Here's what they think about you:

Understand the training and motivation behind the next time a cop gets to walloping on your head. It's hard to believe that such savagery is still taught to those that are hired to "protect and serve" the general public.

Strange -- this training manual doesn't say anything about shooting an unarmed suspect in the back while handcuffed, laying flat on his stomach, and cooperating with officers.


Great video concept and execution, although it has absolutely nothing to do with the actual song. Welcome to the age where hip hop video surpasses the quality of the accompanying soundtrack... Just sit back and enjoy!


Hell yes.


You can say that hyphy is dead, but you can't say that it's not hype. Keak the Sneak slaps back into the bay's super-charged party music underground with his new popper, "Rims On Everything". This definitely isn't music for standing around and drinking overpriced champagne!


Steven Segal trains Anderson Silva.

...wait, WHAT!?


The Roots return with another introspective heater, "Dear God 2.0"; a revisited version of the Monsters of Folk burner. The multi-dimensional video accompaniment was directed by Jason Goldwatch.



Take some time from your busy, busy weekend to watch this. You will not regret giving yourself the opportunity to witness how Bboying remains the ONLY element of hip hop that has stayed committed to the basic crew guidelines of camaraderie, loyalty, and family.


With an impressive third single from their "100 Wayz" album, the original Dogg Pound (Daz and Kurupt) continue to re-shape west coast hip hop. Melding classic breaks with elements of banging g-funk, and street-wrought lyrics with poetic craftsmanship, "Sky's The Limit" is a clear projection of the next step in the evolution of real gangster rap. Keep rising, fellas!


You may have already seen this...

If not, it's a rather impressive time-lapse performance from Kansas City based graff writer Scribe, as executed back in 2008 for Hallmark Cards, Inc... Yes, HALLMARK. Props to corporate America for appreciating the elements of hip hop that even hip hop itself seems to have forgotten!


Here's a crisp visual snippet from an impressive re-molding of Jay Electronica's "Exhibit A", as performed by Harlem's own musician, producer, and emcee, Skotch Davis.

Okay, you've got to be fiending for more after that verse -- Here's another recent visual from Skotch, in conjunction with Lifted Research Group clothing label.


A shiny new promo reel from one of our favorite Westbound breakdancers.


This is how you make a music video. Energy, creativity, meaningful guest appearances and not just hood dummies standing around. Kudos to B.B. Gun for the startlingly stellar visual!


If you can understand the amount of time, research, and work that went into this project, you will also appreciate it as one of the best shorts ever made, EVER.


Xzibit returns after a lengthy hiatus; apparently off on an episode of "pimp my rap game", because he's come back stronger than ever on the mic. With production from the West Coast's newest up-and-coming board rocker Scoop DeVille (Snoop Dogg's "I Wanna Rock"), this new cut is set to beast mode and primed to attack!


2-Pac and Jada lip-synch to one of her future husband's hits in 1986.

Classic footage.


Ladies and gentlemen: Jasmine Golan.

With an already buzzing fanbase built from her open-garage practice sessions in California's Culver City neighborhood, it's easy to see that this vocalist/guitarist/songwriter is on her way into the limelight. Rotating effortlessly between folky singer/songwriter, underground hip hop, and punk, Jasmine brings an air of deep emotion and endless feeling to any record she touches.

As you can see (and hear), this songbird is already chirping on some of the west coast's most underground local musicians, and you can expect to hear her collaborating with a few Peanut Gallery artists in the near future.

Check out more Jasmine Golan and show some love HERE.


You may or may not know this, but your local T-Mobile will give this to you for FREE.

That's right, today and today only, T-Mobile is offering this special promotion to counter the new iPhone release: You will be able to take home ANY PHONE in the T-Mobile store TOTALLY FREE, as long as you sign a 2-year service agreement.

There's got to be a catch, but really - a cool new phone, who cares?


Pee your pants with excitement...

...Coming soon to Cartoon Network.


The real-life bear that inspired the tale of KungFu Panda.


B-Boys be warned:

...Japan is NOT fucking around!!!


As one of the founding forefathers to the South's massive movement in hip hop, Scarface returns with his amazing new single, "Dopeman Music". While the visual leaves quite a bit to be desired (it doesn't even appear to be an official video without Scarface even appearing in it), the song's instrumental backdrop is almost fresh enough to make you not even care. in a world of horrendous rap music with epic video clips, it's actually not so tough to ingest a horrible music video when the song is this great.


How to make a comeback: Make a film spoofing yourself, and release it parallel to the reboot of the film that originally made you popular. Mark these words: Ralph Macchio will be famous and working again by 2011.


Not mad at this kid's nasally singing and raps one bit. It's always nice to see something innovative and new coming from the Eastside. We were first put on to this kid Outasight from an AMAZING single entitled "Brand New Day"; since then, he's been close on the radar!

Keep an eye out, and follow Outasight's creativity HERE.


Hollywood had it's chance, and not once, but TWICE damn near ruined a timeless classic. Now, the world of gaming takes a turn at recreating one of the 1980's best and most popular cartoon series, and it's no surprise that the nerd-filled world of cyber amusement gets it right a million times over on the first try.

"Transformers: War For Cybertron" spins into play as a prologue to the original Transformers television series, dropping players in the midst of a Cybertron-set war for Energon cubes. Playing from both Autobot and Decepticon angles, you have the opportunity to smash on good and bad guys alike, punching, blasting, and transforming your way across a mechanical alien landscape with the classic cast of original Transformers -- Yes, Bumblebee is still a VW Bug!

By the way; don't be TOO mad about spending your hard-earned money on Michael Bay's Transformers remakes. Trust, it could've been WAY worse...


Returning to HBO tonight. Set your DVR or erase your calendar.


With the A-Team film adaptation being released today, we thought we'd do something special to commemorate it's premiere.

Isn't it nice to see a B.A. Baracus that issues cool threats and wins, instead of talking a lot of trash and losing by judges decision? Team Evans!



Megabusive, aka Computer Chip, has been at it since the 90's. This west coast underground upstart has stayed true to his own original style and hustle over the years, generating a solid fanbase of true heads in the know. CEO of the Isolated Wax imprint with a strong roster of artists (including an upcoming release from the legendary NgaFsh of CVE/Project Blowed), Mega remains dedicated to the advancement of innovative hip hop music with no industry fluff, filler, or fakies.

Check out the recent "Hello World EP" HERE, and follow Megabusive ramblings HERE.


Anything can be a hit song if you just add auto-tune.


This guy's rap name is actually T-Shirt.

It's rare, refreshing, and right to finally see something different and innovative coming off of New York City's hip hop landscape in this day and age. With a distinctive voice, awesome flow, and crisp delivery, T-Shirt stood leagues above the rest when we first caught the track "Monday Massacre". In the video above, T-Shirt flips that Drake song that everyone is remixing, and the player below will allow you to preview and/or download his new EP, "The Tan-Face Children". Show love to the innovators!

Check out more T-Shirt HERE.


The funniest thing about this is that it's actually supposed to be serious -- an informative learning tool, even. White people love Eminem so much that they have to insert his name into anything that has something to do with hip hop, no matter how much it has absolutely nothing to do with him.

Hopefully Howcast has a more accurate video posted for "How To Be A Lifeguard", or there will be a lot of day camp drownings this summer.


If you're not feeling this, you're really just a hater.

Plenty of people dismiss Naughty By Nature as just another "old" rap group that made a bunch of corny hits back in the day. As displayed in their newest single, "I Gotta Lotta", that assumption is so far from the truth.

Picking up right where they left off, the Naughty Niggaz from New Jersey come correct with beats and rhymes so far ahead of today's average rap record that Drake should be embarrassed with himself. While the video may be just another low-budget, ready-for-the-web hip hop standard, that's really not so important in the larger scheme of things (namely, the artistic merit of the song as a whole). Naughty By Nature is back, and if "I Gotta Lotta" is any indication, they're coming with some certified heat for the new millenium.

...and just for kicks, here's something you may have missed:


Android is coming after the iPad from all angles this year. Samsung's GalaxyTab will be released as a larger companion to the Samsung Galaxy S phone. Measuring 7-inches with a "high-res TFT screen" and a 3.5mm jack, the GalaxyTab is rumored to have phone capabilities.

Obviously there's not much information available regarding this mystery device, but at least we know that we can use headphones with it, right?


Zubaer Khan's short film, "Conversation" is making noise internationally. Featuring Anacron in a step-for-step documentary of a song's construction, the film offers a personal look into the creative process of an extremely talented up-and-coming artist. "Conversation" screened at this year's Cannes International Film Festival, and has been recently selected to be featured at the upcoming Jecheon International Music and Film Festival.

BONUS: Check out the film "The Shooter"; a project completed on location during this year's Cannes International Film Festival, featuring editing and camera work by Zubaer Khan, with an original music score composed and produced by Anacron.


Saigon Electric, apparently a Vietnamese (read: better) version of "Save The Last Dance" is releasing soon; and will more than likely be available via the internet and/or DvD.


LMNO and Kev Brown pay tribute to the Godfather of Soul on "Ya Know", the single/video release from their newest collaborative LP, "Selective Hearing Part 2". With a classic drum break and plenty of interesting footage of J.B. himself, this video will become a must-have for lovers of both rare soul and golden-era hip hop.

Speaking of James Brown - We couldn't bring him up without giving you a taste of Jay Rock's L.A. Lakers tribute song. As much as the idea of this song probably makes you want to vomit, you won't be mad when you actually listen to it - it's really pretty damned good!


This is pretty damned hilarious, as far as slide-show viral music videos go. Yes, the rap is wack as all hell -- but DAMN, who produced this track? The beat sounds like a backpack rapper's dream theme music. I'm sure that we won't have to wait long to find out; record labels are so desperate these days, they'll sign anything with over 10,000 views on YouTube.


If you haven't already heard this track, now's your chance to witness the return of the original purveyors of backpacker rap and conscious hip hop.

"Birds of a Feather" by Native Tongues (Black Sheep, De La Soul, Mike Gee)


Really, this could never get old. One of the best poster flips ever... And, just because:


Anyone up for a delightful romp on the beach?

Music video for the new single "Comb Out My Fro" from Everyday Bubble (Peanut Gallery affiliate Himself & Mystik Journeymen member Sunspot Jonz), featuring tuner model Monique May. Directed by CNO of Samarium Photography (Tokyo).



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Thanks for reading!


New from Madlib and MF Doom, this is sure to excite fanboys and once again change the face of underground hip hop that White boys love.


The saga continues...

...looks like Tony should've sent Pepper for some Trojans.


Get to know why Lilou is one of the best to ever hit a dancefloor.


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