Having followed the inception, release, and development of the technological phenomenon known as the "tablet" so intently, the all-new Acer Iconia is a thing of pure beauty. Now available on pre-sale for a mid to late April release; the dual-screen, touch-operated tablet device has already breached the future of tablet-to-laptop hybrids while iPad is still bickering with the competition over first gen tab domination.

For the true geeks: This awesome Windows7 Premium loaded tablet will feature an Intel i5 processor along with 4GB of memory, a 640GB SATA hard drive, and a 1.3 megapixel HD webcam. The device will support USB 3.0 and offer two USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, and an Ethernet port as well. The Iconia weighs 6.18 pounds, and will respond to two handed touch on it's bottom panel by switching to an on-screen touch keyboard.With 14-inch screens and a $1,199 price tag, this tablet is obviously slated for competition with the big boys of the laptop world, and not just the tablet market.


Let's travel the world with great film, awesome music, and some of the most choice destinations ever.

Welcome back! Ready to go again?


If you go back through the archives of this blog, you'll discover that we've probably got more Super Mario Brothers related content than any other video game in history. Well, here's another post to add to the collection...

This fake film trailer premiered at SxSW 2011, and even though it's a total sham, seemed to excite more viewers in the audience than any film that's actually been released for real in the past couple of years. With good reason, too -- this one looks like it would actually be a hit.

If you're too young to know what "Super Mario Brothers" is (come on, really?), then here's one just for you...


While we're still not at all comfortable with the fact that Rick Ross is a former corrections cop rapping about how many drugs he's sold, it can't be denied that this is an immense song.


Bboy Cloud does it again...

Wow. Just WOW.


One of the most tragically amazing bands ever in history has returned with a superb new single to make you shake your funky hipster ass. Put your dancing chaps on and take a listen!


The homie Stringz from Hardcore Detroit breaking crew put us up on Jit waaaaay back in the day, flexing that style at battles and jams throughout the midwest. Now it seems that the founding forefathers of the Jit, as it exists in Detroit's gritty dance underground, are finally getting a taste of the fame they deserve for pioneering yet another regionally specific dance form. Catch the entire documentary when you get a chance!


This kid's been teetering on the edge of being major ever since he popped up in those (blue jean?) commercials with Jermaine Dupri. He's released a lot of material -- some great, some mediocre; but, for the most part, he's a pretty good rapper.


There's really not much that can be said about this all new release from White Mic of the Bay Area's legendary rap crew, Bored Stiff. If you've been up on that real West Coast underground music since the early 90's you may already know the crew name; however, you might not have known that the crew is still active both independently and as a group. This full-length release from White Mic will dispel any pre-conceived notions about OG crews being able to keep it relevant, as this is one of the freshest and most up to date albums that has dropped from the bay area underground in a while. Featuring a revolving-door lineup of guest talents, and riotously bangin beat production, the album is a certified heater from front to back, easily earning it the UNFAMOUS seal of approval.

This is underground hip hop at it's finest! Follow the link and SUPPORT.


Unfamous Friday is here!

Here's a synthy-soul-slumper from bay area underground comrades Matt Gamin and Seven Davis, coming together as Champagne4Caesar. At the beginning of the track, you may feel a little bit apprehensive; but once it gets going and Seven lets those vocals go, every little lady within a mile radius will feel it.


On very rare occasions do you come across a short film that pulls so deeply at your emotions, it affects you physically. Ted Chung has created such a piece with "A Thousand Words"; a screener that virtually anyone with a heart should be able to connect with. Many of us fall in love every single day; sometimes feeling a genuine connection to the most random people we see, never to pursue the array of possibilities offered in these situations. Chung offers a dream sequence specifically for these lovers, softly suspenseful and open-ended for interpretation.

See more from Ted Chung HERE.


It's undeniable... This is pretty effin smooth.



It sucks to see artists that pioneered a popular style fade away completely unnoticed. Sadly, this duo dropped a little ahead of the mainstream's electro-club-pop curve, and after several fresh releases, completely fell off. Both members are currently separately working on new projects, if you can find their 2007-2009 project as Jupiter Rising, get it.


Mango vs Tim the Pit.

We've decided to rename the regular "BBOY" column "BREAK." Bboy is a word that East Coast dancers used in the 70's and 80's to describe Boogie Boys from the Bronx -- Being that we're a primarily West Coast rooted network, that just doesn't fit.


El Guincho in a pincho.


Here's a little something from Santa Fe's Kool DJ Ride, that practically anyone can get into. It's got a bit of soul, a touch of jazz, a little breaks, and a smidgen of funk all rolled into a dynamic 45-minute long mix. This mix stays up-tempo and fun, while maintaining a smooth, "Sunday afternoon at the beach"-type of vibe -- so, it may do you some good to download this one and throw it on as your weekend winds down.


Daim One, a pioneer and master of the 3D piecing style, rocks a mural so ill that you'll almost cry at the end of the clip. Check out a brief interview with Daim below...


Goin' way back (to a couple of years ago)...

Eff your two-step. We do the whirlwind.

If, for some strange reason, you never heard the breath-taking Metronomy remix of this stupendous song, we're about to blow your mind:


It's been a while since we wowed you with some serious bboying. Check out a couple of our favorite crews in Asia going head to head!


The collaborations that we've seen from these three have been immense, and leaves us wondering if we're witnessing the inception of the new (and definitely improved) Westside Connection. Either way, this latest cooperative effort from WC's "Revenge of the Barracuda" featuring Ice Cube and Young Maylay seems to be just as choice as the rest.


Anacron offers a pair of brand-new exclusives as his third release of 2011, serving up an even mix of dance-floor appeal and headset depth.

The club banger production and lyrical acrobatics of “This Is Me” weave together nicely, displaying a ‘best of both worlds’-style mash up of content for the most hype club-goer, or the most critical rap purist. Meanwhile, “Proverbial Slap” explores the eclectic sound that Anacron is known for; blending electronic production, live instrumentation, and impressive turntablism into two movements, creating an overwhelming hip hop experience.

Once again proving his merit as a songwriter and producer, Anacron flexes the best aspects of his creativity all over this single, adding two more soon-to-be classics to the unwritten history of the new-school hip hop renaissance.

Check out the songs below, and find them on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, or Spotify to add to your playlist!


If you aren't already knowing, NYC's Darwin Deez has that steez that you needs. Check him out HERE.



We give it up for the newcomers, too! Check out the resident NYC Gallery affiliate and film-maker Zu testing his mettle on the wheels of steel. The brother may be working his way up to a position on the Gallery DeeJays staff...

Follow the link and drop some words of constructive criticism and encouragement; there's no better way to get better than through intelligent input, and DJ Zu is open to suggestions.


We're making UNFAMOUS FRIDAY an all-day affair from now on... Not one, but TWO posts featuring music from lesser-known artists that you may want to familiarize yourself with. Today's playlist comes from one of the Peanut Gallery's ORIGINAL (read: since 1993) members - producer, DJ, vegan chef, and toy designer, Shiro Fujioka.

Dig on what you hear? Sign into Soundcloud and leave a comment on the track to let the artist know you're listening!


These funky White boys got a pretty slammin' groove going on with this one! Check out their new album "Let's Move In Together" in the embedded player below, and please support and purchase if you enjoy what you hear.


This early 1980's promotional trailer for Apple computers does nothing more than confirm the company's outright gayness. Think about it; their logo is a rainbow flag, their spokesperson is a fruit, and their original theme song is a painfully sassy interlopation of Irene Cara's "What A Feeling", from the movie Flashdance?

Things that make you go "hmmmmm."


This track is hype as hell! Would have liked to see more from Busta on it though -- people really overlook the fact that he's one of the BEST rappers alive. Check his discography and really dissect his lyrical content and expertise in delivery, it's the truth.


An interesting exploration of the influences behind Tarantino's epic Kill Bill series, although some of it may possibly be chalked up to mere coincidence. What do you think?


Swizzy love the kids! Swizz Beatz and his young'uns dropped some heat at the re-vamped Electric Company children's series on PBS. It's showtime!



This new breed of gangbangers is on some high-powered shit for real!


Asian girls rock... Literally.


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