Friend of marketing affiliates The Out Crowd and teenage comic, Amida Shofu (also a member of the previously posted "Nightmare Fam" dance crew feature), makes his major venue debut tonight! Please support the youth in their quest to strive for something more creative!


This weekend's listening session will be a little history lesson for all you kids that are still wondering what the big deal is surrounding Sade's brand-new "Soldier Of Love" release. We realize that many hip hop and soul fans these days did not grow up with this music, and as a result, are missing huge pieces of the understanding of the music and culture that comes from having these classic tunes embedded in your mental catalogue.

Use the next couple of days to fuel your musical psyche with a mix of Sade's most classic hits; delivered by the almost legendary DJ Spinna. Listen at the player above, or download for your weekend playlist HERE.


Rza knocks out a remix that no one would have ever expected; the classic "Victory or Death" portrait, as interpreted by the Wu-Tang frontman for the WAIL project.

See more HERE.


Indulge in multi-layered selections from O.G. Los Angeles Peanut Gallery producer, selector, and graphic artist, DJ Shiro. Creating hip hop tracks since the early 1990's, Shiro has created soundscapes across many genres since, most recently dabbling in the world of esoteric dubstep beats.

Hear more from Shiro HERE.


It would appear that island/Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid has recently embarked on a trip to Belize to sign newly freed convict, SHYNE. This new label venture will more than likely be a welcomed and prosperous career move for the embattled rapper, whose sordid past with Diddy and Bad Boy records ended just as cursed as previous Bad Boy signees (think Black Rob, Loon, G-Dep, The Lox, Biggie Smalls).

We're definitely curious to hear what Shyne and Def Jam will be able to concoct for the future. Will Reid's team continue Puffy's intended legacy for the B.I.G. sound-alike to fill the Notorious' shoes, or will they give Shyne a new direction? The answer's coming soon...


A breakdancer named EVOL BRICK of the Chicago-based Brickheadz crew utterly destroys some random no-name guy with an afro at Chicago breakdancing event, "For The Love II":

Now that's full service... OUCH!


Atlanta-based, Los Angeles native Rozzi Daime delivers a solid release in her house-gospel-funk-soul-eclectic gumbo entitled "Yes!" Having previously worked with various artists known for pushing the envelope way past the mailbox (specifically Sa-Ra Creative Partners), this album's uncommon approach to production, arrangement, and format melds beautifully with Rozzi's solid and experienced delivery as a singer and songwriter.

Feel free to preview the release in the widget above, but please support this independent release on iTunes. Learn more about Rozzi Daime HERE.


Major label deal, radio-ready singles, supreme lyrical content, and a marketable image.

Somehow, this kid keeps getting overlooked.


The Nightmare Family out of L.A. is out to prove that Krumping is more than a fad rooted in seizure-like movements. This impressively creative group of young dancers from all over the L.A. basin foraged their own path in Southern Cali's dance scene, and have proven through multiple battles and exhibitions that they are a force to be reckoned with.

A regular installation at youth events such as Downbeat 720, the Nightmare Fam can be caught any and everywhere that will give them the opportunity, the beats, and the floor to get down. Stay tuned for more!


Most of our readers would probably vomit with rage at the mere mention of Black Eyed Peas frontman being anything near a musical genius. Most of you may not know, however, that will has a long and storied career not only as an emcee, producer, and musician, but also as a real life graduate of L.A.'s underground scene that budded globally influential sounds and styles throughout the early 1990's,

Here's a taste of what is capable of when he's not talking about "Humps" over bad interlopations of J.J. Fadd beats. Download his first solo excursion, "Lost Change" HERE, and vibe out over the weekend, wondering why you ever doubted that this purveyor of horrible White-girl club pop records could actually be a visionary producer and songwriter.

If that doesn't convince you, check out this gem from's days as a member of ATBAN Klann -- a certifiably weird group of bumperhead underground rap artists that signed with Eazy E's Reckless records in the early 1990's, spawning the single, "Puddles of H20". From the beats to the flows, from the dancing to the clothes; has "underground pioneer" written all over him. You can't be mad at a brotha for chasing that money!


The new era of change seems to have taken ahold of politics on a global scale. Congratulations to Laura Chinchilla, Costa Rica's newly elected, and first ever female president!

"I want to thank the pioneering women who years ago opened the doors of politics in Costa Rica," Laura Chinchilla said Sunday to flag-waving supporters in the capital, San Jose. "My government will be open to all Costa Ricans of good faith."


Looks like Sony is doing whatever they can to help make it impossible to leave the house and interact with real-life human beings.

A new war epic entitled MAG, will allow gaming geeks to play with and/or against competitors on a global scale, allowing anywhere up to 256 players to participate simultaneously in real-ish battles.

This online-only game will require users to obtain a 100mb update (part game, part system), and probably just as many calls for Dominos Pizza delivery. Excessive? Yes. Time consuming? You'd better believe it! ...however, is the joy of virtually murdering people from countries across the world comparable? Hell no!


A new creative short film by The Gallery Network's resident video go-to-guy, Zubaer Khan. Of all the forms of expression that exist, sometimes the art of being silent is the most beneficial.



Google just keeps getting better.

All you prehistoric Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL users, here's yet another reason to make the switch and integrate your internet presence into the wondrous world of Gmail and Google and web-based products and applications.

If you're not already a part of the network, get connected HERE.


We at the Gallery Network remember the early days of Project Blowed, because we've pushed on the front lines of L.A.'s hip hop scene since the early 90's. Back then, you could run into Krondon in Liemert park on any given Thursday night; done up in full African garb (complete with leather medallions), toting a hand-carved walking stick, and chilling with the pro-Africa pro-black righteous brothas on the scene. Somewhere between 1996 and 2003, Krondon morphed into this hella-hood pseudo-gangster MC, but we're not judging - as long as he keeps making dope music like this.

Shouts and honorable mention to the original S.A.S. Gang from the streets of Los Angeles, signifying their set harder than most throughout the mid 1990's.


Fusion is an ongoing networking series targeting multi-cultural young urban professionals in a variety of industries including real estate, finance, beauty, healthcare, advertising, media, and entertainment. Each event finds a synergy between two industries and fuses culture into the theme. FUSION is more than an average business card exchange--the power networking series is about building lasting relationships outside of the expected network.

CHICAGO: join Fusion again TONIGHT for "An Education in the Arts" with a new set of speakers, the same great MC, and a gastronomic (that's that Euro-speak) experience from The Red Canary's renowned Chef Rick Spiros to pair with one of Luis Glunz's finest brews.

RSVP for Fusion's February 9th event HERE.


Collaboraction is theater as it was intended to be; by the people, for the people.

Attend, experience, and enjoy a Collaboraction show or event at your earliest convenience and your life will be a little bit better.

Learn more about Collaboraction HERE.


Although usually extremely talented, groups affiliated with Star Trak have a bad habit of dropping off the face of the planet. Fam-Lay, Teyana Taylor, Spymob, and Kenna are all shining examples of promising prospects that seemed to dissolve into nothingness after getting a huge push and cosign from The Neptunes.

Here's the single and video from The High Speed Scene, one of the millenium's best new rock groups that never quite made it, despite backing from one of hip hop and pop music's biggest names and production teams.

Follow up on (kinda) current (but not really) High Speed Scene projects and music HERE.


Here's an eerie but powerful visual for Gil Scott-Heron's newest single, "Me And The Devil"

Beautifully abstract production, fantastic imagery, and lyrical content that will ring true for ages. This is the most perfect interpretation of what true poetry can be, when created from what exists in your heart.


Here's more than enough video footage to keep you occupied for a few days.

OG Fresh, L.A. Breakers, and The Out Crowd presented The First Jam Of The Year on January 2, 2010 at MacArthur park in Downtown Los Angeles. Although many fresh crews showed up to display their skills, Knuckleheadz Cali came out on top as the winners of this annual 3 on 3 breakdancing battle.


This is over a week old, but it's never too late to realize that you've been sleeping on two of the freshest rappers in hip hop music today.


All new album from the true music and lyrical legend, Gil Scott-Heron:

The man that inspired a generation of spoken word artists and politically charged expression has finally returned with a brand new album. Preview the album in streaming format in the embedded image below, but please support and purchase. This is not some little nonsense rap-crap, this is a work of art from a person that has contributed an immeasurable amount of inspiration to so many of the performers that you admire, whether they realize it or not!


Coming soon from Daniel Drumz and Mr. Krime... Perhaps not soon enough.


An amazing piece of work and effort from renown artist BLU.

It took a considerable amount of time to work this wall painted, stop-motion masterpiece, so please reserve 7 minutes of your day to enjoy it.


Take a step back into 2008 with Konee Rok's release of a short documentary vignette of footage compiled throughout the 1990's that poses the question:

What is hip hop?


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