos in hip hop anymore?


It seems that somewhere during their never-ending quest to bully, discredit, and sue competing companies, Mactintosh forgot about making a product that actually works. Lucky for the product-purchasing public, Consumer Reports did NOT forget, and has recently isssued a statement of refusal to endorse the new iPhone 4, due to some pretty ridiculous and monumental reception problems.

While typically outspoken regarding any challenges to their golden moniker, Apple seems strangely and painfully silent about this recent attack. Where you at, Steve?


Curren$y is far from being the best rapper around, but there's something about his delivery, smooth voice, and overall vibe that makes everything he does just COOL.

Great song, amazing beat production, nice video.


In case you missed it:

The Fox News ambassador of funk (ha) Mr. Bill O'Reilly recently opened his feature seat to everyone's favorite political genius, Sarah Palin. Hilarity, frustration, and probably some off-camera tears ensued during yet another exhibition of sultry Sarah's stupidity.

Why would anyone elect this idiot for ANYTHING?


A right visual to accompany Reflection Eternal's latest.


Forget about those Def Jam fighting games featuring so-called tough rappers that really wouldn't throw a punch to save their own mama's life -- THIS was one of the best video games to ever depict life as a participant in the Hip Hop arts! Hopefully we'll see a sequal to this game at some point, one can only imagine how fresh a graffiti game would spin into play with a Wii controller!


It may be a little too much for you to handle...

...but this is classic west coast underground. Close your mouth and open your mind!


The League of Extraordinary Dancers.

The "first ever online dance adventure" series has begun, and airs every Wednesday on Hulu! Created by visionary film producer/director John M. Chu, this series follows a gaggle of dancers with special abilities, a la "Heroes" meets "You Got Served". While the writing, acting, and plot leave much to be desired, one can't deny that the dance moves are pretty amazing! Enjoy weekly HERE.


This new single is a neat follow-up to the classic unreleased Goldyn Chyld album. Looks like RasKass has gotten a little tighter when it comes to picking beats over the years, but we'd still love nothing more than to hear him over a good old Vooodu track once more, circa the "Soul On Ice" era.


If you know what's good for you, you will download this right away:


This certified funky collection of work from one of NYC's most talented yet lesser known songwriter/producers is guaranteed to keep you happy this weekend. We will see you on Monday with a smile on your face!


Guess who's back?!

The return of Futurama garnered over 2.9 million viewers, making it the most-watched season premiere ever for an animated show on cable, sans "South Park." Forget about Seth McFarlane's multitude of shock value slapstick shows for a moment (repetitive, much?) and step back into intelligent and in-depth cartoon humor Thursday nights on Comedy Central.


Evolved lyrics and updated production hopefully means a big welcome back for the "straight up menace" from Compton. Perhaps the beef will be put to bed, and we'll finally see an Eiht/Quik collaboration in the near future.


Wu Tang fanatics will cream in their jeans by the conclusion of this post.

Coming soon from Rza and the Wu - check the behind-the-scenes footage below:


Not sure how to react to this one. A guy that was caught saying some borderline- to all-the-way-racist shit making a song named after one of Black America's most beautiful women (and groping her in Toontown form, no less)?

White rappers are WAY too comfortable these days.


Make it stop!

If you have any ounce of rhythm in your soul, then watching this video probably makes you want to break your own kneecaps then push yourself down the stairs.


Meet the extremely talented and different Wayne Beckford.

This superb artist out of France has thrown a new school twist on the sounds of classic jazz and Motown soul with his debut album, "Alpha Omega". As you can see in the video for his breakout single "Dynamite", Wayne is an energetic entertainer, and is definitely on a course to push the boundaries of music beyond the norm. With an album released overseas in April, and hitting the US by the end of summer, expect to hear more from Wayne.

Check out more Wayne Beckford HERE.

Here's a little something for you to take home from this post - Wayne Beckford's "Come On Over" featuring China Moses (daughter of the legendary Dee Dee Bridgewater).


Princess Diana? Is that you?
While the rest of the country spent the weekend raising the American flag, it seems that DC Comics spent it erasing the flag -- from Wonder Woman's dated costume. Finally, Diana Prince has ditched the "Star-Spangled Stripper" look for an updated and far more action-ready outfit. Comic fanboys seem disgusted with this change (nerds don't get to see much skin) and the new back-story that comes with it; but, in all honesty, Tyra couldn't have forged a better makeover. You have to admit, it's pretty strange that an Amazonian princess chose to fight crime in an AMERICAN flag. You try that in Arizona and they'll deport your ass, Diana!

Just for laughs, peep the old Wonder Woman live-action show opening:

Ah, yes... those weren't the days! Any character and creative evolution beyond THIS horrific display should be welcomed openly!


How can you not love an MC that will dress like this in public... and MEAN IT?

Unarguably one of the first and most "different" rappers in hip hop, Kool Keith has blazed trail-ways since the 1980's that have been imitated (and in some cases stolen) by an array of iconic figures in urban music. From alter egos to Zorro masks, and abstract rhymes to synth-laden beats, Keith Matthew Thornton originated countless styles that gain popularity to this day, and still has yet to receive due credit across popular markets.

Pay homage to one of hip hop's tightest innovators, and learn more about Kool Keith HERE.


Only REAL blue-blooded AMERICANS allowed!!!

Happy 4th, everyone - kill a bird and a cow, throw them in flames, and eat them to celebrate our country's independence! USA! USA! USA! USA!!!


Every 1980's-bred geek's dream of a lifetime just came true. The Parker Brothers team (the same guys that brought nerds the Batpod replica) have extended themselves a step further to create WORKING replicas of the all-new Tron light-cycles for sale on Ebay. That's right, you can be the envy of all your Chess Club buddies when you hit the avenue on one of 5 custom-made light-cycles, starting at $35,000 on Ebay!

...Just kidding; the Ebay auction ended yesterday, and there are 5 proud owners of a Tron bike somewhere in the world. Don't be mad, you didn't have enough money anyway.


Still think the Boi "needs" Dre3K?


Some may discredit today's youth for their seemingly simplistic and unimaginative approach to dance, but those people may not be looking deeply enough into the foundation, movements, and culture that make up these new school dance crazes. Today we're highlighting several lesser-known regional dance cultures that have gained popularity over the last few years. Appreciate all forms of creative evolution!

"Turfin" is the physical companion to the well-publicized Hyphy movement in Northern California's Bay Area.

"Jerkin" is a Southern Californian dance style that has garnered media attention both nationally and globally.

"Jukin'" is a high-powered midwestern dance style, originated in Chicago's 1980's ghetto house music scene; meanwhile, it's fast-paced counterpart, "The Jit," is carved from Detroit's techno house culture.

"Shufflin'" or "The Melbourne Shuffle" is a dance style originating from Australia's 1980's club scene, but as of late, has become increasingly popular in the southwestern regions of the United States, as well as across Europe.

"Waacking" (or "Punkin", or "Garbo") was developed on the West Coast in the 1970's, but has recently found home with new millennium house dancers around the world. Dominant in the Black and Latino gay communities over the past couple of decades, Waacking has now crossed sexual and racial borders to encompass people of all flavors.


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