The "Diss Track" lives! Kool Keith comes... well, kind of "hard" (in is own way, I guess) in this beef starter aimed at former comrade Jacky Jasper. Not quite sure exactly what started this beef, or if anyone remotely interested in real hip hop music will give a damn; but the track is funny nonetheless. Not in a "damn, he clowned this guy, what a roast" kind of way, more so in a "this is how Kool Keith raps all the time" sort of way.


It's been a while... Apologies; we've been on a trip to Brazil, courtesy of Soundcloud...


Still having yet to hit the radar, peep this newness from Los Angeles crew NuAi (pronounced "new eye").


Anacron invites all Los Angeles area dancers, hip hop heads, and lovers of good music to come out to his video shoot for his Fusicology compilation-featured single "This Is Me". The video will feature a "Step Up"-meets-underground rave type of vibe, featuring a line up of LA's best dacers. Presented in part by Unfamous, tastemaking social network Fusicology, Hollywood-based clothing company Local Celebrity, and Stolen Shot Films, the production will take place Saturday, April 9th at an undisclosed warehouse location in West LA. Check out Anacron's personal invite:

Rally up a few of your most energetic and outgoing friends, pack up a couple outfits, and come spend the day on the set of a music video this Saturday in sunny L.A! Hit up any of the links below for more information, or shoot us an email at Staff[AT]PeanutGalleryNetwork.com.


If you're still sleeping on Destruct the MC, it's about time to wake up. As a crew, blog, and movement that remains focused on unknown and unheard art that's worth knowing about, Destruct has been on our radar courtesy of crew homies Anacron and Himself for quite some time. Finally he hits the blog with his brand new offering, "Raise The Bar", a much needed and matter-of-fact critique of today's rap climate. Watch the cleanly produced video, then add the track to your own personal playlist to go HERE.


Turf Fienz Crew out of Oakland, randomly doing their thing on the corner... Poetry in motion!


Planet A gets all soulful and loopy on this new NorCal-flavored heater... Dude's flow has grown real fancy, and the evolution of the track is super -- the sax solo is killer!


Can we get a round of applause for Rhymefest's push for political office in Chicago? He completely slaughtered the 20th ward's current Alderman in this television debate. Also check out 'Fest's endorsement from the legend, Dr. Cornel West:


E40 is OG than a mothaf*cka, and still burns the mic tighter than the majority of these young spitters out here these days. Listen to these verses... Simply amazing!


You freeway speed racers will love this brand new Koenigsegg Agera R, which actually really resembles the Mach 5 from Speed Racer.

Debuting at the Geneva Motor Show in March, this Swedish Speed Racer-inspired rocket on wheels is capable of 375 km/h in standard mode, which can be increased when unlocked (sounds like a video game). With a seemingly futuristic advanced engine, transmission, suspension, chassis, interior, and overall design, this vehicle will literally shred the road when angered...

See more HERE.


Chez risquee jams from the newly buzzing Parenthetical Girls...


Here's your weekend listening assignment...

New music from a producer/artist called... well, The Weekend.
Enjoy that UNFAMOUS knock!


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