Nothing like political injustice to make a rapper that you never thought twice about come correct with some fiery lyrics. Willy Northpole of Ludacris' DTP has leaped into the sights of our radar in a big way with this anti-Arizona-law heater!

Something new from Talib Kweli on the same topic...

It's so nice and refreshing to see the hip hop community standing up in a major way against this unfair and blatantly racist law. It's not often that our representative artists use their talent and shine to fight against injustice anymore. Keep it on, yawl!!!


This is the life.

We will be taking a break from our regularly scheduled daily postings this week to allow each and every one of our readers ample time to watch this monumental documentary. Please set aside some time this week to digest and absorb it all at once or in segments - this is a HUGE part of the West Coast, and indirectly, the global hip hop scene's evolution.


Ben there, done that (Get it? Ha!)

DaVinchi's reel for the new single, "Ben". We're not entirely impressed with this song as a whole, although it's not bad. Same old hood story told in the same old fashion; however, we decided to feature the video today for the sheer artistry in the video. The imagery and mood created by Director/Cinematographer/Editor Marcus Ubungen is utterly breathtaking, and each shot falls into frame like a perfectly timed photograph.

In a world of cut-and-paste music videos that have forgotten the art of film-making, this piece is (visually) a breath of fresh air.


Something about this track is a wonderful reminder of the feel-good vibe of the good old pseudo-rap/rock/reggae mashup Sublime days...

While it may not be anything startlingly innovative, music like this serves as a firm notification that summer is upon us. It's always okay to appreciate music that just makes you HAPPY.


This is how Peanut Gallery OG's do.

Check the newest film epic from Chicago Peanut Gallery pioneer, Swaam (aka Swamburger, aka Weems) and his artistic family, Solillaquists of Sound. Creation is most effective when it leaves seekers breathless, and in that respect, Sol Illa is an extremely powerful crew.


Remember the Luniz ("I Got 5 On It")?

One half of the smoke-praising duo has returned yet again with a new single, "Grittin'". With beats reminiscent of the bay's nationally recognized Hyphy movement, hopefully this track's swell won't implode quite as quickly.

This one is club ready; let's see if the DJ's support!


Is Jane Fonda not making that butt flat enough? Try the White Women's Workout!


New from Rhymefest's upcoming "El Che" album.

Music and imagery like this makes it damn near impossible to not realize the creative artistry that exists within hip hop. Major shouts to Konee Rok from Chicago for an amazing music video!


CGI and wire-tethers are for pussies.

Damien Walters is the kind of guy that will explain to you what he does for a living, then make you look like a complete ass for asking him to prove it. These are the moves that are born in dreams, transposed into reality through endless hours of training and practice. If you ever thought that gymnastics was lame, Parkour is the testosterone-charged rebuttal to your feeble arguments.


Although the "Wake Up" column usually covers newer releases from lesser-known artists with the goal of exposing you to something new you may not know about, we've decided to travel back in time a little to expose you to a pioneer that you should know. Saafir is historically regarded as one of the west coast's most style-experimental lyricists; but over the years, he has been through many phases of style, content, and delivery as a rap artist. His most recent release, "Good Game: The Transition" is the perfect amalgamation of every stage of his artistic growth, and subsequently, was a completely slept-on album. Trading his trademarked offbeat flow for a more standard delivery, and his metaphorically coded lyrics for a conversational story-telling perspective, Saafir leaps into a the perfect balance of underground and mainstream on "Good Game." Take a listen:

As an independent release, every dollar earned on the LP goes to the artist at some point, and the lack of support for this masterpiece of an album was astounding when it was released. Instead of posting free links, we're posting a link to purchase the album, in hopes that you'll support this amazing artist's last effort that sadly went virtually unheard.

Check out "Good Game" HERE, and as you're waiting for your credit card number to clear, compare and contrast the newer track "Krispy", to Saafir's classic "Light Sleeper", posted below...


This is the must-see independent horror film of the year.

In short; a couple of American tourists haplessly stumble into a twisted German surgeon's clutches, and become test subjects for his sick biology experiment. I know it sounds a little far fetched - I mean, who would ever assume that a German man could ever be capable of doing anything evil and inhumane? Despite the wildly imaginative plot, this looks like a great excuse for a gory, action-packed, and suspenseful good time.


Now that's GOOD film!
Check out more Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx HERE.


Readers in the New York area:

Please support the screening of this film that documents MURAL, an inner-city program that develops the creativity and skill of taggers to help them evolve into artists.

Airing in June at the Staten Island Film Festival, more information HERE.


"Mama's Boys" by Greater Than Most (Anacron, Reality, Mondo, and Grastronaut)
Originally released on "Peanut Gallery Presents: >M. (Greater Than Most)"
Copyright 2002, Peanut Gallery Network.


Here's a listening session FULL of unknown heat for the weekend. The Heaviest Hookups presents "Get On Your Grind", one of many compilations in the UK-based crew's "Across The Pond" mix series. Hosted by the Tre Mak of Mad Sci (hailing from the northern Cali bay area), this tape is a definite must-have for any avid collector of the independent grind.

Download or listen to "Across The Pond: Get On Your Grind" below.


I'm sure many of our readers will not like this post. Sure, the lyrics lack depth, the theme is overdone and repetitive, and the level of creativity is minimal; but f**k it -- this song is HYPE!!!

Everyone's allowed a guilty pleasure, right?


Bronx OG's Aby and Trac2 discuss the origins of Breakdance.

Listen and learn from the OG's, but recognize simultaneously that someone else's experience can NEVER become your own personal connection to any art form.


In the spirit of the holiday, we'd like to share a few of the underground's best Mexicano rhyme-slingers. We typically strive to serve as the link to expose you to creative souls that you may have never been previously introduced to, so hopefully you'll follow up on each of these artists and support their creative efforts in full. This is for La Raza!

If you're in the L.A. area tonight and seeking a means to celebrate - Check out the Peanut Gallery DJ's at Way Too Cool's Cincool De Mayo! More information HERE.

Special shout out to the immigration lawmakers in Arizona, the same state that refused to honor Martin Luther King Jr's birthday 20 years ago. Slap yourself, bitches!!!


Now this is good spoofery.


Never expected to hear a cutie track like this from Freeway.

...However, even if you're not a fan, you can't deny that Jake One x Freeway is a good combination for hip hop music. "The Stimulus Package" is one of the best hip hop releases of this year, and the packaging is more thoughtful than your typical cellophane wrap. Check it out below:

Ridonkulous, right?


It should be relatively obvious by the design of this website that we're fond of the "minimalist" style of artistic expression. The gift of a true writer is the ability to speak volumes in the smallest amount of words and phrases - or in this artist's case, portray a hero with the minimum amount of colors and strokes. This is visual poetry for comic book fans.


If you haven't already seen this, and you've got 20 minutes to kill...

You may not like his Hollywood-name-dropper-type rhymes, his regularly schizophrenic antics, or his constant but questionable red flag waving; but God bless him for making a song that's able to keep you listening for more than the first half of most rappers albums.


Our subscribed reader list has jumped considerably in the past couple of weeks, so we must be doing something right! As a token of appreciation, here is your official welcome mat, along with a classic spring-timey heater from the Peanut Gallery's own Pairograffs (Anacron, Irie, and Astrobwoy).

Stick with us - sometimes the subject matter here gets pretty wacky; but for the most part, we're some pretty okay cats.

Thanks for reading!


This weekend's listening excursion comes straight from the vaults of the Chicago chapter of the Peanut Gallery Network. 2007's "Reunion" mixtape was an exclusively released street album, pairing Chi-Town's most vocal PG representatives with well-known producers of all areas of hip hop music. Tracks from mainstream producers like Kanye West, The Neptunes, and Battlecat may not typically mesh with the likes of J. Dilla, Flying Lotus, and Quantic; however, when strung together by the highly variable styles of Peanut Gallery's midwestern sector of MC's, it just WORKS.

Preview and/or download individual tracks in the player below;
track details and credits following.

1. Chicago Intro
Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc

2. Gafflin' Skeezas
Produced by Flying Lotus
Written and performed by Anacron

3. Walk On
Produced by Grastronaut for Funky Fingaz
Written and performed by Southsyde Slymm

4. Sick
Produced by Jay Dilla
Written and performed by Irie, Mad Peace

5. I'm Sowry
Produced by Ill Legit
Written and performed by Popsquali

6. Dance Dance
Produced by Lindstrom
Written and performed by Anacron

7. Mr Weird Too
Produced by The Neptunes
Written and performed by Irie

8. The Pedal 3700
Produced by Mekz One
Written and performed by Prosper Jones

9. Differences
Produced by Battlecat for BC Powda
Written and performed by Anacron, Popsquali, Southsyde Slymm

10. Breathe
Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc
Written and performed by Perv One

11. Interlude
Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc

12. Music Is The Key
Produced by Quantic
Written and performed by Anacron

13. Change The Channel
Produced by Timbaland
Written and performed by Irie

14. Pretty Cities
Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc
Written and performed by Team RockIt! (Anacron, Perv One, Prosper Jones)

15. Dear Winter
Produced by Just Blaze
Written and performed by Anacron

16. Never Stop Us
Produced by Grastronaut for Funky Fingaz
Written and performed by Southside Slymm

17. Gallery Jerks
Produced by Kanye West
Written and performed by Anacron, Perv One, Popsquali, Irie, Jusscris

18. I'm Back
Produced by Buckwild
Written and performed by Popsquali

19. Temporary
Produced by Pharrell
Written and performed by Anacron

20. The Party
Produced by Mekz One
Written and performed by Prosper Jones

21. Free Jairo
Produced by Kanye West
Written and performed by Pairograffs (Anacron, Irie, Astrobwoy)

22. Psalty Outro
Produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc


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