Respect (Cadet Concept) by Rotary Connection

If I suggested that this is the best gift you could give someone, I’d probably be alone on this thought; but, it is truly something I have personally appreciated, as much as it is somewhat classic or perhaps not considered rare today. I won’t bother to rewrite the history. You can easily wikipedia ROTARY CONNECTION. You could even ask your local music store and they might know what you’re talking about. They might also look at you all crazy but that’s okay. What I blog is subjective to what gives me a natural high. You might think this music sucks, but at least you know a little more about what music you don’t like or do like. I’ve been thinking a lot about Respect between friends and relationships. If you ain’t got respect for each other, you ain’t feelin’ the realness and you might want to boss up or down a little.

This style of music used to be too weird for most listeners who generally accepted blues, rock or pop more than psychedelic soul. But what a beautiful genre to venture into! Music starts to sound the same if changes aren’t made, right? It’s the nature of music evolution. I personally love the LPs and 45s of Rotary Connection even though there are other sounds that have become more desirable to me. If you haven’t already, get it on your ipods or download it. It is awesome. And next time you listen to your most favorite tune in the world, think about all the sounds in the universe that contributed to these magical creations. I even like their psych-soul Christmas songs but my all time favorite 45 is off the 1969 Songs Album: Respect. Another thing I’d like to point out is the covers of all these albums are quite nice art pieces, too. My ears celebrate this timeless music of Chicago Soul and hopes yours will, too. If I dropped Minnie Ripperton’s name, lots of heads would agree that most voices you hear on the radio don’t have that genuine quality of sound as they did back then. She was and is absolutely not auto-tune material. Back then, this music was not radio-friendly but now there are some tasteful radio stations that will dedicate time for psychedelic soul. So go out and enjoy the sun, the rain, the face slapping wind of Chicago City and blast some Rotary Connection on the internets wherever you are...



(click to download)

Peanut Gallery Network (L.A.) member, and Digable Planet's touring one-man-band, DJ JEDI hits hard with this collection of Digable's rare originals and sampled breaks. Click the link above to preview/download the mix; then, peep the tracklist posted below.

Check out live footage of the L.A. legend Jedi as he juggles "Peter Piper" by Run-DMC live:


01. Hamilton Bohannon - Thoughts & Wishes
02. Lonnie Liston Smith - Devika (Goddess)
03. Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness
04. The Ohio Players - Funky Worm
05. Eddie Harris - Superfluous
06. The Crusaders - Mystique Blues
07. Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
08. The Last Poets - Black Is - Chant
09. The Crusaders - Lilies of the Nile
10. Bobbi Humphrey - Blacks and Blues
11. Herbie Mann - Push Push
12. Edwin Starr - Easin' In
13. Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love (Love Song)
14. Tavares - Bad Times
15. Eddie Harris - Get On Up And Dance
16. KC & The Sunshine Band - Ain't Nothin' Wrong
17. The Crusaders - Listen And You'll See
18. Roy Ayers - We Live In Brooklyn, Baby
19. Digable Planets - May 4th Movement Intro
20. Motherlode - Soft Shell
21. The Meters - Here Comes the Meter Man
22. The Headhunters - God Made Me Funky
23. Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Blow Your Head
24. James Brown - Soul Pride (pt. 2)
25. Roy Ayers - Ebony Blaze
26. Shuggie Otis - Island Letter
27. Skull Snaps - It's A New Day
28. Bob James - Blue Lick
29. Bobbi Humphrey - Jasper Country Man
30. Herbie Hancock - Rain Dance
31. Sonny Rollins - Mambo Bounce
32. Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers - Stretchin'

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The Gallery Network archives have opened once again, to release these two MAJOR blasts from the past:

Anacron - "Out There" (1994)
Produced by Anacron and Inrpol
Written and performed by Anacron for Manoemusicc

3 Melancholy Gypsies - "Sunsprayed" (1994)
Produced by Eligh for Caravan
Written and performed by Murs, Eligh, Scarub



At The Hotel (Eunice Collins)

MA-601 Eunice Collins "At The Hotel/Pt. 2" 1974

At the hotel, gettin’ mo tail

Treatin’ me like (what’s your hurry babe) I’m for sale…

No matter how mint they come. It cracks. It pops.. This is true beauty on the blue label MOD-ART.

I’d like to create a “moaner file” and house this one on the top shelf. This was the first 45 I ever had in my collection that is rare and sought for. I paid nothing for it and gave poor attention after hearing a 17 second needle drop off the instrumental side. My copy also had black sharpie wol (writing on label) and it really annoyed me even though it didn’t affect play at all. It was in mint condition had it not been for the label-ffitti. I would pay $650 for this if I were a baller, but I’m non-profit. Instead I sold my personal copy in December 2008 to pay for bills and travel expenses.

This is Chicago Soul, IL.

A clip of the vocals is on youtube.

A clip of the Pt. 2 (instrumentals) is attached from start to end:



"Boom, Boom" by Peanut Gallery Network artist Anacron, and Milwaukee-based producer Old Man Malcolm of the now-defunct pop/rock group Citizen King; as heard on the 2009 season 6 trailer for ENTOURAGE, now airing regularly on HBO. "Boom, Boom" is the third song to be taken from a previously untitled EP of material by Anacron and Old Man Malcolm, licensed by Outburst Collective music house as incidental music for various television and cinematic product usage.

Download Anacron and Old Man Malcolm's track, "Boom, Boom" for free from Last FM HERE, and visit for more material from Anacron.


So I got into a car accident last weekend. Like a real deal, thank God I’m alive and walked away kind of wreck. Well, in the not so fun aftermath of the crash, I was left with two horrible shiners. My eyes were swollen shut and I could not been seen in public looking that way. Not me. Soooooo…in my never-ending quest for fashionable solutions, I took this opportunity to explore new shades. What would work for me? Now, you don’t need to get into a late night wreck to consider this question for yourself: It’s summertime in the city, what locs are YOU gonna pick?

Visit my favorite Chicago destinations --not only will they have a variety of styles, colors, and lenses, but the staff will get you right:

1142 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Get the look you need at a price you likey.

3350 N. Lincoln

This unique spec boutique even offers prescription sunglasses for the hardcore frame junkies like me.

For shopping online, you cannot beat Nordstrom’s Sunglass Shop. You can shop by face shape, style, price, brand…and if you still can’t find what you want for the price you desire, just use it as a fashion resource and find that look at a low-budget spot. Who wants to lose (or sit on) a $250 pair of shades? If you DO want to ball out, go the Chrome Hearts route. They give you luxury, making delicate use of wood, metal and fine details that definitely show you dropped a grip on em.




Wonder-kid selector dj.AnaRoxSicc, Chicago's legendary DJ Jesse De La Pena, bi-coastal renaissance performer Anacron, and the one and only Slick Rick The Ruler christened The Shrine in the most loveliest of ways at this grand opening event on Thursday, June 7, 2009...Check the footage compiled and edited by

Open 6 nights a week with Chicago's best DJ's, musicians, and dancers on deck. Live performances from Julie Dexter, Grand Pubah, U-God of Wu Tang Klan, Rakim and so much more to come at The Shrine. Visit the website and join the mailing list HERE.


R&B Flashback WNUR Radio 89.3FM
1:30pm-3pm CST Sunday 5.31.09 Playlist
(Download HERE)

Summer Madness [Kool & The Gang]
Ice Cream Song [The Dynamics]
Brain Storm [Sweet Geraldine]
Take My Love [12” Melba Moore]
Don’t I Ever Cross Your Mind [12” Barbara Mason Radio Edit]
I Wanna Be Loved By You [Family of Eve]
Don’t Take My Shadow [Kings Go Forth]
The Drifter [Ray Pollard]
Can’t Get Enough Of You [Tyrone Edwards]
Gimme Little Sign [Brenton Wood]
The Easiest Way To Fall [Freda Payne]
We’ve Been In Love Too Long [El Anthony]
It Hurts So Good [Katie Love And The Four Shades of Black]
Make Love To Me (Babe) [Sweet Geraldine]
Good Times [Heardrums - Maker]
You Don’t Have To Worry [Doris and Kelly]
Nobody Knows [The Goldenaires]
(I Keep Singing) La La Ooh [The Lovations]
What I Want [The Precisions]
Underground [Secret Squirrel]
So Called Friends [J.J.Barnes]
An Earthquakes Coming (If You Don’t Straighten Up) [Black Velvet]
You Bring Out The Best In Me [Natural Four]
Sugar Daddy [The Jackson 5]
Still True To You [Gwen Owens]
Don’t Be Surprised [Lynn Williams]

9.9.2003. The passing of my best friend is when 45s became an actual personal collection. I left home and hand carried these discs of wax to another home, Chicago IL. I don’t have one home but multiple habitats. This is how I roll. Ever since I can remember…I enjoy all kinds of music and 2003 isn’t when I first owned any of it. I never really own any of these items in terms of rights and I try not to sweat it. Records are an expensive addiction. But there’s nothing better than hearing the OG. You’d be surprised how many people can easily flip out on 45s. I, myself, have to keep from letting it own me often. Money turns you green eyed when you hear about a 7” record that can be worth 100 grand. Popsike it. Manship it. The politics is too crazy to even touch upon. If there’s any advice I can give: Secret Squirrel it and enjoy it while you can. Feel enjoy. My gift and weakness is sharing but this is what I do. I had a beige and white Fisher Price player, which I have given to Laura Park (Best Illustrator). One of many friends I’ve met in Chicago that have helped shaped and changed my collection of music. The initial 45 collection consisted of Frosty the Snowman, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Gremlins, and Mickey Mouse Storybooks back when I was a kid. I still have these, perhaps for the memories but they can also work out for sampling purposes. After all, The Mickey Mouse Club has breaks!

Alas, any progress in time changes everything for me. I found this 2 Cassette House Mix set by Julian “Jumpin” Perez the other day and recalled back when the hardship was to sell original cassette tapes. 1987. I was only 7. I was nowhere near Chicago at this time but I recognized a lot of these tracks and that meant something to me. Being a graphic designer originally, I am reminded that it’s hard to sell a decent hardcopy of a CD. The same applies with books. I remember when I used to sell books on the internet. I made a decent living doing that. Nowadays the general population doesn’t want to own books. They can read everything online. Materials have turned digital and downloadable from the web. And damn, this is my second blog! If it’s this easy to create history, you could say that it is also easy to delete it, no? On the other hand, some things are still worth a lot to some people. I still love to see hand painted signs, homemade books, and antique vinyl. The gap between poor and rich is still there, isn’t it? We still have global warming and challenges in life. War still exists. Now there’s even Water Wars, too. This isn’t paradise and there’s so much music to make, change and to listen to. People need hope and dreams. I need motivation and music has always been predominant. People need a new sick tracks to make love to when all the songs sound the same. MPC’s and grooveboxes are still fun for me to play with even with the advancements of Serato and Traktor. Nothing stops here. We still have new and old music to look forward to and remix. There are so many recordings throughout the history of music and it is about finding real things out of the piles of clones we have covered them with.



CLEANSLEEVES by DJ.ANAROXSICC (click to download)

An eclectic mix of soul, hip hop, eighties, and dance music; a thoughtful dancefloor soundtrack. Click the mix title to download an extremely eclectic mix of genres and styles by The Out Crowd's own, dj.AnaRoxSicc the L.A. Dodger. Twisting from soul to rare grooves and dancefloor bangers to hot hits, this mix is a please-all that could pander to even the most frigid listener.

Visit dj.AnaRoxSicc and preview more mixes HERE.
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Kansas City's own Black Walt (Ilimaf Entertainment) returns with a fresh single and video, "Drama."

This all-new heater comes from Anacron's real-life cousin, Black Walt; a producer and MC that has been an integral part of Kansas City's hip hop scene over the past decade. Black Walt has worked alongside some the hip hop music industry's most known, hammering out regional hits on his ILIMAF Entertainment imprint. "Drama" appears on the new Black Walt album, "Exclusive."

Visit Black Walt and Ilimaf Entertainment HERE.


“I’m Say’en Dough…”
D-Ferg Ink Production

The other night I went out to listen to AnaRoxSicc, Intel, and MTM do they thang-thang on the decks at Lava. The night was poppin’ off lovely, the crowd was going bananas, and I was in the middle of the floor singing the lyrics to the heat being played like I’m in the music video. I was drunk. After a "who remembers good rap music"-discussion circle outside the club, I stumbled down Milwaukee looking for something to eat (yes; I was heading to Flash Taco, don’t judge me), and ran into the homie Fran G. sipping on a bottle of brandy out in front of the Flat Iron building. I now had whiskey and brandy flowing through me. I was out there fucking with folks (it’s cool, I knew most of them and I got it like that) and this dude rolls up on me hocking his new CD, so I decided to pick one up. I’m always down to support local or underground artists, and it looked like he put some thought into it, so figured why not?

First off, I’ve gots to give this guy props for being industrious. There’s an ad for D-Ferg Ink Productions arts, graphics, music, and apparel. The apparel part might explain the apparent fashion photo shoot of him looking fly on the mic, looking fly on stage, looking fly with a wad of money in his hand, looking fly while looking meaningfully off into the distance, looking fly while… you get it, right? However, none of said apparel is showcased (unless he makes suits… then never mind).

Second off, this album is a complete lie. D-FERG is not fly, sorry. From the PhotoShop’ed cover art that rips off Daz’s slept on gem Retaliation, Revenge and Get Bacc [hyperlinked by blog editor because everyone should own this classic album], to the horrible, horrible singing and rapping that he tortures listeners with . Fergie here considers himself a ladies man, but on every skit, the female parts are read by some guy. I'm assuming this is possibly him, trying his best to sound like a girl, but sounding like one who hasn’t had the full surgery yet.

This seems to be some kind of concept album. I didn’t get it at first, but then I realized that every skit ended with someone saying “I’m Say’en Dough…” just like that (with the ellipsis), and that was the link for the album’s story arc (he’s a thinker). The production work on the album has promise. It has a little ways to go before being fully realized, but I think it’ll get there. The intro is nice, and I have to admit the beat for “Mommy Say She Wanna Rock It” makes me nod my head. This is for you D-Ferg, I want my $5 back… (with the ellipsis).



Early set at The Shrine
June 4, 2009

Asher Roth ft Slick Rick - Y.O.U.
Eastsidaz - Cool
Busta Rhymes - I'll Hurt You
Ahmad, Ras Kass, Saafir - Come Widdit
Grover Washington Jr - Loran's Dance
Roy Ayers - Feel Like Making Love
Mary J Blige ft Grand Puba - What's The 411?
The Fugees - Fu-Gee-La
Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away
PM Dawn ft Backstreet Boys - If You Stay
Stevie Wonder - Maybe Your Baby
The Meters - Handclapping Song
Curtis Mayfield - Tripping Out
Corey Gunz ft Ryan Leslie - Get Right Tonight
Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Will I Am - Straighten Up and Fly Right
Chi Ali - Age Aint Nuthin But A Number
Common - I Used To Love H.E.R. (Beatnick/K-Salaam RMX)
Kurious - I'm Kurious
Slum Village - Players
Little Dragon - No Love
Devin The Dude ft Raphael Saadiq - Just A Man
Al Green ft John Legend - Stay With Me
Janet ft Q-Tip - Got Til It's Gone
Dwele - Truth
A Tribe Called Quest- Bonita Applebum
RAMP - Daylight
Nas - Life's A Bitch
Lionel Richie - I Call It Love
Slum Village ft Dwele - Closer
Aaliyah - Rock The Boat
Carl Thomas - Summer Rain
Snoop Dogg ft Charlie Wilson - Perfect
Groove Theory - Tell Me
James - Remember Me
Johnny Guitar Watson - Superman Lover
Rick James - Mary Jane
Melvin Bliss - Synthetic Substitution
Average White Band - Love Your Life
Solomon Burke - Get Out Of My Life, Woman
The Commodores - High On Sunshine
De La Soul - Sunshine


Upcoming releases/projects to look for from Peanut Gallery Network members and affiliates:

  • THE GALLERY QUARTET - Internet only EP release by a 4-piece live soul/jazz band, performing material written and composed by Anacron.
  • JELLYBEANZ - group album featuring rhymes by BLvME, singing and instrumentation by Anacron, and production by Basic Chemistry of the Seas.
  • EVERYDAY BUBBLE - group album featuring Himself and Sunspot Jonz of Mystik Journeymen
  • THA MAHTTS - Internet only EP release by Southsyde Slymm aka Grastronaut, produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc Productions
  • UNSCENE, UNHERD - New full length album from Anacron, featuring production by J. Todd, Funkadesi and DS2, Basic Chemistry of the Seas, J. Ohm, Panthrow Nobody, and KV
  • ROLLIN' 90's - Full length 1990's themed mix by DJ Jedi and dj.AnaRoxSicc
  • PEANUTGALLERYNETWORK.COM - Website coming real soon!

Keep an eye to the sky and an ear to the ground...


Two brand-spanking-new Manoemusicc remixes hot off the presses! Download and add to your desktop playlist, portable players, car mix CD, etc. Click song title to listen/download...

"Audio Terrorist (Manoemusicc RMX)"
Written and performed by RasKass and Casual
Chorus written and performed by Anacron
Background vocals by Mulatto Patriot
Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc Productions
All instruments played by Anacron
Original version appears on the Mulatto Patriot CD LP, "Sonic Visuals"

"Cadillac Vinyl (Manoemusicc RMX)"
Written and performed by Czar Absolute, Mulatto Patriot, and Maggie Vagle
Bridge written and performed by Anacron
Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc Productions
All instruments played by Anacron
Original version appears on the Mulatto Patriot CD LP, "Sonic Visuals"

Check out "Sonic Visuals" at MPTRACKS.COM


The Gallery Network would like to welcome Dana Anderson into the business sect of our union, and introduce Concrete Runway to you as the next powerful force in fashion, music, and popular media. is a lifestyle blog (coming June 2009) targeting an 18-45 year old tech-savvy, cross-cultural demographic. The online resource taps into an international group of insiders--artists, DJ's, designers, socialites--people who have their finger on the pulse of what's bubbling beneath the surface, to bring readers the hottest in all things fashionable. Through commentary, interviews, images and more, delivers insight into the subcultures of a growing global network of influencers in fashion and beauty, entertainment, music and travel. Concrete Runway takes an experienial approach to marketing including exclusive fashion and culture driven networking events, multi-media fashion shows, music releases and promotional concert tours.

Dana will be co-managing several Peanut Gallery artists and projects, including L.A.'s dj.AnaRoxSicc and Chicago-based live band, Anacron and The Gallery Quartet. Contact Dana via MYSPACE, or by EMAIL.


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