Take a few minutes out of your day to laugh... Forget Carter.


Dap to AZ for being one of the few eastern MC's to still rock that golden-era NYC flow with the ability to keep us interested past the 8th bar of music. Extra points too, for not following the rest of the current East Coast majority in thinking that the only way to make a comeback is by dropping records that sound like they're from the South.

It's always nice to know that rap vets are vets for a reason!
Catch that new AZ heat HERE.


Artist Mark Sinckler has set off some serious debate with his new piece, "Age Of Shiva" -- a painting depicting the July 2005 terrorist attack of London's mass transit system. While the artist has clarified that his purpose was to spark discussion with the painting, he's come under fire from media and related victims for his creative interpretation of the event.

This brings into observance the burning question of censorship; do you think that this painting is truly ART, or should it be removed from display?


More heat from the only "Jay" you'll ever see on this blog!


Better late than never...

Katie From The 80's has assembled a bevy of beauties for you Sunday evening pleasure... Enjoy!


Despite the angry, calligraphy-laden fist logo posted above, this one is kinda-sorta for the ladies. So girls, read (and listen) on -- fellas, you can too; you'll dig it.

Put your mouse in the air and lick a shot for "The Decision 2010", a nicely crafted mix from Yung Bullet out of Shinagawa, Japan. Not much is known about the Nippon upstart DJ/production/remix team Yng Blt, but their latest hip-pop-mash-ragga mix is the perfect fit to keep a "J" lit on the way to the club. Stream above, or download in it's entirety to get rid of the annoying pauses between tracks.

Get YB Production's recent mash-mix of pop hit "Down" while you're at it...


Check out this beautiful short screener of the Red Bull BC One 2010 competitors as they explore their new battlegrounds in Japan. The same that you've always come to expect from the BC One video series -- beautiful cinematography, neat framing, and some super-ill, super-slow-mo action clips. Red Bull's popular bboy battle has touched various points of the globe, and this year's tournament takes place tomorrow in Tokyo, Japan. Check out last year's BC One event competition highlights below:

Learn and view more about Red Bull BC One HERE.


Distant Peanut Gallery fam Double-K aka Kaos rejoins his partner in crime Thes One for their newest party-starter, "Beer". Staying true to their classic golden era hip hop sound, People Under The Stairs demonstrates that backpackers can rock a crazy frat party just as well as anyone else.

If you're not familiar with the source of the spoof-tastic intro to this video, check the original below, and dig those dames!


Hey, how is it that the fifth element of hip hop is remembered, revered, and recognized by the every country except the one that created it?

If there's ever a beatboxing battle for complete world domination, America will come in last place.


A special treat for the hipsters that have no idea where MF Doom came from; this is classic hip-hop, rooted in the era when even the gangsters did the running man. Formerly known as Zev Love X in the East Coast based crew Kausing Much Damage (KMD), MF Doom hit the scene in 1991, long before the first appearance of the masked one. Check out one of Doom's first solo appearances below...

Rest In Peace to the dearly departed, Subroc!


The staff at Yo Gabba Gabba teach us a lesson in creativity and originality that many an artist could learn from these days...
Do your own thing and don't be a biter, folks. Trending is wack!


Like a virgin...

Prepare to get touched for the very first time by The Arbiters, a mash-up/smash-hop collective out of Los Angeles comprised of DJ/music supervisor Thomas Golubic´, music supervisor/producer Josh Marcy, and film score composer Dave Porter. It seems that the film/video music world has momentarily lost it's appeal for this triumvirate of sound jockeys, causing them to form like Voltron and dabble a bit in the forbidden art of mash-ups. Just like everything else that's forbidden, this merger has proven to be so satisfying, as plainly demonstrated in the track posted above. While avoiding the typical cacophonous melee that most mash-ups become, The Arbiters manage to create a pleasantly flowing work from pieces of various tracks... how about that, hey? Just like traditional hip hop music.

The bottom line is this: The Arbiters is something you want to check out. Besides all of that, any video clip featuring so much 80's goodness is a definite postable.

Download this production crew's all new EP totally free HERE.


Everyone wants to make a better Civic than Honda. Looks like Cadillac might be the ones to achieve this almost impossible task with this super-flossy luxury hatchback concept.

Unimaginatively dubbed the "Urban Luxury Concept," this four-seater is the ultimate rice rocket, customized off the line with factory butterfly doors... FACTORY BUTTERFLY DOORS! It looks like the American car market has taken a step in the right direction, realizing that the rest of the world is not enamored with the idea of cars that take up almost two spaces in an urban parallel parking sector. Sporting a hybrid propulsion system (read: hippie electric car), this whip could potentially offer 56/65mpg, which has to be like double the next-highest MPG for any Cadillac ever in history -- unless there's like, a Cadillac bicycle that we don't know about.


The Gorillaz may be a cartoon band, but they have real-life friends.

...that drive tiny submarines.


While you were sleeping, Katie From The 80's was compiling some sexiness to make your Sunday a little more sassy!



Had to do it.

I just want to see her battle DJ Mikecheck, a'la the movie JUICE.


Tonight is your chance to have a tryst that's worth the risk, and won't end with a morning of awkward interaction. Catch 20 of Los Angeles' next-to-be-famous artists at the One Night Stand music industry showcase, going down tonight only at the legendary Key Club's Plush Lounge on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Peanut Gallery members Anacron and DJ Jedi perform at this industry-invite, open-to-the-public event; but early arrival is suggested, as space is limited.

Please note; this is an age 18+ event, and admission is FREE with a full bar all night, so it WILL FILL UP EARLY. Music and product giveaways for all attendees, and a charity-beneficial raffle will span the course of the night with some pretty rockin' prizes.

Check out some of the performing artists on the player below:


If you would allow us to f**k your head up for just a moment...

...and they say Los Angeles isn't producing any music that pushes the envelope. This is music that not only pushes the envelope, but also runs it through a paper shredder -- ON FIRE. Download some of Nosaj Thing's coolest remixes HERE.


What gallery does this amazing work of art appear in? None other than the filth- and grime-ridden streets of London. Local artist Ben Wilson has taken it upon himself to beautify the sticky sidewalks of his foggy town, embarking on a mission to decorate each individual piece of discarded chewing gum with an original painting. While this work seems tedious and almost pointless (after being walked on for a month, these things will be invisible), one must respect and admire his truly artistic drive.


James Blake comes right with a pseudo-dubby cover of Feist's endless, longing, question of the heart's limits. Smooth vibe as we've come to expect from the White JB, with an equally floaty video.


This dog has officially made the idea of a domestic cat obsolete. Seriously, they better come out with a new and improved model of cat quickly, or there's going to be lots of mewling at the local pound!


Big up to the homie Marty James on his new single with Snoop Dogg!

If you're not already knowing about Marty, he's in the bay-area based group One Block Radius with Z-Man and the Peanut Gallery's own Mister Dope America (DJ MDA). Check out a recent One Block Radius knocker below, then follow up and gather up some OBR tracks for your collection!


Not much else can be said about this short film aside from the fact that it is amazing. Check out Maxime Luere's highlight reel below...


Time to face the facts: No other MC can rip 120+ bpm tracks quite like Baltimore's Labtekwon. Dude is super nice with the fast flow. Kudos to the dancers in this video as well; the B-More House scene has made some major steps not only in the House music movement, but also in the evolution of traditional hip hop expression. Support those that push the envelope!


Sadat X, original member of the legendary rap group Brand Nubian, builds on the rise of crack during the start of hip hop's golden era in New York City. This video is a snippet from a 6-part miniseries documentary presented by Arte Radio and Canon, melding the vision of filmmakers around the world into a collective guide of New York's hip hop culture.

...and we can't allow this post to fly without incorporating this footage of Grand Puba and Lord Jamar (the other 2/3rds of Brand Nubian) performing live, with Gallery member/founder Anacron on the mic and turntables:

Follow arte.tv's "New York Minute" documentary HERE.


These guys may be the next best thing to come out of Poland after their most familiar exports of transport machinery and tasty kielbasa (no homo). Prys and Bleiz's "Mamy Przepis," produced by Etena and featuring Jazzy on the hook, is by all means an awesome rap song. Good patterning and cadence can lend greatly to a rhyme scheme, as demonstrated by these two; you don't always have to understand what a rapper is saying to appreciate his flow.

...just look at the success of Soulja Boy and Wakka Flocka, the kings of unintelligible mush-mouthed rap. No one understands what the hell they're saying, and they're two of the top selling artists in the US right now!

Download this and other tracks free on Prys and Bleiz "Wroakland Mixtape" HERE.


More love, compiled by Katie from the 80's.



New from the Gallery's own DJ Jedi.
Preview at Jedi's podcast, HERE.


An impressive new clip from Aussie rhyme duo Bliss N Eso, featuring stop-motion graffiti animation by TMD crew's Askew One and Deus. Filmed over 6 days using 300 cans of paint and over 2,000 photo frames, this video is a pure testament to the fact that hard work gets results.


Yet another southern "dance" song. It's what the kids (and halfway brain dead 30 year olds) are into these days. Something about this video is kind of scary... It's like "28 Days Later" meets Souljah Boy... Ugh.


Two angles of a great battle between Thesis (KnuckleHeadzCali) and Roland (BattleBorn). We support creative breakdancing on this site, never repetitive or recycled bboying.


New music and video from NYC's underground superhero, Saigon. Although it is firmly believed over here that Saigon will never attain crossover status, we appreciate good songs and crisp videos like this.

Although, we must point out that Cocoa Brovaz aka Smif N Wessun flipped that Mario sample a bit better...

...and if you REALLY want to get gully, Greg Pattillo flipped it better than both!


Props to Taiwaan for their informative, yet weird (and somewhat terrifying) summary of the fiasco at NBC that sent Conan to his new home at TBS. Despite the drama, the week seems to be going well, as Conan's show and ratings are heating up quickly at it's new home on basic cable.

Support the little guy and watch Conan weeknights on TBS, 11pm e/p and 10pm c, and check out the first skit of his debut show on TBS below:


Something strange and new from the charismatic half of Mystik Journeymen, Sunspot Jones.


Here's a special dedication to you.

Die, you smug, trendy, mindless, sheep.


Anyone remember Cage, the original angst-ridden White boy rapper that whined about life and said outlandishly crazy and sometimes outright psychotic things merely for the shock value way before Eminem stole his M.O? The guy that penned and recorded the twisted but ingenious "Agent Orange" sometime towards the end of hip hop's "Golden Era?"

Peep the classic Cage track below, and make the comparison. If you've got any inside information that may help to solve this curious riddle, please step forward and let us know!

If this is the same guy, there's been a definite decline in the quality of his creations. Hip hop sure is quick to turncoat to make a buck, no matter what level of the industry an artist may exist on.


Smartbooks featuring the ever-elusive Chrome OS are rumored to hit shelves in December, just in time for the holidays. Acer and Hewlett Packard have specs finalized and headed for production, while Google itself has reportedly been working on manufacturing a seperate device, a'la the Nexus One. If this is in fact true, it seems that Google has put another BIG nail into the coffin that Macintosh built for itself over the years.


Enter Christian Rich, an interesting amalgamation of The Neptunes' NERD project, electronic dance music, and good old Philadelphia hood sentiment. Here's two amazing videos coupled with pretty great songs that you probably missed from Star Trak's new duo. This group's been flying under the radar for at least a couple of years, and hope to finally make a breakout with their new single, "Fall From Grace".

Download their latest street album, "The Decadence" HERE, and check out the 2009 single and video, "Famous Girl" below.


Dear Weed Smokers: Sorry.

...maybe if you had spent less time getting high, and more time actually mobilizing your voters to pass 19, then you'd be puffing ridiculously overpriced and galactically taxed joints from the corner store in no time.

Oh well; maybe when Palin is in office.


Not bad, meaning this is actually a good and fun song. The quality of the video is a lot less than what you'd expect from someone that is known to actually have turned a pretty decent profit from rap music, but hey -- not everyone cares about the same things. That must've been one of those things that Ice Cube was monitoring when 10 was still down with Westside Connect Gang.


Sure, as the spokes-vehicle for environmental concern across America, we all WANT to love the Toyota Prius. Sadly, anyone that's ever been trapped behind one of these on the freeway probably has a secretly-rooted hatred for the car, due to its potential to commonly attract drivers that believe not only in recycling, but also cycling speeds. It's a car, Prius-owner; even with an electric engine, it can actually go faster than 35 miles per hour, you gay vegan dick (get the fuck out of the fast lane).
Anyway, it appears that Toyota has decided to showcase their flagship Hybrid's potential for actually LOOKING COOL with the Prius C&A Custom Concepts vehicle, developed by their Customs & Accessories group in Japan. In addition to totally boss features like aero side skirts with vertical spoilers, fender flares with radically large air intake, an outside mirror CCD camera system, and a translucent rear side spoiler, this Prius may be able to actually attract a pedal-to-the medal demographic just by no-longer looking like a jellybean.

With this Prius concept, the awesome new Honda CRZ, and other whips in development, it appears that the environmentally friendly auto technology of the future may actually have -- well, a future.


Here's some pseudo-hipster good stuff you may have missed over the summer. Great song, cool band, stellar video. Pocket your short attention spans for this one, because the video gets reeeaal trippy towards the end, and you'll miss it if you're of those "hit it and quit it" blog readers that refuses to look at an entry for more than 35 seconds.


Will the real Peanut Gallery please stand up?



Not many have made it onto this blog as many times as this kid, but he earns it with every new track released. This one is as thoughtful as the rest, featuring a passionate crooning session from BJ the Chicago Kid and a strangely calming visual.

Pick up the album, "Overly Dedicated" on iTunes and support TODAY.


It was merely weeks ago that this blogsite questioned the whereabouts of once-dominant cellular manufacturer Nokia. Now Nokia returns with the impressive N8 mobile device, featuring an on-board HD camera. Don't believe it? Here's an artsier-than-Runaway promotional video filmed entirely on the newest Nokia brainchild. Peep the blurb and the "making of" following the clip!

Director Thomas Hilland was asked to test drive the Nokia N8, and make a film that made the most of the smartphone’s impressive HD camera. The film features music by Kap Bambino, remote-controlled dragonflies, a stunning Norwegian landscape, and some men in colourful costume. See how they did it in the 'making of' film:


New from Armageddon.

While the beat lacks the same energy and fire that Armageddon delivers in this rhyme, the crisply somber visual creates a sentimental mood that more than makes up for these mismatched elements.


UK-based FoundNation crew reps hard in a pretty nice vignette filmed during Evolution NYC.


Don't call it a comeback.

Just call it what it is -- fresh music from West Coast vets.
Welcome back, Souls; even though you never left.


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