Chris Clarke presents: The Move-Maker

You still aren't up on Chris Clarke, son of legendary jazz bassist Stanley Clarke, and baritone-voiced underground upstart from shining West Los Angeles?

What the hell are you doing with your life? Download and preview courtesy of Band Camp.


DJ Risa's Family-Sized Home-made Cookie Mix.

Our resident Japanese Grrrl DJ from Tokyo knocks back a special holiday mix, and presents it for a free listen/download. Spread the holiday cheer with some amazing music that you have probably never ever heard in your entire life; Risa is a real-deal crate-digger!

Featured Tracklist:
01. pizzicato five - I (konishi)
02. la lupe - tan lejos y sin embargo te quiero
03. jesus acosta and the professionals - guajida / luther davis group - you can be a star
04. eklips - mi amor
05. barbara mason - don't i ever cross your mind (west end)
06. deniece williams - that's what friends are for
07. wee - you can fly on my aeroplane
08. george & gwen mccrae - the rub
09. black/battle brothers ( _?_ williams)
10. arik einstein - sittin' on a fence LP (sorry, i cannot translate the israeli text)
11. ray pollard - the drifter (united artists records - black label)
12. sinnamon - thanks to you (beckett records)
13. family of eve - i wanna be loved by you (full sail - label)
14. anita ward - ring my bell
15. geraldine hunt - can't fake the feeling
16. sbb - everyday (edit)
17. the joneses - i can't see what you see in me
18. rare pleasure - let me down easy
19. the miami disco band - (i wanna) go home with you
20. enchantment - call on me
21. hubert laws - family


Brickheadz vs Freakshow at Hellaween III; Chicago, October 2009


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If you're interested in events that you may never have seen before, great parties minus the foolish hipster BS, stay tuned to The Out Crowd on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


Whatever your beliefs may be... Enjoy the holiday.


Hiromi Uehara will thumb wrestle you into embarrassing submission.

Hiromi is one of the new millenium's illest pianists; already recognized in jazz, rock, and classical circles as a master of the ivory keys. With her lightning-fast fingertips and complex runs up and down the blues scales, Hiromi is amazing to watch and a pleasure to listen to. This stylish young artist has only begun her career, and is already working alongside some of Jazz music's legends like Stanley Clarke.

Learn and love more about Hiromi HERE.



In this solemn farewell to his recently deceased father, West Coast underground rapper Provoked rhymes saddened soliloquies over a somber track produced by Anacron.

Hear more music from Provoked at www.ProvokedMusic.com


BAD LUCC is the next big name out of Los Angeles. As a ghostwriter for various multi-platinum artists, you've unknowingly loved his songs for years.

Peep the EPK, where he name-drops some of his inspiration as being some of Peanut Gallery crew and members, as well as some of our good friends and affiliates.


Once again, Ridah Movement spokesman and Peanut Gallery extended family member, Firewater returns with another multi-layered heater for the underground from the streets. On "U Should Know Better", Firewater blazes a female in the gravely, halfway crunk and halfway conscious format that only he can deliver so eloquently. While not as in-depth and analytical as the majority of his work, "U Should Know Better" is an entertaining piece that almost any man will be able to appreciate and relate to.

This is how The Ridah Movement do... Ooh ooh, aah aah!!!


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