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Just in time to hit your weekend playlist, Los Angeles hip hop enigma Anacron's exclusive "Schwing Remix EP" is now available, and you're invited to download and enjoy this single for FREE.

The single features a Who's Who (reference to Anacron's classic 2001 underground album intended) of America's current indie rap scene; boasting appearances by Oakland's Tajai of Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics, Chicago's Qwazaar of Typical Cats, Brooklyn's Illspokinn of Freestyle Mondays NYC, and St. Louis' Firewater Redstarr of Ridah Movement.

Stream / Share / Download MP3+HQ via Bandcamp at
Stream / Download MP3 via Google Play at


Today marks the closing chapter of our 2-month long WIZDOME WINZDAYS series, people! The day before you get your Thanksgiving grub on ..we're proud to present the eighth and final installment of the Wizdome Winzday series. This week features the Anacron produced track entitled "The End".

Along with a fierce delivery, Wizdome speaks on turning points in life as he alludes to the point that there is indeed an ending to everything. From ending the era of complacency to being man enough to know when you've lost. All in all a great coming of age song from Wizdome. Remember, check this track (along with other Wizdome tracks) out while they are free via (The Gallery's) Bandcamp page.


You have died and gone to heaven.

It's true; the best of L.A.'s live music (including Anacron), art, dancing, and dining, with 100 POUNDS of free bacon floating around like little greasy angels waiting to swoop down and pluck your stomach from the fiery depths of hunger.

$6 at the door; food and drinks inside.
Be sure to tell them you're there because Anacron told you so.

7pm Saturday, November 17th
The Factory
654 S Myers St. Los Angeles, CA 90023.

Live performances by
LUCY AND LA MER over 15 artists on display.
Also: Free bacon, all-bacon inspired dining menu, & drinks


The GALLERY family has been on a serious nature kick, lately. Aocoa's Autumn-themed album, "WAMU 63.5", Moon Reflecting's acoustic tribute to the sky "Sweet Clouds" with Aocoa's "Nimbus a la Nimbus" remix... Well, here's some seasonal Autumn farewell music from PNTGLLRYNTWRK members Anacron (Los Angeles), C-Truth (China), and DJ Sonny (Japan).




Continuing with the seventh week in the progression of dope 'ish. We present track seven in the Wizdome Winzday series. In an ode to De La Soul, Wizdome drops a new mixtape style single entitled "Breakadawn (Nite Owl Mix)". This is essential jam for starting your morning right and on point. Check out this track (along with others in the series) at bandcamp. And also be sure to check out Wizdome's session tonight via YouTube/Google+.


Two of the PNTGLLRYNTWRK's most esoteric affiliates conjoin musically with results that will deliver your conscious to the sky. Crafted from an acoustic original performed by Moon Reflecting of Conductors Of The Omnipresence, Aocoa has taken her audible blessings to even deeper places of the introspective mind. Download free and listen to this song when you're firing up a stick of incense, a bundle of sage, or something more potent -- it will enhance the effects of nature.

Stream and/or download the original acoustic version below...


Artists In The Plus & PNTGLLRYNTWRK team up to bring an awesome lineup of West Coast Hip Hop inspired artistry straight to your laptop, desktop, or handheld computer. Google+ live streaming performance series "Concerts In The Plus!" will feature Peanut Gallery Network members Viktor Stone, Wizdome, and Anacron; Saturday, November 10.

Hang out with us and watch the show for FREE, live on Google+ and/or YouTube. It all starts at 3PM PST / 6PM EST; Saturday November 10th! 

The On Air Event can be viewed LIVE via Artists In The Plus on Google+, or on YouTube at


A scheduling snafu on our end has you, the lucky listener being blessed with not one, but TWO uber-fresh, extra exclusive, brand-new WIZDOME songs! That's like a double-dosage of dopeness for your political posse's post-election party!

Hit the player below and dig into tracks 5 and 6 to stream and/or download the latest from The Wiz... Brief track descriptions to follow.

Tracks five and six on the Wizdome Winzdays playlist are nothing but nice to your speakers. An original track from the father-to-be lays down the perfect bedding for an introspective look at the world, the economy, and the struggle for perfection on "Mad Bills". Right on the heels of that banger comes "Balanced", a level-headed look at the natural desire for the scales of the universe to push toward the right direction.


PNTGLLRYNTWRK triple-O.G. Shiro (aka VoltageCTRLR) gets busy in the lab.
A lot of new school producers don't know about these REAL LIFE knobs and cords, ya'll.
Check out some of the sounds Shiro makes, just below Moon Reflecting's self-shot photo collage.



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