Friday, December 16, Anacron returns to the stage at Hollywood's legendary Dragonfly night club for a Pajama Holiday Party featuring several of L.A.'s best and brightest bands. Anacron will be accompanied by visiting PNTGLLRYNTWRK / BrickHeadZ Chicago member Shon Roka.

Sharing the stage with other L.A.-based buzz-worthy groups like Conquistador, Badwater, and Scarlet Ivy; Anacron's music will be a staple throughout the night, performing songs between each band's live set. Presented by local Los Angeles indie music promoter aficionado, Mike A Presents, this event is going to be an awesome interpretation of the true meaning of holiday spirit.



Mellow Man Ace (legendary hip hop artist of new-school rap crew, The Zzyzzx) discovered the Latino equivalent of 50 Tyson while roaming the streets if his old hood, South Gate, California. The self proclaimed ‘rapper’ calls himself Larry Loco.

This is pure (somewhat disturbing) COMEDY!


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True spit, courtesy of Amerigo Gazaway and Gummy Soul.


West L.A.'s quintessential dub-rap crew, King Fantastic, rocks a fabulous live set early this week at  the Sea-Thos / Sojourn charity show at the west side nightlife gem, Central. Blazing through their usual hits with a casual ferocity; King Fantastic rocked the crowd as usual, leaving a lasting impression on both fans and charity supporters in attendance. 

Killer Reese 1 of King Fantastic with Mr. Floss Angeles himself, Basik MC. The original Bleu Collar exhibited the best, as true west coast underground professionals tend to do.

King Fantastic producer, DJ Troublemaker, rattled the speakers with his signature dub-hop sound before shuffling the audience's feet with a great DJ set of dubstep remixes of every day club hits.

Peanut Gallery Network torch-bearer and UNFAMOUS champion, Anacron, steps in to make an energetic cameo on the fast-paced collaboration from King Fantastic's ground-shattering debut album. Check out the video for the song, "D Boy Stance" below...

View full photo set from this concert at Buzzine.


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