DJ Mikecheck, the Peanut Gallery DJ crew's purveyor of priceless party music ripped a new one into Vibes & Stuff's regular broadcast this week! Catch up on it here if you missed it, this is a live mix set that could get the most stubborn hater alive to move!


Lyrics, patterns, poetry, energy.
This is what real rap used to be.


This must be the funniest video we've seen since "WAAAAAAKAAAAAA!"
...and just in case some of you have no idea what inspired this parody:



We gotta post some Lil Jon every now and then to GET YOU MUTHAFUCKAZ CRUNK!!!

Appreciate that!


I guess we'll never again see a real mixTAPE.

As the new millenium ushers in a plethora of wonderful gadgets, we can't forget those classic scientific wonders that have suffered at technological growth. Check this story from CNN regarding the recently discontinued cassette walkman; which has now taken it's place beside polaroid, floppy disks, and other "ancient" 80's staples.


We're getting started slow and relaxed today.

One of the best out of Brazil; you should collect her music.
While you're at it, check out Astrud as well.


Once again, we've uncovered evidence that the future is upon us.

Apparently, General Motors (yes, the failing American automobile company) has been working on the design and manufacture of this humanoid "Robonaut"; a droid programmed to travel to space and assist human astronauts with their tasks and duties.

Anyone else smell a sci-fi horror flick plot developing here?

The only logically scientific question remaining is...
Why the hell does Robonaut gotta be so BUFF? Damn!


Never heard of this guy until now, but I'm glad we finally did.


More clips of grown men jumping off of things...

...and if you think that's amazing, check this out:


This couldn't be any greater.

The Pharcyde's most recognizable and possibly wackiest member returns from nowhere-land with something new and amazing. With a film piece by Spike Jonez, a hipster club-ready beat by Yeti, a bunch of dancing White girls, and a British accent from hell -- Does anyone else smell an instant internet HIT?

Bump that!


No mix today, but we've got a NICE and quick collection of soulful rare grooves for you, courtesy of Abstrakt Beats on Soundcloud. This kid is obviously educated in the ways of crate digging for stellar sounds; listen below to see what kinds of magic can be created when you study the originals.

That's some amazing beat production!


I see you... Good lord, I see you.

(Avatar's) Zoe Saldana for Calvin Klein.
Thanks, Calvin.


Well now, here's something to make the purists and the backpackers jizz in their pants. Great verse from the Slum Village alumni with an amazing track from what some may call the dearly departed's west coast beat-making counterpart; Detroit is definitely in the house.

The only wack thing about this cut as a whole is the reaction. Artists offer monumental creativity like this, and one of the top comments on YouTube is about how fresh his shoes are? This is why artistry is failing, folks. Let's try to focus on what's important.


A word from the former Virginia Beach Republican Party Chairman David Bartholomew:


I went down this morning to sign up my Dog for welfare.

At first the lady said, "Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare".

So I explained to her that my Dog is black, unemployed, lazy,

can't speak English and has no frigging clue who his Daddy is.

So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to qualify...

My Dog gets his first check Friday.

Is this a great country or what?"
The privilege of being wealthy, White, and a male over the age of 30 once again allows a bigot in a position of power to spew whatever racist epithets that he feels.

Is this a great country or what?


This video wouldn't serve as the best demonstration of breaking skill-sets, but it's always nice to have such an historically under-appreciated dance form highlighted in any project. Plus, the song has an amazing beat to get loose.

Big ups and propers to the members of Ground Illusions and Twisted Ankles for repping the bboy styles in this one!

Check out more from the artist HERE.


You've probably heard by now that hip hop has lost one of it's finest, yet virtually unknown wordsmiths, Eyedea. This long-time member of the Rhymesayer's collective lived as one of the freshest emcees that so many never knew, but remained revered as adored as such by his many fans. Collaborating with some of rap's greatest MC's and DJ's came regularly to Eyedea, yet his demeanor was always that of a "normal" guy -- down to earth, friendly, and approachable.

We've truly lost a great man with this one; pay your respects by getting to know him as an artist, and invest in the pieces of history that he donated to the world during his lifetime.


Fire from the far east...

...what he say 'bout my mama?


This could be your new theme music.


If that Justin Bieber post from last week wasn't enough proof that hip hop culture and rap music (there is a difference) are over-accessible, check out this fiasco.

If you haven't already heard about these chum-wads, they're the highly inconsiderate dweebs that literally shut down the 101 freeway in Los Angeles to cram their horrible single down the throats of Angelinos everywhere -- At least, those in the first few rows of cars stuck in the forced congestion. If you didn't hear about it yet, check the brief footage below:

On one hand, this well-funded stunt could possibly be considered marketing genius by some. A virtually unknown band catching air-time on major network channels, garnering features on major blog sites (including this one), and racking up massive YouTube hits is unheard of. While the majority of the reviews offered seem to be merely steps away from death threats, you can't argue the fact that these guys are getting PLENTY of attention.

On the other hand, one could ask if it's worth it? A few seconds of their music video is enough to let you know that these jerks have some serious financial backing. From the special effects to the horrendously styled wardrobe, you've got to wonder who's deciding how to use their money? Between the huge band logo-wrapped truck, the arrest bail fees, and the unavoidable city fines, how much did they spend on this publicity stunt? Did they not consider that it might be a better marketing decision to use the same loot to line the same freeway with billboards, leaving a less frustrating and longer-lasting impression of their wackness? Even better still, to purchase commercial radio air-time and appear on EVERY freeway, from inside the vehicle of every potential consumer?

In any case -- as terrible as their music is, as contrived as their style comes across, and as annoying as their entire existence may be; there's no doubt that after a stunt like this, these winners are quickly heading for their own reality series on MTV.


It's amazing how many people wouldn't have the balls to say half the things they believe in if open-handed slapping was legal.


Although the summer's officially gone, it's warmth lives on for few more weeks with this all new heater from Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek. Directed by Joslyn Rose Lyons and featuring a mess a fine chocolate sistas, Reflection Eternal once again reminds us why we love them as a unit - and the summer as a season.


Katie From The 80's throws yet another flame-bred lass at you...



Time to once again expand your library for the weekend!

We've been patiently waiting for this one for a long time, folks! Proof that turntablism is far from dead hits your playlist today via this exclusive scratch mix by Texas-rooted SkratchLife DJ crew members, ThatKidNamedCee and Needlz. These black-plate veterans have been rocking the ones-and-twos since the 1980's, and constantly serve reminders of what true turntable tactics are to the new jacks in the DJ game.

Look for ThatKidNamedCee's upcoming scratch album this November, and check out Cee and Needlz rocking an innovative tribute to the Clone Wars below.


In one round, French new schooler Lilou utterly destroys glorified Nuyorican old schooler Alien Ness at IBE:

Let's allow the new school of breaking to continue to flourish without constant criticisms from the old "bboy" purists imposing supposedly traditional rules (that mysteriously materialized within the past 5 years). All this "old school bboy" bullshit is getting tired, and does nothing but halt the progress and evolution of the art form.

Speaking of IBE: Here is one of the slickest highlight reels ever created; hands-down. Supreme editing, complimentary effects, and of course; outstanding dancing. This one's a bit lengthy, so make yourself comfortable; once you hit play, you won't want to stop!

In other news -- Another impressively innovative breaking event produced by Red Bull goes down tomorrow in Vienna (or right now, in the USA?). Check the trailer below...


Something fun for the females on a frisky friday -- Enjoy this new beater from Raheem Devaughn and Wale. The weekend's starting off on the right foot with this one, folks. Enjoy it safely and thoroughly!


This is rap in 2010.

Sorry, we're still reeling over here from this morning's post.
No words... really.


There's not much to say except AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHH!!!
Yay for rap in 2010.

"Justin Bieber is my nigga!" - Nipsey Hussle, actual quote.


You've already witnessed the work of Peanut Gallery Chicago's visual artist Christophe Roberts (aka Perv One the MC) here on this blog, but you probably have yet to see the work of his partner in crime, Hebru Brantley.

Primarily a painter at large, this large painter (he's a really tall guy) gets loose in multiple formats and styles, rocking varying tools on any medium you place before him. From canvas to walls to sidewalks, Hebru can get off anywhere, and the result is always visible magic.

Catch more of Hebru's work HERE.


New from underground hip hop cult leader Wiz Khalifa - Nice to see true artists getting real shine on MTV every now and then!


These models know how to work a catwalk.

Best fashion show... EVER!


Here's a great way for all the AnaManiacs to celebrate Anacron's birthday, if you can't make tonight's extravaganza performance in Hollywood: Contribute to the birthday fun by naming your own price and downloading the digital re-release of one of Anacron's most innovative projects to date. Listen and purchase below...

Conceived and recorded entirely by Anacron in one week, this original score was performed live as part of Collaboraction's early 2007 installment of Suzan-Lori Parks' "365 Days, 365 Plays" national theater production. This is possibly one of Anacron's most creative efforts, throughout which he blends multiple genres with a natural ease, formulating an eclectic yet accessible album of varying styles.

NAME YOUR OWN PRICE and download today!


Now, this is just genius.

You may actually have to be a full-on comic geek to understand the reference point, tough -- this ain't no 1990's movie Batman recreation!


Meyhem Lauren hits with an all new song and video touching on a subject both near and dear to the hearts of many a hip hop enthusiast. Those of us that have embraced hip hop as more than a type of music on the radio have at one point or another practiced the culture's scripted language. For some, writing graff was a phase leading to the next step in the journey with hip hop; for others, writing became the sole outlet of artistic expression. This song examines the latter perfectly, blending Icerocks' golden era throwback beat with Tom Gould's impressive reel of street artists at work.


Some of the truest Peanut Gallery followers and AnaManiacs may remember when Anacron was commissioned to compose an original soundtrack for the 365 Days, 365 Plays theater series by Suzan-Lori Parks. In a nutshell, Parks wrote a short stage production every day for a full year, resulting in a nationwide performance of the pieces, all in chronological order.

Nothing of this magnitude has ever been attempted in hip hop until now.

Bay area underground veteran and legendary independent hustler Megabusive has bestowed upon himself the task of doing just that --the daily creation and real-time release of one rap song a day for a full year. Starting late August and now rolling into his third calendar month of production, Megabusive has wowed fans and critics alike with a daily conception of raw and emotional hip hop music; always fresh and never repetitive. Granted, he hasn't even reached the quarter-mark for this enormous project, but he's well on his way with what seems to be more than enough steam and vigor to silence any doubters by August, 2011.

Bay area underground veteran and legendary independent hustler Megabusive has bestowed upon himself the task of doing just that --the daily creation and real-time release of one rap song a day for a full year. Starting late August and now rolling into his third calendar month of production, Megabusive has wowed fans and critics alike with a daily conception of raw and emotional hip hop music; always fresh and never repetitive. Granted, he hasn't even reached the quarter-mark for this enormous project, but he's well on his way with what seems to be more than enough steam and vigor to silence any doubters by August, 2011.

Keep up with Megabusive's 365 Songs In 365 Days project HERE.


DMV crew is killing Europe right now.


This kid snaps.

Great storytelling with some ferociously valid commentary on the pros and cons offered by three of hip hop's current reigning superstars. This is the type of analysis that rap music needs, not the constant nut riding and circle-jerking that has become the norm in today's "urban music" industry. Kudos to Dee1 for a great song structure and warranted wordplay with an ill beat to boot!

Download the track free HERE.


The time has come.

Jay, you might as well pack it in -- Karma is a BITCH!


Will the brand new heat from the age old vet ever cease? Ice Cube, WC, and Maylay lay down a mile's worth of serious lyricism in 3 minutes on this new single and video. With an angrily progressive beat that marches up your spine to make your head nod, and verses saturated with freshly excessive rhyme patterns, Cube and friends have proven once again that the revolution and evolution of true west coast gangster rap is now.


It's coming...
This is seriously going to revolutionize the role of couch potato.

There's already a GTV, though; how will we abbreviate it?
Learn more HERE.


The French-German male/female duo of Stereo Total has been around forever, and you still don't know who they are. With a ton of songs, albums, EP's, and covers under their belt, it's a shame that they still have yet to break through on US soil. Stereo Total has morphed and re-formed their musical identity numerous times since their debut in the early 1990's, while staying true to their original 60's mod-era influence.

Wake up and discover something new; learn and love Stereo Total HERE.


Guess who's BACK! The queen on the scene, Dana Anderson, finally makes her glorious return to The Gallery Network blog with an all-new installment of DIPPED -- on location in the UK!

Last week Ms. Concrete died and went to shoe heaven.

Selfridges & Co, the UK-based fine goods department store (founded by a Midwesterner related to the Marshall Field’s chain), debuted their all-new “Shoe Galleries” at the flagship Oxford Street location in London. This assortment of galleries showcases mid-range brands and private labels to high-end designers Yves Saint Laurent, Giuseppe Zanotti, Casadei and fashionista favorite Christian Louboutin.

Exclusives are abundant, so don’t think this is just a cookie-cutter amusement park for average shoe lovers and fad followers. Rare releases from international couturiers like Nicholas Kurtwood prove the buyers for the Shoe Galleries have the trend setters and influencers in mind.

The Shoe Galleries at Selfridges are so well-rounded that a sneakerhead even gets a play. A brightly-lit nook offers Nike, Puma, Adidas and more in the color combinations and textures that hipsters crave.

The new arrival to Selfridges is worthy of all the hype. Nine out of ten double deckers in Central London boast an advertisment for the 35,000 square foot shoe space and trust every hotel concierge knows where to send their fashionable guests.

A Concrete Choice: The Shoe Galleries at Selfridges. Heaven on Earth for any world traveler who believes in staying DIPPED.

For more info about Selfridges: www.selfridges.com.
Follow @MsConcrete on Twitter and stay in the conversation.


In case you missed Jasiri X's controversial (read: factual analysis of biased White opinion) release of the summer, check it out above. Just for fun, check out his response to the unavoidable criticisms received, which is actually a lot more powerful than the actual song. Rap isn't the most powerful medium for everyone, and after seeing this guy's response video, I really feel like he should pursue a political career -- he could really do some good as a voice of the people; you know, the "other" people.


Ever wonder just what the hell is Nokia doing these days, anyway?

...but I want it NOWWWWW!!!


This is the second collaborative cut from Freeway and Jake One that we've highlighted, and it's worth every life loving moment to halt whateer you're doing to take the time to watch and listen.



Peanut Gallery Network pal Katie From The Eighties returns with her second set of ultra-sultry, inspired by photographer Uwe Ommer.


Occasionally on Saturdays, we'll abandon the regular weekend MIX feature to share full-length albums that any lover of music should own. This is one of those Saturdays.

It's fitting that this CD was passed along by Intuition himself at an Anacron performance in Leimert Park, the center of L.A.'s truest hip hop movement. After receiving an enthralled review and an enthusiastic recommendation from 'Cron, it's only natural that this project would make it's way onto our boards.

Here's an almost unbelievable and extremely uncommon statement of fact: This album can be played from beginning to end. It's rare to find a record these days that can stand the "Tracklist Test"; but Alaskan-bred rapper Intuition's brilliant assemblage of songs bangs from start to finish, with even the couple of less-appealing (but definitely not wack) cuts leaving little urge to press the track advance button.

From songs about chicks to the first-person expose, to that good old funrap, Intuition is obviously a skilled writer and seasoned deliveryman. With impressive rhyme schemes that make sense as opposed to rapping for the sake of making words rhyme, this is an MC that is capable of compiling cohesive thoughts in the most creative way, often resulting in entertaining and sometimes hilarious strains of storytelling. Guest appearances on the album include solidified names like Slug of Atmosphere and Nocando, but in another rare occurrence, the lesser-known lyricist truly outshines all other voices on this record. With production handled almost entirely by Equalibrium, every track on the project fits together like an album should, following a common feel and theme as opposed to coming off like a compilation of songs.

Check the album out in the player above, then SUPPORT ($8.99 isn't shit, you cheap muthafuckas) and purchase this independent artist's album to bump all weekend long!


Looks like the number 23 just comes natural to an MVP.

An intense 2-on-2 from 2010's Battle Of The Year in Germany. Even if you don't watch the entire thing (which you should), catch the opening round of the battle -- the entire set is done with one hand in his pocket. Impressive!


A great song from west coast underground starling Blu, with a true throwback 90's hip hop flavor - and a cool music video, too!


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