Today we present the first official visual from +Viktor Stone's largely celebrated debut +PNTGLLRYNTWRK release, "IBv2.5" +Wizdome's laid-back smoker's anthem, "Blunt Rides".

Crafted on +Viktor Stone's instrumental of the same name that originally appeared on "Interplanetary Beats Volume 2", +Wizdome weaves through casually introspective thoughts with easy to interpret and honest lyrics. This video perfectly links the "IBv2.5" release to the recently completed "Wizdome Winzdays" series, placing the PG stamp of approval on both projects as impressive standouts of the crew's immense second semester of 2012.

It's been an amazing year of new releases and new beginnings for one of hip hop's longest-lasting, most-productive, and most talented crews; 2013 will add yet another chapter to the never-ending saga of greatness that is the +PNTGLLRYNTWRK.


ATTENTION ALL DJ'S! Something special just for YOU.

An overdue resurgence of Anacron's classic DJ booth anthem, "Club Etiquette"; remixed & refixed by the world-famous Anthem Kingz!

This comes just in time for the weekend; download free, throw it in your crates, & let them know requests are for jukeboxes - the DJ's job is to BREAK records!


Some footage of original PNTGLLRYNTWRK member Shiro (aka VoltageCTRLR) as he sessioned freely with nature in the mountains over the last week. Audio meditation commences immediately!


Inline image 1

Just in time to hit your weekend playlist, Los Angeles hip hop enigma Anacron's exclusive "Schwing Remix EP" is now available, and you're invited to download and enjoy this single for FREE.

The single features a Who's Who (reference to Anacron's classic 2001 underground album intended) of America's current indie rap scene; boasting appearances by Oakland's Tajai of Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics, Chicago's Qwazaar of Typical Cats, Brooklyn's Illspokinn of Freestyle Mondays NYC, and St. Louis' Firewater Redstarr of Ridah Movement.

Stream / Share / Download MP3+HQ via Bandcamp at
Stream / Download MP3 via Google Play at


Today marks the closing chapter of our 2-month long WIZDOME WINZDAYS series, people! The day before you get your Thanksgiving grub on ..we're proud to present the eighth and final installment of the Wizdome Winzday series. This week features the Anacron produced track entitled "The End".

Along with a fierce delivery, Wizdome speaks on turning points in life as he alludes to the point that there is indeed an ending to everything. From ending the era of complacency to being man enough to know when you've lost. All in all a great coming of age song from Wizdome. Remember, check this track (along with other Wizdome tracks) out while they are free via (The Gallery's) Bandcamp page.


You have died and gone to heaven.

It's true; the best of L.A.'s live music (including Anacron), art, dancing, and dining, with 100 POUNDS of free bacon floating around like little greasy angels waiting to swoop down and pluck your stomach from the fiery depths of hunger.

$6 at the door; food and drinks inside.
Be sure to tell them you're there because Anacron told you so.

7pm Saturday, November 17th
The Factory
654 S Myers St. Los Angeles, CA 90023.

Live performances by
LUCY AND LA MER over 15 artists on display.
Also: Free bacon, all-bacon inspired dining menu, & drinks


The GALLERY family has been on a serious nature kick, lately. Aocoa's Autumn-themed album, "WAMU 63.5", Moon Reflecting's acoustic tribute to the sky "Sweet Clouds" with Aocoa's "Nimbus a la Nimbus" remix... Well, here's some seasonal Autumn farewell music from PNTGLLRYNTWRK members Anacron (Los Angeles), C-Truth (China), and DJ Sonny (Japan).




Continuing with the seventh week in the progression of dope 'ish. We present track seven in the Wizdome Winzday series. In an ode to De La Soul, Wizdome drops a new mixtape style single entitled "Breakadawn (Nite Owl Mix)". This is essential jam for starting your morning right and on point. Check out this track (along with others in the series) at bandcamp. And also be sure to check out Wizdome's session tonight via YouTube/Google+.


Two of the PNTGLLRYNTWRK's most esoteric affiliates conjoin musically with results that will deliver your conscious to the sky. Crafted from an acoustic original performed by Moon Reflecting of Conductors Of The Omnipresence, Aocoa has taken her audible blessings to even deeper places of the introspective mind. Download free and listen to this song when you're firing up a stick of incense, a bundle of sage, or something more potent -- it will enhance the effects of nature.

Stream and/or download the original acoustic version below...


Artists In The Plus & PNTGLLRYNTWRK team up to bring an awesome lineup of West Coast Hip Hop inspired artistry straight to your laptop, desktop, or handheld computer. Google+ live streaming performance series "Concerts In The Plus!" will feature Peanut Gallery Network members Viktor Stone, Wizdome, and Anacron; Saturday, November 10.

Hang out with us and watch the show for FREE, live on Google+ and/or YouTube. It all starts at 3PM PST / 6PM EST; Saturday November 10th! 

The On Air Event can be viewed LIVE via Artists In The Plus on Google+, or on YouTube at


A scheduling snafu on our end has you, the lucky listener being blessed with not one, but TWO uber-fresh, extra exclusive, brand-new WIZDOME songs! That's like a double-dosage of dopeness for your political posse's post-election party!

Hit the player below and dig into tracks 5 and 6 to stream and/or download the latest from The Wiz... Brief track descriptions to follow.

Tracks five and six on the Wizdome Winzdays playlist are nothing but nice to your speakers. An original track from the father-to-be lays down the perfect bedding for an introspective look at the world, the economy, and the struggle for perfection on "Mad Bills". Right on the heels of that banger comes "Balanced", a level-headed look at the natural desire for the scales of the universe to push toward the right direction.


PNTGLLRYNTWRK triple-O.G. Shiro (aka VoltageCTRLR) gets busy in the lab.
A lot of new school producers don't know about these REAL LIFE knobs and cords, ya'll.
Check out some of the sounds Shiro makes, just below Moon Reflecting's self-shot photo collage.



If you're not a sleeper, you've already discovered the latest 20-track instrumental voyage; helmed by 18-year-old beat maker and PNTGLLRYNETWORK family member, Viktor Stone.

"I’m really proud of this tape and how it turned out and i hope you can dig it as much as I do. Download this, Roll up some greenery & Elevate your mind to a higher level o
f consciousness. I’m broke and this is how i make my living so donations are accepted and highly appreciated. But if you broke like me get this shit free while supplies last." - Viktor Stone


In week 4 of the Wizdome Winzdays series. Wizdomes drops a self-produced track featuring Sunspot Jonz (of Living Legends) entitled "They Don't Know". The underground legendary styles of Sunspot Jonz combined with Wiz's "beat yo' ass delivery" pays homage to the ways of the old school B-Boy while being consistent in execution. "They Don't Know" is a definite listen to..and why not.. it's dope and free ...can't beat that ! :)


From Chicago, from the Peanut Gallery Network, and from GOD...

Chicago Peanut Gallery OG Jahn The Baptist brings Illuminati Congo to The Old Towne Pub in Pasadena for tonight's UNFAMOUS; performing alongside Anacron, Dylan Avery, and The Brownies.


Week number 3 of the Wizdome Winzdays series drops a serious head nodder; an original bom-bap, kick heavy track entitled "Maintain", produced by PNTGLLRYNTWRK's very own Viktor Stone.

Introducing "Viktor Dome" - hahaha.

"Ain't got time for silly games ... Seriously." Wizdome goes on assault mode, confronting the current state of Hip Hop on the latest Wizdome Winzdays swinger. 


Anacron's "Rich Girls" UNFAMOUS Remix Contest closes with a bang, and after tumultuous bumps, the winners have been chosen! After several days of deliberation, the contest judges (Tiffology, DJ Audio 1, Ryan Monk, Moonsatellite, and the PNTGLLRYNTWRK's own JusChris) have selected the following pieces as the outstanding best of just under 20 entries.

Anacron - Rich Girls (MAW Remix) by MAW. 18-year old Australian DJ/producer Matt Watkins can be found doing his thing on the decks at various clubs around Melbourne, when he's not making smooth, futuristic tracks like this. Follow and hear many more of his tunes HERE.

Anacron - Rich Girls (n8 the gr8-remix) by n8thegr8cuf. West coast underground veteran producer and lyricist N8 The Gr8 has been rocking for years as a member of the legendary bay-area outfit The CUF, and has recently moved into producing and releasing artists from his stable, N-Crowd. Check out more of his latest masterpieces HERE

Anacron-Rich Girls (Siggatunez RMX) by siggatunez|siggi tunezia. German producer Siggi Tunezia has released numerous house tracks via European label Houseworx, despite a deep history rooted in hip hop. Many of his heavily infectious beats can be heard HERE.

*Here's a special bonus just for the lovers of that PNTGLLRYNTWRK sound...

Anacron - Rich Girls (Wizdome Remix) by Wizdome. Although it was not one of the selected winners, we must include this remix entry by Wizdome, PNTGLLRYNTWRK's newest West Coast MC/producer family member. Wiz has been building a buzz with his latest single and video release, "Livin' For The Weekend," and a weekly music series, "Wizdome Winzdays". Hear more Wizdome HERE.

Be sure to check out the contest collaborators in the coming days for more favorites that didn't make the final cut, and upcoming interviews/content from contest winners: 


Week number 2 of the Wizdome Winzdays series drops in just in time for Wiz's wedding anniversary, premiering an Eyelim-produced burner that goes deep on connections.

The PNTGLLRYNTWRK presents Wizdome Winzdays, a weekly series of smashing exclusive selections by Los Angeles based rapper/producer Wizdome. Every Wednesday for two months, Wizdome delivers a brand new tune, gradually inviting dedicated listeners into the life, experience, and perspective that's made him who he is.


A treat built on world beat.

This cross-global collaboration features regional underground greats Anacron (U.S.A.), Monkey King (Japan/London), Mr. Project (Kenya), and Scilla (Switzerland) delivering often avoided opinions about poverty, politics, and activism in their native tongues on top of musical production by Paulo Henrique (Brazil).

This track comes about as the result of, and makes way for, a giant end-of-the-year hip hop festival in Africa, which will feature artists like Cassidy, Mr. Project, Anacron, and many more. Download free via Bandcamp or Google Play, and/or share via Soundcloud.


Earlier this week, Anacron opened the Peanut Gallery vaults and let loose this classic blast from the past -- His debut single, "Out There" / "Interstellar Phenomenon". This joint goes all the way back to the hey day of the PNTGLLRYNTWRK, when the crew was just a group of young rappers, graffiti writers, breakdancers, and DJ's running the Los Angeles underground like energetic and innovative little hamsters. Pick it up today via Anacron's BANDCAMP, or with Android-enabled devices from GOOGLE PLAY.


The PNTGLLRYNTWRK presents Wizdome Winzdays, a weekly series of smashing exclusive selections by Los Angeles based rapper/producer Wizdome. Every Wednesday for two months, Wizdome delivers a brand new tune, gradually inviting dedicated listeners into the life, experience, and perspective that's made him who he is.

This week, Wizdome pays respect to West Coast foundation crew, Hieroglyphics, on this amped-up introduction to the Wizdome Winzdays weekly music series.

Check back here every Wednesday through December for an all-new free download as part of the Wizdome Winzday series.


Download this track and more via Bandcamp and Google Play at

Aocoa's galactic audio trip finds a suitable visual companion in this psychedelic vignette directed and animated by nHEARTm. With images sending subliminal messages as mysterious as it's director, this music video features moves casually with characters unknown through worlds unseen. Experimental in it's own right, the music video embodies the purely incognito feel of Aocoa's "WAMU 63.5", giving new life in undiscovered mental dimensions through the soothing sounds of electronic and organic instrumentation. Simply put: Recreational medication suggested.

Music video conceived, directed, and animated by nHEARTm

Produced by Aocoa for PNTGLLRYNTWRK
Additional instrumentation and programming by Anacron
Executive produced by Anacron and jusChris for PNTGLLRYNTWRK



New PNTGLLRYNTWRK heat from the budding young California City wordsmith. On this track, Thusfar spits rapid-fire wordplay that embodies his struggle to grow as an artist, and defining the hustle that the PNTGLLRYNTWRK has perfected over decades.


An impressive new song and visually expansive video from the N-Crowd's songbird, Maryann. Produced by underground vet and CUF beatsmith N8 The Gr8, this tune is a smooth and laid-back treat for a chill Sunday afternoon.

Check out Maryann's amazing brand new full-length album HERE.


Wizdome - "Livin' For The Weekend" ft. Drew Anthuny of Tailored For Success Club

Following an already established pattern of unique hip hop that could be potentially labeled "New School Golden Era"; the PNTGLLRYNTWRK family presents a single & video from one of it's newest inductees, Wizdome. The L.A. native's self-produced track, "Livin' For The Weekend", eerily conjures the mid-90's G-funk sound with heavy bass, wailing synths, and sharp hand-claps, perfectly crafted to accommodate a two-step in the most crowded backyard boogie. As one-half of the underground rap/soul duo Tailored For Success Club, Wizdome politely introduces his crooning partner-in-crime Drew Anthuny, who peppers the tune with a soulful West Coast sing-along hook.

This track will be available for free download on Thursday, September 20, via Bandcamp at or Google Play at


A moment of props for the Desert homie Pimpin Quinn, straight out of Coachella / Palm Springs. You may have heard him first on one of Anacron's side projects; check out his latest working mission with a couple more MC's on the come up!


Eclectic underground musician Anacron issues an open call to all producers to reinvent his latest single, “Rich Girls”, a stellar that’s been dubbed “a refreshingly removed cover; better than the original”. Whether established, up-and-coming, or simply a hobbyist; music makers of all styles are welcome to participate in the contest and invited to submit entries via Soundcloud contest Drop Box widgets at Artists are encouraged to re-work the tune in their own unique sound, style, and perspective, utilizing elements from the original recording coupled with their own personal library of tricks and tracks.

HOW TO ENTER:1. Download the project stems from
2. Work your production magic
3. Upload your submission via the DropBox at, using your Soundcloud account
4. Do a little dance, make a little love... Get down tonight

The contest launches Monday,
September 10, 2012; and submissions will be accepted through Wednesday, October 10, 2012. EVERY ENTRY WILL BE LISTENED TO, and finalists will be selected by a panel of 5 judges. Track plays may be taken into consideration in the event of an indecision, so participants are encouraged to share their entries with friends and followers. The contest concludes Friday, October 12, 2012, when prize winners will be announced by Anacron.

Three selected remix contest winners will receive the
“UNFAMOUS Artists’ Survival Kit”; a prize package containing the following items, essential for the survival of any underground and/or unknown musician:

- An official UNFAMOUS T-shirt, provided by Anacron’s UNFAMOUS Indie Arts showcase series
- A free digital copy of “Guerilla Rock”; an independent artist’s career guide written by iconic music manager, veteran agent, and visionary record industry executive, John Hartmann, provided by John Hartmann
- A free membership to John Hartmann’s Holodigm Music Academy online seminar series, provided by Holodigm Music Academy
- A feature share on, the internet’s new standard for discovering new music by new artists, provided by BandSoup
- A feature posting on, the official blog of the PNTGLLRYNTWRK urban arts conglomerate, provided by PNTGLLRYNTWRK
- One week’s worth of Monster Energy drinks, provided by Monster
- A pack of gum for your funky mouth, provided by the corner sto’!

For more information regarding this contest, prize packages, and entries, please visit or


It's not too late to RSVP for today's free Jordan presents: Flight Ambassadors event at Venice Beach, CA, featuring the all-new Jordan Superfly basketball shoe in action! Enjoy the sun and sounds with a DJ set by Anacron & live production sets from Viktor Stone & Cazal Organism of ZZYZZX. Beats, the beach, bikinis, b-ball, and brand-new J's, what more could you ask for?

Event is from 2-5pm at the Venice Beach basketball courts. RSVP for free admission you and a guest at, and if you got handles, come dressed to play!


Aocoa "WAMU 63.5" EP
Available for free download NOW.


Free download available courtesy of PNTGLLRYNTWRK on Bandcamp & Google Play.

After an almost 13-year hiatus, Aocoa returns to the independent music world with WAMU 63.5, an offering of some of his most evolved material to date. Referencing the Atomic Mass Unit of an element on the periodic table, the EP’s title is a double-edged description of both the radio frequency that resonates inside his mind, and an open-ended reveal of his true alias. Once again, Aocoa is joined by long time friend and fellow PNTGLLRYNTWRK member Anacron, who adds final touches to the EP’s tracks with an array of live instrumentation. The end result is nothing more than an eclectic mix of warm electronics, downtempo beats, and hazy jazz atmospheres -- simultaneously, nothing less than an assemblage of sounds, perfectly crafted to accompany the oncoming chill of the autumn season.

Aocoa is a Chicago-bred music aficionado that leaves no sound unheard when pillaging for audio pleasures, a quality that translates beautifully into his production technique. Born and raised in the city’s Old Town neighborhood, he developed an instant attachment to music when introduced to the piano at age 5, and since then has never felt a stronger connection. Aocoa’s first official release was 1999’s The AA Meeting, a PNTGLLRYNTWRK-helmed compilation project that he co-produced and composed with Anacron. After it’s release, he stepped away from the idea of producing records commit his time and efforts to studying, and gaining a better understanding of the technical and aesthetic intricacies of music. In 2007, he linked up with Arbit and Eskimo for a project called Black Sandwich; a one-time live electronic sound experiment before again retreating into his study of sound. Presently resurfacing with the WAMU 63.5 EP, Aocoa has returned with much to offer the music scene; and 2012 merely marks a new beginning.



New from Moon Reflecting, one half of the PNTGLLRYNTWRK's mountain-dwelling providers of that righteous esoteric funk, Conductors of the Om. (alongside Shiro aka VoltageCtlr) This one is a beautifully crafted acoustic journey; but if you desire something a little more synthetic, check out her latest electronic masterpiece below...


You'll probably want to keep this one in cue for the weekend.

Midwest producer Mulatto Patriot, who's worked with some of the biggest names in underground hip hop (including Ras Kass, Casual, Anacron, and Pugz Atomz) returns with the perfect summertime closer. This happy sunny day heater features Simeon of the legendary Chicago crew Primeridian, and a video that will make even the icy-hearted soul smile.

Press play and GRIN.


In his first official cover, L.A.’s underground Hip-Hop-meets-everything dynamo Anacron takes The Virgins breakout hit "Rich Girls" to new heights; re-working the producing, playing, and performing of the hit tune in a typically atypical fashion. Wrangling every live instrument and programming tool within reach, Anacron has splashed a funky glaze onto the already rocking composition, making it an eclectic yet danceable extension of the original that rolls completely into it's own genre-unspecific lane.


The official music video, filmed, directed, and edited by Anacron and styled by Eric Duran, stars actress Minni Jo Mazzola of NBC series "Parks and Recreation" and internet webisode "The Homes". The highly energetic clip is a playful romp between Anacron and an all-too-familiar "rich girl" stereotype, in which he questions her over-the-top princess persona. View, share, or embed the playful music video via Youtube or Vimeo.

Anacron's "Rich Girls" will see it's official release this Thursday via iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, and all the usual digital download outlets. The bouncy jam will be accompanied by a fashionably experimental hip hop track entitled "Schwing", and instrumental tracks for both tunes.

Lots more PNTGLLRYNTWRK goodness is on the way this season -- song and video releases from Lvxes, Aocoa, Wizdome, & Thusfar; as well as new EP's from Lvxes and Aocoa. Stay up with us for more...


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